Sunday, 2018-07-29

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_svenkrnlyng: Battery 53% at 7:0005:03
_svenkrnlyng: my X has 74% at 7:00, up-/suspend time on X
masya"Failed to open default fstab /fstab.qcom: No such file or directory" in the beginnig of logcat. Is it normal?06:23
masyafull logcat is
_svenkrnlyng: i noticed that since update yesterday the wifi indicator is missing in the top bar06:52
_svenifconfig show me a bunch of some strange devices on geminipda,
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_svenkrnlyng: i rebooted and closed the geminipda cover after 5 minutes. Had some trouble today with strange behaviour of the event view page
TheKit_sven, so it sleeps most of time when it's closed?18:01
_svenyes, but wifi always works which is different to the X. After some time of suspend i can't reach the X from my network. Seems the wlan0 adapter doesn't sleep/suspend18:06
TheKitit doesn't suspend, yes18:06
_svenand the wifi symbol disapear from indicator bar18:07
TheKit_sven, it's missing even after reboot?18:23
TheKitthe plugin shouldn't affect UI in any way18:23
_svenTheKit: hmm i cannot reproduce the wifi indicator issue. Sometimes after first close. But now after 45 Minutes its still there19:00

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