Monday, 2018-07-30

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demonaxshmy camera does not work, but if running test_camera need, else sigsegfault. I can not find rule where this is building, this is not exists in droidmedia. where i find it?12:32
TheKitdemonaxsh, don't use test_camera, it relies on which is used by Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish way (gst-droid plugin + droidmedia) is different12:34
demonaxshok, then need only built droidmedia? gst-droid plugin? what is it?12:36
malchapter 13.212:37
maland 13.312:37
demonaxshok, I missed it12:42
demonaxshi have device with 64-bit arch, but "if [ ! -f ./out/target/product/${DEVICE}/system/lib/ ]; then", this means that I should set in "DROIDMEDIA_32 := true"? Because, after building exist 64-bit version libdroidmedia.so15:23
demonaxshbun not 32-bit version15:24
tastelessjoltHello there.16:08
tastelessjoltIn this file, "$HOME/.hadk.env", what should the PORT_ARCH be set to ?16:09
tastelessjoltThe CPU of the mobile port is armv8.16:09
malalways armv7hl as is used in HADK pdf16:10
tastelessjoltSo, where do I set the ARCH of the kernel to 64 bit?16:10
malthere will be one step later which might set it, not sure if there was autodetection16:11
tastelessjoltOkay, thank you. I'll ask again when I face any ARCH problems. ^^16:12
rydaremal, the resident god16:12
rydarekeep up the good work16:13
tastelessjoltthis replies 403 error.17:23
tastelessjoltAny reason why?17:23
tastelessjoltI cannot install tar using zypper in PLATFORM SDK.17:23
tastelessjoltAnyone there?17:34
maltastelessjolt: what exactly are you trying to do?17:41
tastelessjoltI'm following the HADK guide.17:42
tastelessjolt4.2  Setup the Platform SDK Instructions are found on Sailfish OS wiki:
tastelessjoltSo, I'm following the instructions in this link ^17:42
malso the second command there fails?17:43
malor what17:43
tastelessjoltNo, I've done that completely.17:44
maland you are sure you got into platform sdk correctly?17:45
tastelessjoltAfter that, when you chroot into `sfossdk`.17:45
tastelessjoltAfter getting into platform sdk, when I run `zypper install tar`, I get File './core/i486/tar-1.17-1.1.2.i486.rpm' not found on medium ''17:45
maltry running sudo zypper ref17:46
tastelessjoltOh, that worked! :)17:49
tastelessjoltWhen I first tried running `sudo zypper ref`, it failed.17:49

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