Saturday, 2018-08-04

branek__​​I'm still struggling with camera on dumpling device (OnePlus 5T).14:45
branek__​I built all according to hadk 13.2, and 13.3 but camera refused to work.14:45
branek__​Here are logs:
branek__logs are after reboot, and a try to start camera14:45
branek__I have BOARD_QTI_CAMERA_32BIT_ONLY := true, I also done: 'gettargetarch > lunch_arch' ​to suppres error when trying to build droidmedia,14:45
branek__and audioflingerglue. Also DROIDMEDIA_32 := true in
branek__​​Any hint what to check?14:46
ohyash_any update on the anbox side?17:01
*** ohyash_ is now known as OhYash17:02

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