Sunday, 2018-08-05

ohyashI see a website that resembles the UI design of silica. A webapp would look rather native.
ohyash** Nothing useful, just something I find mildly interesting **05:54
wiktorek140Mister_Magister: are u there?10:40
wiktorek140i found the fox for reboots10:40
wiktorek140the source is wrong symlink for /fsg partition10:43
branek__mk-cam-conf hungs on ioctl(6, BT819_FIFO_RESET_HIGH...11:04
branek__is mm-qcamera-daemon needed? I do not have it on my device11:04
malit depends on the device, you need to get proper logs, logcat in this is case11:05
branek__mal, here it is: ‚Äč there is logcat.txt there11:06
branek__i have and is set to 111:08
branek__minisf, mimiaf, and minimedia services are up and running...11:10
branek__also, .mp4 videos for gallery are playing without problem (just no audio for now)11:11
malhow new build do you have? check that external/droidmedia is at newest version11:14
malas what user are you running that?11:19
branek__mal: built from latest commit of
mallog has "unknown HAL status code -1" and afaik error code 1 means operation not permitted11:20
branek__mal: running what?11:20
malwhich device and android base is that11:21
branek__tried both nemo and root and output is the same... device is dumpling (OnePlus 5T), lineageos 15.111:22
branek__logcat you just checked is from yesterday, device runing for couple tens of seconds after reboot, than I tried to start camera, and after it faild to start, I took logcat...11:23
maljust to be sure, you are using latest rpm/dhd submodule?11:23
branek__yes, latest11:24
branek__double checked11:24
maljust wondering if there could be something wrong in user groups, it needed some fixing for the setup of those, check where you have ueventd*.rc files in out/ folder of your ANDROID_ROOT11:26
branek__Not sure if you remeber, you already helped me with uevent*.rc files, no gui because ueventd.rc was not correct... I had to do:11:28
branek__cat ./device/oneplus/msm8998-common/init/vendor/ueventd.rc >> ./out/target/product/dumpling/root/ueventd.rc11:29
malI rarely remember anything11:29
branek__sure, np...11:30
branek__so, what to chech in that file?11:30
malwell to me the camera issue seems like a permission issue, check the permissions of /dev/video* files ls -l /dev/video*11:32
branek__all /dev/video* are like this: crw-rw---- 1 system camera 81,  0 Feb 10  1970 /dev/video011:33
malok, do you see any symlinks in the /dev/video  folder11:34
branek__two: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Feb 10  1970 venus_dec -> ../video32 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Feb 10  1970 venus_enc -> ../video3311:35
malcheck if nemo user has camera group, one option if to force all to have more permissions using chmod 66611:35
branek__I see... let me check first for nemo...11:36
branek__yep, nemo is in camera group...11:37
branek__changed permisions to 0666, but no luck... same result, camera fails to start, mk-cam-conf hangs at ioctl(6, BT819_FIFO_RESET_HIGH11:41
malit's all about logs11:42
branek__sure... with GST_DEBUG=droid*:511:44
branek__mk-cam-conf hangs on droidcamsrc gstdroidcamsrc.c:473:gst_droidcamsrc_get_hw:<droidcamsrc0> get hw11:44
branek__let me try to take fresh logcat with mk-cam-conf call...11:45
branek__mal: Interesting... I notice that mini* services are sometimes started after reboot and simetimes not... so I disabled PIN in android, wiped data partition and reflesh everything...13:24
branek__nothing changed on first boot, but I restarted minimediaservice multiple time, without rebooting phone and camera started...13:25
branek__so, now not sure if it's related to PIN disable, or to multiple restarts of minimediaservice...13:25
branek__I will check that later, but mk-cam-conf still want create .conf files... it returns:13:26
branek__(mk-cam-conf:12402): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: Registering meta implementation 'NemoGstBufferOrientationMeta' without init function13:26
branek__open: No such file or directory13:26
branek__wait.. maybe I have to create /etc/gst-droid/ dir13:27
malyes, probably the folder has to exist13:28
branek__aha... that was needed... now I have config file for cam 0... let me continue with other steps...13:28
branek__mal: it's working sometimes... sometimes multiple restarts of minimediaservice does not help at all, sometimes it's helps after first restart, sometimes it works after reboot as is... I will provide more logs later today...14:16
branek__mal: thanks for help14:16
malsome timing issue maybe14:17
ohyash_GPS is unavailable in csd16:23
ohyash_GPS is unavailable in csd test16:24
ohyash_test_gps output :
malare ou sure you are in a place where it can see satellites?16:29
ohyash_Was always able to do that with android.16:31
_svensailfish on this device would be nice
malthat test assumes it can actually see some satellites, sometimes you need to be outside to be able to see those16:32
ohyash_mal: shet. thats weird. I'd have to put my phone in a rocket I guess16:34
ohyash_but how do I get it working without trying to see satellites.16:34
*** yashyadav is now known as OhYash16:49
OhYashmal: Also, how do I get VoLTE?16:50
branek__How to properly disable service on sailfishos side, but to leave it enabled if I switch back to android? If I disable it in /system/ that will impact android side... Asking because of time_daemon...17:08
ohyash_... and people are asking me which gapps should they flash with sailfish.17:16
malohyash_: what do you mean without satellites, the csd test is all about seeing satellites17:18
malno VoLTE support in sailfish yet17:18
malbranek__: you do not modify /system17:18
malyou add a suitable service in some place where sailfish side reads it which then prevents the original one from being loaded17:19
malcheck /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/17:19
branek__something like this?
malthat's what I just said17:20
ohyash_mal: alright. Lemmi try to "see" GPS. :D17:21
branek__ok... tried that already, even adding in this exact file, but it stil starts after reboot... ok...just asked to see if I understand correctly...17:22
malohyash_: harbour-gpsinfo is much easier for gps testing17:22
malbranek__: show the exact file you added17:23
branek__mal: I added /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/time_daemon.rc with this content:
malso you copied the definiton for some other .rc file?17:28
ohyash_mal: harbour-gpsinfo -> error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment17:29
malyou run it from the UI, NOT AS ROOT17:29
ohyash_got it17:30
malharbour* apps are always UI apps, those are the ones you get from jolla store17:30
branek__mal: no, that is my file time_daemon.rc, and content is copied part of time_daemon service from /system/etc/vendor.d/init.qcom.rc file17:31
branek__should I rename file to init.qcom.rc?17:31
malprobably the other file is loaded first17:33
branek__ok... how to check, or force loading before first one?17:34
maldmesg will tell the order17:38
branek__mal: yep... /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/time_daemon.rc: 1: ignored duplicate definition of service 'time_daemon'17:44
ohyash_cool gps works17:46
ohyash_now how do I make it auto mount sdcard and USB OG17:46
malbranek__: so see if you can add to some of the files loaded before the init.qcom.rc17:49
branek__mal: hmmm... only directly in /init.rc... which is ok for now, but not sure where to add in source to be built and properly configured on rebuild...18:00
ohyash_mal: installed sd-utils. Device detects OTG, but doesnt mount from settings. (and doesnt automount ofcourse)18:12
ohyash_or would it only work when building sd-utils with rest of the source?18:17
kimmoliohyash_: there usbstick-utils that do the same for usb as sd-utils for sd18:22
ohyash_kimmoli, I see, you are the dev. Works perfectly, thanks :)18:29
kimmolijust a fork of sd-utils18:30
ohyash_should be pushed into official servers and added as optional pattern18:31
ohyash_where do I put the rpm so it builds internally in the next build18:32
kimmolii was wondering it was already in common... but noy18:42
malkimmoli: maybe I should add it to common?18:46
kimmoliis there something to be 'beautified' ?18:49
malI have never tried that myself18:50
kimmolitry first...18:53
kimmolishould the source be forked under mer-hybris if you decide to put it under common?18:54
malI think that would be good18:55
malkimmoli: probably to mer-core, sd-utils is there also18:55
T4<adampigg> scratching my head on how to perform sleep/wake detection on my watch data....18:58
T4<adampigg> mal done much on your watch/HRM?18:58
ohyash_mal: Does the jolla-camera-hw.txt (generated from droid-camres) go into sparse like the other to-be-copied-as-suck files?18:58
kimmolimal: need to check is there any relevant changes on sd-utils that should be done also to usbstick-utils, i'll take a look on that tomorrow19:01
mal@adampigg nothing related to that in a while19:07
malohyash_: of course19:09
ohyash_dconf write /desktop/sailfish/silica/device_pixel_ratio $VAL says its a non-writable key19:54
ohyash_I remember setting pixel ratio in the process. But I dont remember where and now I cant find it in the HADK either20:03
malit's in one of the spec files you created, probably in config spec on droid-hal-version20:08
ohyash_found it20:19
wiktorek140how can i remove sample-url from ssu repos? because in every build is added somehow, and repos for store is missing but in .ks file it exist22:08
malwhat url exactly22:09
wiktorek140its added as repo named sample-url22:09
wiktorek140in every build22:09
wiktorek140mal:  oh and i spotted one bug in hybris-boot, fsg partition is not  fixed by mountpoint-fix22:12
malI have never seen such example url22:21
wiktorek140"Enabled repositories (user):22:21
wiktorek140 - sample-url ..."22:21
malare yousure you have defined the community-adaptation in that one spec file?22:21
malwiktorek140: there should not be store repo in .ks file22:23
wiktorek140yes, community adapatation is in droid-config-surnia specs22:23
wiktorek140mal: but "apps-@RELEASE@" repos should be or shouldnt be in device repos?22:25
malthere should be 5 repos, 2xadaptation, apps, hotfixes and jolla22:26
wiktorek140so there is only two sample repo and one adaptation22:26
wiktorek140and its not builde in obs22:26
malI have no idea what you have done22:26
wiktorek140mal: build using hadk22:26
malit's normal that one adaptation repo is missing22:27
wiktorek140but other 3?22:28
malyou said you had two22:28
malhow about you just paste the damn repos so I don't have to guess all the time22:28
malbut now I'm too annoyed already so I'll go offline, I might help tomorrow unless someone managed to annoy me again22:29

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