Monday, 2018-08-06

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malbirdzhang_pc: hi, are you maintainer of nemo:devel:hw:xiaomi:gemini and nemo:devel:hw:xiaomi:vince ?12:19
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birdzhang_pcmal: i am maintainer of nemo:devel:hw:xiaomi:vince , nemo:devel:hw:xiaomi:gemini's is zhxt12:33
malbirdzhang_pc: ok, anyway you had permissions to both, are those release specific targets in those repos on purpose?12:33
malbirdzhang_pc: usually devel shouldn't have release specific, those should be in testing project12:34
birdzhang_pcyeah it should on testing, but not create it12:36
birdzhang_pcso i should delete it ?12:37
malI think you should only have the latest target in devel, unless for a good reason (like early access release or something)12:38
malso sailfish_latest_armv7hl is the only one that usually should be there12:38
malbirdzhang_pc: I suggest you get testing projects for those and do releases from there12:39
birdzhang_pcyeah i will12:40
malthe reason why I asked was that I was looking again if I can delete the old targets from devel:common project and saw that many projects still depend on those12:41
birdzhang_pcsorry for that12:43
birdzhang_pcsledges: can you please create nemo:testing:hw:xiaomi:vince project ?13:28
demonaxshHi everyone14:41
demonaxshI have problem in debugging. I'm running gdbserver and attaching to target process, but when i connected to gdbserver via gdb, and send command for example "b droidmediacodec.cpp:796": Cannot access memory at address 0x981014:41
demonaxshNeed something else to debug normally? When I load symbols for debugging, then there are no problems: Reading symbols from /home/n0men/alps/out/target/product/c71a/symbols/system/lib/
ohyash_just created a PR for tomato in fixup-mountpoints18:08
ohyash_ugh... for fixup-mountpoints in hybris-boot18:09
ohyash_Not very used to patching. Hence deleted and reuploaded fixup-mountpoints like an idiot18:11
malohyash_: wow, that's an exceptionally bad way to do it18:11
ohyash_imma redo it then.18:11
malohyash_: just squash the commits into one18:12
malohyash_: and then force push to the same branch18:12
r0kk3rzyeah its not like editing and commiting the file is that hard :P18:16
ohyash_Done this for now. I was lost with "HEAD detached from <some point>" while squashing. Re-cloned and updated for now. I need more git practice.18:32
malohyash_: so you didn't listen to me when I said to force push to the same branch18:34
malohyash_: you NEVER have to make a new PR, everything can be done in the original PR18:34
ohyash_I tried checkout master. Oh you meant checkout --force?18:36
malohyash_: I said push18:36
malohyash_: you probably will have to learn it still because the commit message doesn't follow the usual commit format18:37
ohyash_it wouldn't even commit. "nothing to commit". and push didnt work either :/18:38
malyou do know that web is full of git instructions18:38
malif you edit only the last commit then you need git amend, if you edit git history in any way locally then you need to force push it18:39
ohyash_yes it's full. but instructions on stackoverflow worked for their OP and I thought I'd screwed it up and cant be repaired.18:42
malit's not really rocket science or anything like that18:43
ohyash_Oh, amend is what I was looking for but didn't search it right I guess.18:44
malinteractive rebase is very useful for many things also18:44
ohyash_mal: definitely not. Just never had used git from cli much. (other than committing and pushing to my repo)18:44
ohyash_I did interactive rebase to squash the commits18:45
ohyash_and it worked18:45
ohyash_then I realized there's no remote link.18:45
ohyash_I added it then18:45
ohyash_and did git pull. Thats where it lost to "HEAD detached from <point>"18:46
ohyash_and I couldn't push18:46
ohyash_or "git checkout master"18:46
ohyash_stupidity beyond limits?18:47
malwhy would you do git pull in that stage18:49
malgit fetch is useful also18:50
ohyash_because I added remote at a later point and it wouldn't push. Told me to pull18:50
malhow is it possible that you didn't have a remote?18:51
ohyash_yeah its weird. it was fetched using repo and had git log of mer-hybris. but when I tried to push with my commi9t, it asked me to set remote18:53
ohyash_guess git fetch wouldn't have created the HEAD deviating problem for me18:54
malso git remote -v didn't list anything?18:54
ohyash_did not know about that. Now I have deleted that copy and fresh pulled from my fork :/18:58
malohyash_: another hint, git reset --hard19:02
ohyash_I'm getting this merge commit when after I try to do --amend and it wants me to redo git pull.19:14
malhow can it be that difficult19:20
ohyash_Never mind. Now I realise where force push was needed19:21
ohyash_seems to be updated19:21
ohyash_in PR as well19:21
malmaybe you now learned something useful19:22
ohyash_Yes, plenty of things together.19:23
ohyash_Thanks even though this is not really your job to teach git19:23
ohyash_blogs misdirect at times. I went through a blog that had tricks to skip merge commit. and it suggested stupid shit where push --force was needed19:25

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