Thursday, 2018-08-16

T4<adampigg> Yes, use a linux vm.;)08:16
T4<adampigg> mal: random q, do you still have any bt_snoop logs from my Bip i might have sent you?09:17
malprobably somewhere09:21
T4<adampigg> could you stick them somewhere, i havnt got an android device here to create another, an cant figure out why the watch is rejecting the weather data im sending09:22
T4<adampigg> hopfully, there might exist one in a log09:22
malI'll check that tonight09:28
Yardanicoso, about video issue - I think that everything is OK except the fact that msm_vidc opens video instance "0000000000000000" (I don't think it should be like that)10:00
Yardanicomaybe I should try to find a qualcomm graphics engineer and ask him what's in "Z:\b\venus_proc\venus\decoders\common\src\video_decoder_utils.c:3144:" :D11:02
elros1did you tried gst-omx?11:09
r0kk3rzYardanico: i get the distinct impression that the blobbies you stole dont work with your device11:10
Yardanicor0kk3rz, what blobs exactly?11:12
r0kk3rzmal: abranson: that binder-fu with the newfangled android apis, could that be applied to droidmedia?11:12
Yardanicovideo playback works on LOS 14.1 which I use as a base11:12
r0kk3rzYardanico: didnt you have to steal some blobs from somewhere because the provided ones are 64bit?11:12
Yardanicor0kk3rz, for sensors11:12
Yardanicoelros1, well, I did build omx and libav, but error remained the same.11:13
Yardanicohow can I check if omx or libav are used?11:13
elros1gst-inspect and gst-launch11:13
elros1like gst-launch-1.0 -v filesrc location=*.mp4 ! qtdemux ! h264parse ! omxh264dec ! glimagesink11:14
Yardanicohm, I don't even have "gst-inspect" and "gst-launch" on the device11:14
elros1install it...11:14
malr0kk3rz: there is an omx API in new interfaces so maybe
Yardanicoyeah I installed them11:15
malr0kk3rz: but for android 8 only11:15
r0kk3rzyeah ok11:17
Yardanico"WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element "omxh264dec"" hmm11:18
Yardanicoand "gst-inspect-1.0 | grep omx" is empty11:18
elros1clear gstreamer cache11:18
elros1its ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.armv7hl.bin11:19
Yardanicoelros1, I removed it and it's still the same11:19
elros1try gst-inspect on omx library (can't remember the path, try rpm -ql gstreamer1.0-omx)11:21
Yardanico"Could not load plugin file: File "/usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/" appears to be a GStreamer plugin, but it failed to initialize"11:22
elros1how did you built it?11:23
elros1have you created gstomx.conf?11:24
Yardanicoelros1, I have created it now, will try gst-launch (I tried to use gstomx.conf previously but didn't succeed)11:26
Yardanico"ERROR:gstomx.c:2024:gst_omx_port_deallocate_buffers_unlocked: assertion failed: (buf == buf->omx_buf->pAppPrivate)" while trying gst-launch on an .mp4 file11:27
Yardanicoand same errors in kernel log11:27
Yardanicoit also complains that it can't find file ""11:29
naidgelGood day! Install sb2 from offical wiki. Test from hadk (chapter 6) answer "sb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting" How is it to win? Thank you.12:47
r0kk3rzwhat name did you give your target?12:48
naidgelWhat does the name mean?12:50
naidgelI install Jolla-latest-Sailfish_SDK_Tooling-i486.tar.bz2 and Jolla-latest-Sailfish_SDK_Target-armv7hl.tar.bz212:51
abransonr0kk3rz: yes hopefully, though droidmedia is more of a custom service on the hybris side, so it'll need some careful thinking.12:52
malnaidgel: did you read the note in hadk pdf about naming?12:52
naidgelYes! I'm build for a "hammerhead". My name target lge-hammerhead-armv7hl12:58
Yardaniconaidgel, you have nexus 5?12:59
Yardanicowell it was already ported but you can do it yourself if you want :)13:00
naidgelYes I know. I'm asking for help with ScratchBox2.13:01
naidgelThank you! Fix it. Chose the wrong name.13:10
tmp64Are floating point exceptions OK when building the rootfs?15:46
Yardanicotmp64, I believe so, I got them too a lot of times15:51
Yardanicorootfs just worked fine15:51
Yardanicotmp64, as HADK states: "all errors are non-critical as long as you end up15:51
Yardanicowith a generated .zip image"15:51
tmp64Yardanico: I didn't, I only got tar.bz216:40
ohyashtmp64, and the mic has completed fully?16:43
ohyashwhat does it say in the end?16:44
tmp64ohyash: Yeah. I get kernel panic about 30 seconds after start without console-ramoops in /sys/fs/pstore/.16:44
tmp64I don't remember exactly, but it says it finished16:45
tmp64I suspect systemd is crashing causing KP16:45
tmp64And I couldn't find UART pads on the MB16:45
elros1next time add --verbose or --debug or both to mic16:45
tmp64And fbcon is not working16:45
elros1check host dmesg16:45
tmp64Ok, I'll try tomorrow16:46
tmp64Phone mounts its MMC as Usb Mass Storage16:46
tmp64About S/N: "Device starts with USB serial "Mer", then it changes to device's serial and then to (error) when it goes into "panic mode""16:47
tmp64Sailfish kernel: [   17.620503] (CPU:0-pid:1953:usb_moded)serial_show: Mer16:49
tmp64Sailfish kernel: [   17.620619] (CPU:0-pid:1953:usb_moded)serial_store: 13a6f16916:49
tmp64Sailfish kernel: [   17.626554] (CPU:2-pid:1953:usb_moded)enable_store: android_usb: already enabled16:49
tmp64Wait, can I disable usb_moded?16:50
elros1this should disable it:l n -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/usb-moded.service16:53
malsome devices had kernel panics due to failing firmware loading16:53
echo_salikHi all... I am having a problem while running `make hybris-hal`16:55
echo_salik`SHARED_LIBRARIES/libts_face_beautify_hal_intermediates/export_includes` needed by `SHARED_LIBRARIES/camera.msm8937_intermediates/import_includes', missing and no known rule to make it`16:55
echo_salikanyone had this?16:55
tmp64elros1: Ok, thanks, I'll try it later16:56
malecho_salik: you are probably missing some device repo16:58
malecho_salik: what device is that, show your local manifest16:58
echo_salikmal: any idea how can I find which?16:58
echo_salikmal: yeah sure... its Xiaomi Redmi 4a (rolex)16:59
echo_salikmal: my localmanifest repo:
echo_saliki just added my vendor repo and it gave a new error BTW...17:01
malecho_salik: in each repo there can be a lineage.dependencies file which list additional dependencies like these
echo_salikI'll add this and report back with the result. BTW is vendor blobs needed for this?17:02
malecho_salik: you also probably want
malyour vendor repo only has the device vendor files, not sure if you also need the other vendor files like for platform17:04
echo_salikoh I'll try them both. Thanks mal!17:05
malecho_salik: hmm, interesting, the missing dependency you had is actually in your vendor repo17:08
malbut why is it not found17:08
echo_salikmal: with vendor i think i might need to disable all the jar/java build17:09
echo_saliki get signapk error17:09
malwhat exact error17:09
echo_saliki just cleared my screen... I'm resyncing the vendor repo17:11
malmaybe uncomment the line providing that in the main manifest17:14
echo_salikmal: ummmm i dont understand... sorry17:16
echo_salikmal: but which line to comment17:18
echo_salikthis one: <project path="tools/apksig" name="platform/tools/apksig" groups="pdk,tradefed" remote="aosp" /> ?17:19
malyes, that is commented out in the file17:23
malyou can look elsewhere in the line how to uncomment it17:23
echo_salikoh ok thanks!17:23
echo_salikwher ecan I find libsf_compat_layer?18:04
echo_salik*where can I find libsf_compat_layer?18:04
malyou need to clone this to hybris/mw/libhybris18:07
echo_salikOK. Thanks!18:08
malnote the branch I linked18:08
echo_salikyep... btw what does this do?18:09
malit's just one thing you need to build later18:13
echo_salikstill getting `ninja: error: 'libsf_compat_layer', needed by 'hybris-hal', missing and no known rule to make it`18:13
maldid you clone it correct (i.e. with --recurse-submodules)18:13
echo_saliki just noticed that...18:14
T4<adampigg> mal: if you get  chance, bt logs, and email me link? and i'll pick them up when i can19:08
mal@adampigg already forgot completely, I'll try to find those now19:09
mal@adampigg I found some btsnoop log from you19:10
T4<adampigg> :)19:12
mal@adampigg my short term memory is quite bad nowadays19:13
T4<adampigg> great, hopefully they will have the correct writes19:15
mal@adampigg log sent to you19:16
T4<adampigg> ta19:17
T4<adampigg> mal: nope, no writes to 0000000e0000351221180009af100700 :/19:20
T4<adampigg> never mind!19:20

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