Friday, 2018-08-17

tmp64I disabled usb-moded. Now system panics because of watchdog bite. Droid-late-start crashes with "setprop[2033]: could not set property".04:05
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echo_salikhi all... i have an error: `Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to load any of the given libraries: [conscrypt_openjdk_jni-linux-x86_64, conscrypt_openjdk_jni-linux-x86_64-fedora, conscrypt_openjdk_jni]`16:34
echo_salikBut i have synced `platform/external/conscrypt`16:35
r0kk3rzdont cherry pick errors, print whole log16:37
echo_salikok... creating a hastebin16:38
r0kk3rzthat doesnt look like a whole log16:43
echo_salikr0kk3rz: i know its just the part where the errors starts... i have tried it twice so it just fails at that... should i clean and rebuild with whole log?16:50
r0kk3rzrun it with -j1 and post whole log16:50
echo_saliki am cleaning it and I always run with -j1 errors get missed16:51
echo_salikcleaning it and building it*16:52
echo_salikr0kk3rz: is there a way to output all log to a file? doing > error.log writes only some parts of it16:54
echo_salikleave it... i remembered how i did it the last time16:55
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