Thursday, 2018-08-30

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kimmolimissing RELEASE. set envs04:49
T4<adampigg> anyone else find the tether shortcut doesnt work, but works ok in the settings page?06:21
T4<adampigg> stays in disabled state here06:21
T4<adampigg> when added to homescreen shortcuts06:21
rydarelooks like it enabled here06:23
rydaretook some time to think06:23
T4<adampigg> yeah, but leave it a /while ... if i remove and/ add, it works again for a bit, then just gives up06:24
T4<adampigg> oh, is out06:39
* rydare waits for his Xperia X06:40
* birdzhang not found any news about
rydareoh i'm running it on a oneplus x06:57
rydaredidn't see an update06:57
rydarei assumed it didn't automatically get new updates, but i could be wrong07:00
r0kk3rzi think @adampigg is tricking us07:38
rydareSAILFISH 3 OUT NOW07:41
rydareGO GO GO GO GO07:41
rydare(just kidding)07:41
rydarer0kk3rz: what OS do you use on your computer?07:42
r0kk3rzwhich one? ;)07:45
rydarei was thinking the one you used for development :P07:47
rydarebut all of them07:47
rydareif it's ok to ask07:47
rydaresort of off topic07:47
T4<DylanVanAssche> 2.2.1 is in the repos? It's not yet released as EA07:49
r0kk3rzrydare: archlinux is a main one i use07:54
rydareoh that's nice, i like the up to date packages and the AUR07:54
r0kk3rzyes its nice not to have to continually fight against old packages07:54
rydaresaw a fight between the xscreensaver guy and debian, he planted a message that would activate if it was x versions out of date, which the debian version was07:55
elros1so anybody with native landscape display figured out how to make sailfish browser works correctly?07:56
r0kk3rzit sounds familiar07:58
r0kk3rzthere was some hybris patch about it? not sure if that was merged07:58
elros1you mean this I tried without any results07:59
elros1I have applied mal's patch to qtmozembed so content is displayed correctly but toolbar is inactive08:00
T4<adampigg> my jtab updated08:08
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz:not j/k ... jtab got updated this morning08:25
T4<DylanVanAssche> Any interesting visible changes? ^^08:27
T4<adampigg> no, must have been a small update as it applied in no time while on bus08:33
T4<adampigg> probnably08:33
T4<adampigg> probably/so early i shouldnt be discussing!08:33
T4<DylanVanAssche> Oh okay :) mostly bugfixes :)08:34
r0kk3rz@adampigg should have new gstreamer :)08:44
T4<adampigg> id rather have working bt headphones on the jtab!09:16
Mister_Magistermal: ping09:46
Mister_Magistermal: i wonder… do i really need working cm/lineage for sfos or only device/kernel/vendor reppo?09:48
T4<Nokius> Mister_Magister SFOS needs the HAL and also some of the Android processes if its a Android based port with out this end well10:49
Mister_Magisterbut like… we build some android parts aswell right?10:53
ErhoofHello, is anyone can help me? I'm trying to get SFOS SDK image work on my x86 tablet. Now i can boot and do stuff, but Wayland is using FBDEV, so the speed of interface is slow. EGL_PLATFORM can be fbdev (slow) or hwcomposer (i have no libhybris). What should i do? Thanks10:56
r0kk3rzErhoof: this might have some good information for you -
r0kk3rzthats TheKit's experiments with x86 devices11:03
ErhoofThis guy is using libhybris from android with outdated kernel. There is no way to do it on my tablet, i tried before11:04
Mister_Magisterah ya want without libhybris11:24
TheKitErhoof, you need to compile latest MESA and KMS Qt QPA plugin12:19
ErhoofAnd what should i do in config files?12:20
Erhoofbtw you live here, as i see12:20
TheKitfor older Qt, it was QT_QPA_PLATFORM=kms12:24
TheKitnow it can be QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs or QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs_kms, haven't checked12:24
ErhoofThanks a lot12:28
ErhoofTheKit, and what should i place in EGL_PLATFORM. wayland?12:40
TheKitEGL_PLATFORM matters only for libhybris12:43
echo_salikhey all!15:00
echo_salikhey mal and r0kk3rz, how are you guys!15:00
maltoday is the first day this week when I don't feel completely terrible15:08
echo_saliki hope you feel this way everyday!15:11
malI didn't this still good, just not completely bad15:12
mal*I didn't say this is good15:12
echo_saliki misread... but go for my intentions not the words xD15:13
echo_salikand sometimes feeling a little less terrible is better...15:15
vitalyavolynhi! sorry for stupid question, what do i need to set PORT_ARCH in .hadk.env to if my target device is arm64?15:19
echo_salikmal: is there any hope for my device?15:20
echo_salikvitalyavolyn: i think it should stay arm7hl... still wait for someone else to confirm15:22
malthere is always hope15:22
malvitalyavolyn: armv7hl15:23
echo_salikmal: anything i should do now?15:26
echo_salikrecreate any part or something15:26
malmaybe push the adaptation repos to github so we can check there are no simple mistakes, make sure you add all changes to the repos before pushing to your github15:27
echo_salikOK... i think i have all changes pushed but I'll recheck and share links15:28
echo_salikmal: im pasting the git links15:50
malonly one is enough15:50
echo_salikwhich one...15:50
maldoesn't matter15:50
malyou have misunderstood a lot it seems15:51
echo_salikoh... well...15:51
echo_salikyeah i think so15:51
malyou do not add anything to droid-configs/droid-configs-device submodule15:51
T4<adampigg> why does the bluez4 config on jtab disable the headset and gateway services....thats what was stopping my bt headphones working!15:52
vitalyavolynecho_salik: what? you are porting it to redmi 4a? but i just started to do it too :015:53
echo_salikso that rc files were for the sparse folder in droid-config-rolex?15:53
echo_saliki had that feeling when going through commits15:53
malecho_salik: I even gave you the exact place where you add some of the changes and you still managed to put those to the wrong folder15:53
echo_salikmal: you know me...15:54
echo_salikvitalyavolyn: cool15:54
echo_saliki'll redo that...15:55
echo_salikmal: you should expect dumb stuff from me now...15:56
malecho_salik: also you shouldn't have installroot, tmp or documentation.list folders/files in your droid-config-rolex github repo15:58
malthose are automatically generated files15:58
malgit add * is bad15:58
echo_salikoh... i'll remove them from git and add a gitignore15:58
echo_salikmal: could this have been a reason?16:18
malecho_salik: this is just wrong
malthe straggle_files looks very wrong16:21
echo_salikmy phone doesnt have nfc btw...16:22
T4<adampigg> jusa: ping16:23
malecho_salik: that was from you mess up with libhybris build16:24
echo_salikyeah... but without these in straggler build fails...16:25
malsorry but I highly doubt that16:26
echo_salikI'll retry...16:27
kimmolirinigus: we should remove usbstick-utils from patterns16:31
malkimmoli: what is pulling in udisks2?16:32
malsorry, misread your message, I read it as sd-utils :D16:34
echo_salikmal: would kindly check if i have missed anything or did something wrong with this:
echo_salikvitalyavolyn: what kernel ar eyou using?16:36
echo_salik*are you using16:36
malyou still need to make sure that do you need straggler files and if yes then make sure those are correct16:38
malin droid-hal spec16:38
echo_salikyep doing that right now... removing them then retrying16:39
Mister_Magisterecho_salik: there is phone with codename rolex? seriously?16:49
echo_salikMister_Magister: yep...16:49
Mister_Magisterecho_salik: which one?16:49
echo_salikXiaomi Redmi 4a16:50
Mister_Magisteroh xD16:50
echo_salikmal: shouldnt i just remove all nfc related stuff if my phone sdoesnt have the hardware16:52
echo_saliki get these errors if i remove those locations from spec16:55
guhlhi ghosalmartin hows it going18:46
ghosalmartinguhl, hey up, its good you?18:48
guhlyes, i had some hard 3 work days but atm I build again18:49
guhlI forked the mer-hybris repos now myself and updated them from LOS18:51
ghosalmartinguhl, were mine out of date?18:52
guhlwell building failed in all kind of places and i wanted to have the things under my control18:57
guhlI built make libconscrypt_openjdk_jni in addition to fix the build of some android apps19:00
*** mgrover is now known as ghosalmartin19:01
ghosalmartinguhl, fair enough, am moving house atm, so havent odne much19:01
guhlwell it looked too good but now it failed again with19:03
guhlart/runtime/thread-current-inl.h:37: error: undefined reference to '__get_tls'19:03
guhldoes anybody have an idea regarding this __get_tls linker error?19:39
guhlfor what i have seen in the code of bionic/libc/private/__get_tls.h this is not defined for arm6419:40
guhlalso bionic/libc/ does not show __get_tls (while does)19:42
guhlso why is happening19:47
guhlwhy do i even want to build libart ?20:32
malwhat are you building?20:51
guhlfor device chiron, hybris-15.120:52
elros1abranson: implementation of convertDecoderOutputToI420 is empty. Have you ever seen such a thing? After removing libi420*so video colors are correct21:21

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