Friday, 2018-08-31

praiselordkekCan you build from a Lineage device tree?00:24
riniguskimmoli: ok. I'll try to remember it. any reason why is it there or for removal?04:23
kimmolithe replacmenet of sd-utils has support for usb disks now04:35
* Mikaela attempted to contact Stskeeeps and sledgeas using MemoServ13:14
r0kk3rzMikaela: do you need a message forwarded?13:17
Mikaelar0kk3rz, I am again asking for +V flag to be given to T4 as I worry that freenode's new antispam mechanisms might pick it up as spambot in the future and I have understood that they are less strict if the bot is voiced13:33
r0kk3rzfor now i dont think we have a problem, sledges would be the best person to talk to about that13:37
r0kk3rzi'll try to remind him next time he surfaces13:37
mgroverguhl have you tried just downloading the entire source rather than minimised?13:55
kimmoliwe need also the +r to be changed to +b $~a14:05
kimmolir0kk3rz: ^14:05
kimmoliif you add that to the postit sticker :=14:05
r0kk3rzkimmoli: whats that all about?14:10
MikaelaI would also advice having more than two ops for this big channel14:11
r0kk3rzwell particulary because stskeeps doesnt have anything to do with this anymore14:17
r0kk3rzand sledges is always lurking14:18
kimmolieven though is friday14:24
kimmolir0kk3rz: that will allow unregistered to join, but can't post anything. this will keep your channel open in case of communication break (timeout and nickserv want to reidentify)14:25
malkimmoli: we don't get the usual friday video anymore :(14:25
kimmolithat is ban non-authorised14:25
Mikaelakimmoli: I think you meant +q $~a14:30
echo_salikhey all17:39
echo_salikmal: last night my internet died so i couldn't report back. I tried the build after rebasing hal-config thing and removing nfc stuff from straggler and adding new locations. Built it. Now i dont have telnet at all and when i ping i get No route to host.17:41
echo_salikso i ran `nmap -sn` i get only my system's IP17:41
maldo you see any sign of the device in host dmesg17:47
_gnus_Hi, I have flashed rootfs. On UI, it is stuck at boot screen. Journal is showing - 'Failed to start droid-hal-init'. System is mounted.17:50
mal_gnus_: more information needed, which android base, preferrably also provide the current adaptation repos on github so we can check if something is missing17:52
_gnus_Another error I can see is - ERROR! Can't connect to RILD17:52
malrild only works if droid-hal-init works17:52
_gnus_Device is motorola E(Condor).17:52
malalso pastebin dmesg and journalctl -a -n10000 output17:53
echo_salikmal: yeah... first i get boat loader ( i love this name) then in a few seconds i get Xiaomi Redmi 4a17:54
echo_salikand during the time i have boat loader (like for 3 4 seconds ) IP is being assigned.17:54
echo_salikso i cant telent17:55
malthe device probably reboots to a debug mode17:57
malecho_salik: update your github with the latest droid-hal-$DEVICE changes17:59
echo_salikaye aye.. in a few moments...17:59
malecho_salik: since you needed straggler files then you need detritus package in patterns like this
echo_salikmal: is there sonething that might rewrite yaml?18:04
echo_saliki remember you telling me this and i added it. Also i added udisk or something similarly named...  both are no tthere18:05
malecho_salik: only the commands in chapter 7.1 should overwrite it18:06
echo_saliki dont remeber running those again... i did run git stash at one point... may be i did that in this directory...18:09
echo_saliki also added surface-flinger18:09
echo_salikwell.. what's the correct name for that?18:09
echo_salikand udisks2?18:12
maludisks2 or sd-utils18:13
echo_saliki think i sould rebuild now...18:18
echo_saliki have pushed changes18:18
_gnus_mal: Device: Moto E19:06
_gnus_Base: Lineage14.119:07
_gnus_and dmesg:
_gnus_Please let me know if you need any additional info19:08
mal_gnus_: that dmesg is useless which should have been obvious, did you need straggler_files in rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec? if yes did you add detritus package in patterns as mentioned also on the channel today19:19

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