Saturday, 2018-09-01

echo_salikhey mal... this is the error im getting now at
echo_saliki have made changes in hybris.spec09:05
echo_salikuploading that09:05
malhow about showing the git diff09:06
echo_salikoh ok...09:07
malI said git diff09:08
malI'm not going to manually go through the whole file09:08
echo_salikyeah im uploading that... i posted that before i read your message...09:09
malecho_salik: so why have you done the changes on lines 58-62 in of that git diff09:13
malit's quite obvious from you error message that those break the build09:13
echo_salikwait let me see...09:13
malso in intentionally broke the syntax09:13
mal*so you09:14
echo_salikoh it was showing difference in Kompare so i thought it was a needed... change... I'll revert those09:14
echo_salikoh that new line slash...09:15
echo_saliki dont know what is that actaully called....09:15
echo_salikI have an unrealted question: how does rpi3 work as a webserver?09:18
malI use rpi2 as my server, works fine, I have a rpi3 waiting as a replacement09:23
echo_salikmal: thanks... i am advising a client to move his website from an offsite server to a local because they want more control but due too electricity issues in my city and country as a whole that would be a problem.09:27
echo_salikso im planning to buy a pi3 and use that for them09:27
maldepends of what kind traffic and other requirements the site might have09:52
echo_salikyeah... mainly mysql queries, big queries...10:03
echo_salikim planning to buy one anyway to test it out...10:03
echo_salikmal: same thing... no telent10:50
echo_salikmal: i had to comment out libwifi stuff which i uncommented before: git diff >
echo_salikmal: also cant ping to
elros1echo_salik: if you take a look at host dmesg then you will know whether it fails at first (23) or second (2323) stage11:03
echo_saliki think11:04
echo_salikit goes past mer boat loader then i get xiaomi redmi 4a11:07
elros1maybe you can find something usefull in /init.log. You can also create empty /init_enter_debug2 file to to halt before starting systemd11:13
echo_salikelros1: how can i get init.log... from recovery?11:15
elros1sfos rootfs is in /data/.stowaways/sailfishos11:16
echo_salikok... thanks11:17
echo_salikthis is my init.log11:19
echo_salikafter adding /init_enter_debug2 file i have telnet at 2323 but this time i didnot get an IP address assigned. I had to manully enter it.11:25
elros1you can now manually exec /sbin/preinit to get realtime logs or enable systemd persistent logging, most likely droid-hal-init fails so mask it11:30
echo_salikelros1: ok...11:32
echo_salikelros1: i got this when i ran /sbin/preinit: Trying to run as user instance, but the system has not been booted with systemd.11:34
elros1look at the script how it's done or read printed info how to continue: echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin11:38
echo_salikok doing this breaks telnet connectrion11:39
elros1even with droid-hal-init disabled? Does it reboot? get pstore, systemd log from previous boot ..11:46
echo_salikwait... how do i disable hroid-hal?11:47
echo_salikoh so this: `droid-hal-init fails so mask it` meant to disable it...11:47
elros1iirc: ln -s /dev/null /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service11:50
elros1or in telnet without this stowaways sub disr11:50
echo_salikok... now should i post journalctl and systemctl?11:55
elros1try to run droid-hal-init manually (check droid-hal-init .service file how) to find out why it fails12:05
elros1not sure about it but maybe you need to also disable also user@100000 and ofono12:06
echo_salikum my export ld path is empty in hal-droid12:34
echo_saliki think i missed building it12:34
echo_salikafter a few minutes my phone automatically booted to fastboot12:38
Thaodanmal: how far is the xa2 port,? I wanted to build it and adjust for the changes needed for the larger version (h213)12:44
r0kk3rzare all rhee repos pushed yet?12:50
ThaodanI'm not shure but it seemed that at least most are12:53
r0kk3rzconfig repo?13:00
_gnus_Hi mal, [Moto E][Lineage14.1] - 'droid-hal-init' failed. straggler and detritus thing is done n rebuilt. dmesg logs are at - Journals are at -
_gnus_I can see a boot screen. USB networking is working.14:12
elros1did you enable CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS?14:27
_gnus_elrosl: Is that question for me?14:46
_gnus_elrosl: It is not enabled.15:29
_gnus_elrosl: Should  I recompile setting CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS=y15:32
elros1_gnus_: check other options from mer-kernel_checker, looks like you also didn't disable selinux like15:33
_gnus_elrosl : Thanks for your inputs.15:51
guhldoes someone have time to help me with this
guhl__get_tls is defined in libc (bionic)16:02
guhlfor aarch6416:02
guhland as far as I understand this it is linking for target -target aarch64-linux-android16:04
_gnus_elrosl : kernel_checker had given me lots of warning. Is it required to modify each of them? Or AUTOFS4 one is enough.16:04
guhlto get to this error i first built "make libc" and then "libart"16:06
elros1_gnus_: just show it, less warnings is always better16:07
guhli do have no issues with "make libc_32" and "make libart_32"16:07
guhllibc is from repo guhl/android_bionic which is a fork of mer-hybris/android_bionic that I updated from LineageOS/android_bionic16:10
guhlobviously mal would know the answer16:17
guhllooking at and the __get_tls.h there16:17
_gnus_elrosl: Here it is -
elros1_gnus_: you can skeep nspawn containers and bluez for now, for sure you need cgroup*, autofs. Read note in CONFIG_AUDIT and tisable selinux and audit via cmdline16:28
elros1maybe also CONFIG_FANOTIFY16:31
_gnus_elrosl: CONFIG_AUDIT should be 'n' and then CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM  should be 'n'. correct?16:37
elros1_gnus_: no, set AUDIT=y and SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y. Then disable them via kernel cmdline: audit=0 selinux=016:43
_gnus_Ok. Right as per PDF. Thanks.16:44
guhlOK I added __get_tls to -> libart built16:52
_gnus_elrosl: Kernel checker is still warning about - WARNING: CONFIG_AUDIT is invalid. Allowed value is 'n'. I guess it must be safe to ignore. right?17:15
elros1_gnus_: yes you can ignore it17:17
malguhl: which branch do you use, from mer-hybris?17:53
guhlhabemus hybris-hal \o/18:07
guhlfirst I cook for the ladies and then I'll document the hacks18:08
T4<adampigg> rats ... i think i forgot mka backports after last mka hybris-hal :/18:13
MikaelaHas anyone heard anything of either channel founder?18:17
*** enick_604 is now known as Mikaela-18:20
OrokuSakiCan't seem to get past this. make: *** No rule to make target `updater', needed by `hybris-hal'.  Stop.18:37
guhlNotes on building hybris-hal for chiron based on hybris-15.1
guhlif ghosalmartin parses the irc log :-)19:26
guhlmal, now would be a very good point if you have some additional hints for building the SF side for hybris 15 - thanks19:27
malcustom libhybris, some extra rc files to config repo, surfaceflinger plugin and so on19:32
guhlok later part is clear, where would I find custom libhybris?19:33
malguhl: krnlyng/libhybris-1 android8-initial branch or something like that19:34
guhlperfect thanks19:35
malcheck nile config repo libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init19:36
malfor the rc files19:36
guhlOK, thanks19:37
OrokuSakideleted my hadk folder and started over... seems to have gotten past that updater error.. weird.20:19
MikaelaHi, T4 got antispam warning even on channel it's voiced on so tomorrow I will be removing it from here unless it gets +V which I have occasionally requested since February. I understand that you are having difficulties reaching the people with access, but I really cannot give you special treatment as the only +Vless channel if it results to everyone else getting trouble.21:14
MikaelaActually I will do it now with phone ssh so I will have one thing less to worry about and maybe finally sleep21:20
Mister_MagisterRIP T422:05

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