Sunday, 2018-09-02

Thaodanis createrepo now createrepo_c?03:26
ThaodanI tried to run dhd and got command not found. Tried to search for it in zypper and only got createrepo_c03:27
steeeveThey still spam on freenode?06:40
malThaodan: update you rpm/dhd submodule09:43
malsteeeve: still spamming on at least one channel09:44
Thaodanmal: thanks, I used the sailfish x open source adaption so maybe they are outdated09:48
Thaodando you know what i need to adjust for the sony nile build?09:49
steeevemal: only freenode?10:11
steeeve#freenode *10:12
Thaodansteeeve: add +R to your (IRC) mode and your good10:40
Thaodanavoids at least query spam10:40
malsteeeve: I have only one channel which doesn't have +r and that has spam so probably other channels without +r could have spam10:42
guhlmal, building libhybris-1 if get this Known to you?10:54
malguhl: never seen any issue like that10:55
guhlmal, should i have had that version of libhybris also in the droid tree while building hybris-hal11:00
guhlcause i used the original libhybris/libhybris there11:01
guhlwhich does not even contain a directory hybris/gralloc11:02
malguhl: you have to have at least the submodule somewhere, it can be there in hybris/mw and it's still found11:05
malguhl: so you need android8-initial branch cloned somewhere when you build hybris-hal, easiest is to just clone it to hybris/mw before building android side11:06
guhlkrnlyng has a totally different version of the libhybris in his android8-initial branch then libhybris/libhybris master11:07
guhlk then i will clone android8-initial to mw and rebuild hybris-hal11:07
_gnus_I could see language selection screen on Moto E (based on 14.1). Then, it shows rotating progress meter, before display getting off. Logs shows lipstick-UI failed. There is error with sound as well, but basically LineageOS doesn't have sound. dmesg - Journal -
malguhl: yes, because the changes have not yet been merged, there is PR open to upstream11:10
_gnus_Have I missed something during build?11:17
elros1_gnus_: read note about 14.1 in faq-hadk11:18
_gnus_elrosl : Looking into it.11:28
malbased on dmesg you haven't used the symlink script mentioned in faq11:29
steeeveThaodan: afaik freenode started to +R everyone because of spam12:04
OrokuSakiI thought I would dust off the hp touchpad again... Hoping SFOS 3 fixes landscape framebuffer orientation stuff. Been a couple of years, and thanks for all that helped me in the past. Mainly mal and sledges13:03
OrokuSakiFor some reason minimediaservice keeps restarting after boot, but it works if I run it as root13:03
OrokuSakiThen I can play big buck bunny13:04
OrokuSakiI changed minimediaservice to late_start in init.rc to see if that might help.. it didn't13:04
OrokuSakiAnd.. MSameer13:05
_gnus_mal, elrosl: I have removed 'exec' as mentioned in faq and symlinks are created as well. However, phone still shows circular progress meter and gets blank afterwards. dmesg - Journal -
OrokuSakiTime for bed.. if anyone has any ideas ping me, check the irc logs later. I am using hybris-11.013:07
elros1_gnus_: don't remove exec, it's obsolete. Disable time_daemon in one of /init*.rc for clear logs. Do you have correct touchscreen input device set in droid-hal-device?13:14
ThaodanI want to add support for pioneer to droid-config-sony-nile, can the sparse dir have files per device varriant?15:29
_gnus_elros1: Looking into that.15:30
r0kk3rzThaodan: make your own config repo15:30
Thaodanr0kk3rz: I do but I want to keep most of the old repo as I only need to change the screen configs15:31
malThaodan: that repo is for pioneer15:31
malThaodan: which device exactly do you mean?15:32
r0kk3rzah i see, nile is platform. yeah then you can normally use same repo for both15:32
r0kk3rzdepending on the differences15:32
Thaodanthats why I asked15:32
Thaodanbasicly they are two variants per screen size and two per sim config15:33
r0kk3rzsim config is easy15:33
Thaodanyes already done15:33
r0kk3rzscreen size is probably easy too15:33
ThaodanI looked at the f512x repo15:33
Thaodancan I use @VAR@ in the sparse tree?15:34
Thaodanvariable replacement like with @ICON_RES@15:35
Thaodansomething like this:
Thaodanso that I don't need a seperate droid-hal-device.conf15:39
ghosalmartinguhl, saw your messages, thanks :)15:39
ghosalmartinam currently without internet, so tethering off my phone :P15:40
Thaodanalso I need to set the physicalDotsPerInch different that the smaler XA215:40
r0kk3rzThaodan: you'll want seperate .spec files, and you can refactor the patterns if you need changes there15:43
Thaodancan I add seperate files for the sparse dir from there?15:44
r0kk3rzwhat differences do you need in there?15:45
Thaodansmaler dpi15:45
Thaodanand maybe different QT_QPA_EGLFS_PHYSICAL_WIDTH15:46
r0kk3rzThaodan: you can do stuff like this -
Thaodanthanks that looks helpful15:47
Thaodanwhere can I get the QT_QPA_EGLFS_PHYSICAL_WIDTH per screen?15:49
elros1Thaodan: I believe it's physical width in millimeters15:58
Thaodanelros1: thanks16:03
Thaodanfound it here in the end:
Thaodanr0kk3rz: can I make this delete lists per family or alway per pkg?16:10
Thaodanwhats the replacement for droid system on nile?16:44
maltaixzo: just letting you know that I built the first new test image for matissewifi, some very bad scaling issues which I need solve first17:19
_gnus_mal, elros1: Great! Phone is booted. UI is working. Things like camera, wifi are not working. I will look into it.19:00
mal_gnus_: chapter 13.2 and 13.3 of hadl pdf for camera and stuff, faq has things for wifi19:01
malfaq also has some instructions for bluetooth19:02
mal_gnus_: so what was the final thing that fixed the UI?19:02
_gnus_mal: droid-hal-device had some unwanted characters.19:10
mallike what?19:10
_gnus_˓ →19:15
_gnus_this character. I guess, it came from pdf. Copy-paste error.19:16
kimmolicopying from pdf can cause strange issues, been there19:22
guhlmal, krnlyng thanks the install worked now19:38
ThaodanI tried to checkout sony-device-nile from mer-hybris20:29
Thaodanthe repo refers to a branch droid-src-sony-aosp-8.1.0_r35_20180714 but that doesn't exist on mer-hybris/device-sony-nile20:30
Thaodanonly hybris-sony-aosp-8.1.0_r35_2018071420:31
Thaodanmal:  you have an idea?20:31
malwhich manifest are you using, I have no experience with the xperia x build method, I always build the hadk way which in sony devices needs some changes to patterns and spec files20:36
OrokuSakiaudioflingerglue is missing in hybris-11.0.. fyi21:02
malThaodan: so change the branch to the one that exists21:03
malThaodan: the last commit broke it21:03
malOrokuSaki: afaik audioflingerglue is only needed for 12.1 or newer bases21:04
ThaodanI've fixed the manifest error and now try to build hybris-hal22:21
ThaodanI get that error during build:
ThaodanI tried 4113 kernel too, no change22:22
Thaodanany ideas?22:22
malshould be obvious, you can't havw two copies of libhybris under $ANDROID_ROOT, so remove hybris/mw/libhybris/22:26
Thaodanoh sorry thats strange, I don't really get repo currently22:27
ThaodanIs it ok that odm is not found during build?22:28
ThaodanI mean out/target/product/discovery/odm/ ?22:34
ThaodanI get pushd out/target/product/discovery/odm not found during the first few messages of building hybris-hal. Is that normal?22:36
OrokuSakiI used to be able to use this script to get bluetooth to work, but as soon as I start connman and the bluetooth service I can't bring hci0 up22:46
malThaodan: yes, not an error afaik, it just tries to find some things from various places and some don't exist22:47
Thaodanok, should I update to 8.1 before trying to push that img to my device in the end?22:52
malThaodan: what do you mean?23:11
ThaodanFor Xperia there was an update need before you  can flash hybris. So I wasn't shure if I should fully update my phone before flashing23:13
malI think it's better to update just in case23:14
Thaodan*xperia x23:14

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