Saturday, 2018-09-08

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guhldoes anybody have an idea on how to analyze our problem that the phone reboots immediately when using a kernel that has CONFIG_VT enabled08:42
guhlthe reboot leaves not trace in pstore08:42
elros1find uart on pcb?08:43
T4<benzands> You can also try to use some other kernels if they're available for your device (maybe made by some enthusiasts)08:44
guhlelros1, yes serial would be great08:44
elros1maybe there is also replacement for CONFIG_VT08:45
guhlbenzands, well i do have a kernel (built by me) for LOS 14.1 that had VT enabled08:45
guhlbut for 15.1 ...08:47
guhlmaybe i should try to start again from the original MiCode sources for Android 8 instead of the LOS sources08:56
Thaodanmal: sd card works in  twrp/android, Is there anything needed for larger than 64gb sdcards?13:41
malThaodan: open devices support table says maximum of 32 GB is supported in open devices version13:45
malnot sure what the difference is between different sizes13:45
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Thaodanbut twrp is open devices too?13:46
malThaodan: I know nothing about twrp13:46
Thaodanmal: is the Xperia X kernel based on open devices?16:10
malThaodan: I think your issue with sd card is exfat16:21
Thaodanthe card is formated as ext416:23
Thaodanthe conroller doesn't even find the card with the hybris kernel16:24
elros1it doesn't? brw-------    1 root         root          179,  65 Sep 20 19:15 mmcblk1p116:38
malThaodan: read wikipedia, it said sometimes firmware blocks big sd card which are not exfat16:41
Thaodanmal: it doesn't16:42
Thaodanmounts under android just fine16:42
Thaodansony rom kernel tree:17:01
malyou are probably focusing on the wrong end of the issue, kernel is probably fine, maybe some firmware mismatch or something17:05
Thaodanthat could be true, but where should that firmware be? I justed booted another ramdisk/kernel17:07
malmost likely either odm or vendor partitions17:11
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guhlvery funny: i messed around with some settings of the touchpad in the hybris kernel yesterday and this broke it somehow.20:02
guhlthe touchscreen did not work anymore regardless which kernel i booted and even in recovery it did not work20:03
guhlso i decided to flash a stock developer miui rom -> the touchscreen works again20:03
guhlbut if i use the bootloader in fastboot mode now to boot the hybris-boot a red triangle is shown on the screen and says: "The system has been destroyed! Press power button to reboot."20:06
guhlOh fuck -> (bootloader) unlocked:no20:07
guhlwell ok - not that bad the mi account still has unlock permission20:15
guhlghosalmartin: the good news is, that the new kernel that is directly based on the xiaomi sources has CONFIG_VT enabled and does not reboot immediately20:40
guhlthe bad new is that i can not build the RNDIS driver with this sources (lots of errors) yet and therefore no telnet and phone reboots after 60 seconds20:41
malguhl: why do you need some rndis changes?21:07
ThaodanI saw patches for the bt chip on qualcom 660 socs23:19
malThaodan: yes, seen those23:26
Thaodandoes android that in user space that they don't need such things?23:34
Thaodanso just enable huart qca?23:48

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