Sunday, 2018-09-09

Thaodanisn't the device tree supposed to be generated?00:07
Thaodanthe copyleft sony tree should contain those I think00:08
malThaodan: the kernel should have it already00:09
malThaodan: for example
malThaodan: I eant the earlier link just for reference00:11
isshHi. Can someone tell me what this channel is about in relation to Sailfish OS?03:25
birdzhang[m]see topic03:26
isshIt won't load. My internet connection is limited to 12kb - 15kb/s03:27
birdzhang[m]Official Sailfish OS Porters channel03:27
isshOk. What does that mean, porter?03:27
isshYeah... What is porter?03:28
birdzhang[m]Bye bye03:28
isshOk bye03:28
isshIs it possible for someone to buy Sailfish X for me if I send them money? It's not possible to buy it in North America.03:29
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T4<samyy (MISSING @USERNAME!> also not with paypal?05:19
ghosalmartinguhl, saw your message, wouldnt we just need to then rebase those config changes ontop of the lineageos kernel?09:41
ghosalmartinguhl, also did you disable verity?09:42
ghosalmartinthat could be the reason for the 60sec reboot09:42
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guhlcommunicating with ghosamartin is a little complicated10:52
Mister_Magisterguhl: :P10:56
* Mister_Magister thinks of making sfos on top of non booting lineage xd10:56
ghosalmartinguhl, internets not been stable atm :/11:00
guhlghosalmartin, done moving house?11:06
ghosalmartinguhl, so and so, almsot done but yeah :P11:07
ghosalmartinthe internet people left the cable out in the open and when it rained it disturbed it...sigh11:07
malquality work11:08
ghosalmartinyou know it. i covered it with plastic this morning. hopefully that should hold till they can fix their shit11:08
ghosalmartinguhl, was this the working kernel?
guhlghosalmartin, yes11:15
guhlbut i forgot about dm-verity ...11:15
guhlit never booted to init11:16
ghosalmartinSo disabling it yielded no gains?11:17
guhlwe'll see11:18
ghosalmartinah I see11:18
guhli switched back to the other sources in frustration but i'll try again today11:18
ghosalmartinwhat i was saying earlier was we take the xiaomi config and plonk it on top of the los kernel, i wonder if its just a config issue, or an actual code issue11:18
guhlyes we can give that a try too11:24
ghosalmartinam cloning now, ill keep you posted11:24
ghosalmartinguhl, when you enabled did you just enable CONFIG_VT or the rest?11:25
guhlghosalmartin, also the rest (only the non optionals from kernel checker)11:28
ghosalmartinguhl, ah okays :)11:33
ghosalmartinguhl, thats just not fair
ghosalmartinthe thing that looks suspicious atm it the CONFIG_BOOTINFO11:45
guhloff for some outdoor stuff13:38
ghosalmartinsame need to get a lemon for this roast chicken :P14:03
piggzmal: would the compass fixes in 2.2.1 make ports comapss work better?14:20
r0kk3rzpiggz: well, work at all14:54
Thaodanpiggz: updating to 2.2.1 in emu/sdk is currently broken15:03
Thaodanat least for me15:03
Thaodanbreakes rpmbuild15:03
r0kk3rzyou could've pulled in the sensorfw stuff already15:06
Thaodangot some conflict on ambiende and broke rpmspec15:26
Thaodanrpmspec: --buildrequires: unknown option15:26
r0kk3rzabranson: ^15:39
ghosalmartinguhl, no dice with disabling verity15:42
malpiggz: what compass fixes?15:49
T4<meierrom> mal: apparently compass sensor was not working prior to 2.2.1 and is working after update. Anyway changelog is not mentioning anything.15:58
mal@meierrom which device? I think you are talking about Xperia X? compass worked on many ports even before this new release16:47
Mister_Magistermal: hii do you have some time for anbox?16:52
malI still have no idea why it fails for you16:57
Mister_Magistersurfaceflinger segfaults and i need to debug it somehow16:57
malI mean no idea why it does that16:58
Mister_Magisterthats what we need to find out :P16:58
Mister_Magistermal: do you know how i can debug it?17:00
Mister_Magistermal: like logcat or something?17:04
malthe anbox logs from /var/lib/anbox/data/system.log or something17:05
Mister_Magisteryeah but there is nothing in that17:07
malnothing at all?17:10
Mister_Magisteri mean it only says that it segfaulted17:17
malthe real reason is then probably in some other part of the log17:25
* Mister_Magister wipes dust of g317:26
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T4<meierrom> mal: still not working on Mido, hence piggz question.17:33
piggzmal: its in the changelog, and links to this
piggzmal, @meierrom: its mentioned in the 'list of things reported by community that are fixed'18:13
piggzmal: the description mentions sensorfwd sampling rates making comapss activate18:15
piggzmaybe needed for mido, as I only ever say it work once!18:15
malpiggz: afaik that was only that the middleware was updated18:20
malpiggz: I still find it odd that you need this
malpiggz: you had the naming issue in the other config file you fixed so maybe after you don't really need that?18:42
Thaodanmal: do the dhd scripts already handle the plattform/board name stuff from nile?19:15
malThaodan: nope19:16
Thaodanhas someone build those already with a workaround?19:16
malThaodan: you need to manually provide spec file e.g. -b rpm -s rpm/somefile.spec to build dhd19:17
malah, ignore the rpm/ from latter path19:17
malsimilar for other cases19:19
maljust change path and spec file name19:20
Thaodanyeah figured the rest out already. just the sd card stuff is still a mistery19:20
Thaodanwhich pkg provides community-adaption?20:24
Thaodanbecause droid-config is missing it20:25
malin local builds builds it, on OBS it's already available20:25
ghosalmartinguhl, so I managed to build with rndis. but it still goes to boot screen for a while then reboots. no console-ramoops though :/21:13
ghosalmartini havent done a clean build yet, so ill try that now21:13
guhlghosalmartin, ok. i am back to the original los sources trying this and that. but no go until now - frustrating21:19
guhli'll have to quit for today got to get out early tomorrow. i wish you luck!21:20
ghosalmartinguhl, maybe we find a way around the systemd issue of needing CONFIG_VT? I mean it was deprecated a while back. I cant believe it still requires it. and thanks :)21:20
guhlyes that also something i already thought about. maybe we can get rid of that pam/systemd dependency21:21
guhlespecially as i can su to nemo from the console21:22
guhlthen it creates the /run/user/100000 directory without complaining about vt21:22
guhlbut i don't think that this will really work. as far as i see this the wayland x session will require a vt21:28
guhlghosalmartin, interesting picture regarding VT
ghosalmartinguhl, that picture makes my head hurt :P21:35
Thaodanthere's mainline support on the way for the xa221:36
jrayhawkthat image needs a minotaur hidden somewhere21:37
guhlghosalmartin, you might also want to read this
ghosalmartinguhl, this might be worth a read as well
guhlthat is supposed to be a in systemd userspace replacement of VT21:38
ghosalmartinguhl, would that not be in the codebase already. i mean its from 2014? wouldnt it just be a matter of implementing the changes it suggests?21:40
guhlnot promising21:46
ghosalmartinsupposedly it was included in systemd 21721:46
ghosalmartinam heading to bed as well21:49
guhlthe most frustrating thing it that i can boot my 14.1 kernel21:50
guhlthat has VT enabled without problems21:50
ghosalmartinguhl, there must be a change that broke the kernel21:50
ghosalmartinproblem is theres more than 1000 changes files between the two branches. I've tried emailing the developers responsible for the kernel but no luck21:50
guhlyes hard to find the relevant changes21:51
guhlanyway, gn21:51
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