Monday, 2018-09-10

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ghosalmartinguhl, morning. i mean we could continue building on top of the cm-14.1?08:22
guhlghosalmartin, but we never really had a stable CM14.1 for the chiron08:52
guhlsome sensors and camera only worked with the legacy kernel from MIUI08:53
guhlso i was hoping that we have a better basis now with LOS15 where basically everything works in LOS using the current kernel sources08:55
ghosalmartinso was I tbh. but i cant see a way around the config_vt issue. whats odd is that its plagued another device. so is the new LOS kernels breaking it intentionally08:59
guhlghosalmartin, i would not think that it's broken intentionally09:00
guhlit's just not needed for android and therefore no one cares09:01
guhlso i think something has been messed up in the kernel sources that are used for the android O basis09:02
guhlit would be great if we could reproduce this for a device that does have at least some kind of output at boot time09:04
ghosalmartinguhl, i can recheck the marlin device to see if theres anything obvious09:05
guhlwe could try i.e. to build a kernel for the RP309:06
ghosalmartindo you got one of those? :P09:06
guhlrasperry pi 3?09:06
guhli got 4 of them09:07
ghosalmartinahh...couldnt we emulate with qemu?09:07
guhlthere is LOS 15.1 for the RP309:07
ghosalmartincould attempt it and see whats what09:07
ghosalmartincould attempt it and see whats what i guess. is that due to serial access?09:10
ghosalmartinmal, the nile device uses aosp doesn't it, not los?09:19
malghosalmartin: yes, as you can see on mer-hybris09:22
ghosalmartinmal: hmm okays ta09:22
ghosalmartinguhl, there are 2 aosp ports we could try to use as base09:24
ghosalmartinguhl, ill give em a shot today09:24
Thaodanghosalmartin: you could even try mainline on line09:37
ghosalmartinits not for nile device, but a different one atm09:37
malghosalmartin: what do you mean you could use aosp as base? where do you get the device repps09:44
guhlaosp for the chiron?09:45
ghosalmartinguhl, possibly, mal for now getting kernel to work properly is a start. i guess id have to either patch manually or use the same ones nile uses?09:49
malwhy would you assume it works09:50
ghosalmartinah because nile has CONFIG_VT enabled and is aosp. while the two lineage 15.1 devices ive built. marlin and chiron both have big issues with CONFIG_VT so perhaps the lineage-15.1 kernel has just broken CONFIG_VT09:51
ghosalmartini could be grasping at straws. but right now its better than nothing09:52
Thaodanis the gpu/drm driver broken or why the issues with CONFIG_VT?09:53
ghosalmartinThaodan, possibly? dont really know personally. someone said something interesting in lineageos "<BtbN> There probably isn't even a driver for it to spawn a VT. Hence the panic." But why leave the flag?09:54
Thaodanthats strange. I didn't know that it was device specific09:54
ghosalmartinneither did I09:55
Thaodancan you log to remote debug console and see a backtrace?09:57
ghosalmartinno ramoops either09:57
Thaodanthere you could see at least dmesg09:58
ghosalmartinmight have to give it a look. ta :)09:59
ghosalmartinis a panic required for things to be written to ramoops?09:59
ghosalmartinguhl, i like your panic module :P10:02
lbtThaodan: wrt the discovery repo - I assume mal or sledges sorted you out?10:08
guhlvery straight forward .-)10:08
guhlghosalmartin, just so that you don't waste your time: I alread tried the kernel sources of AOSP based OmniROM for the chiron10:20
guhl-> same problem10:20
Thaodani adapted the nile Port and  fixed some stuff in hybris for that10:20
ghosalmartinguhl, well aosp all seem to have the issue that if I build it reboots. with or without verity or VT10:21
mallbt: sledges had an idea what we might be able to use the same repo for all devices using the same sony platform, I think we need to do some testing first before adding the repo to OBS10:33
Mister_Magistermal: i ditto in past :P10:37
malMister_Magister: so you had two devices in same OBS repo?10:39
Mister_Magisterthey have different patterns so10:40
Mister_Magisteryou have all xperias in one repo dont you?10:40
Mister_Magister2011 xperias10:40
malno, those are all in different OBS repos, they do share the same git repo10:41
Mister_Magisterah :P10:41
Mister_Magisterso i had titan and thea in one cause they had same droid-configs repo10:41
Mister_Magisterand almost exact same base10:42
Mister_Magisterbut that got too problematic in my case so i dumped that10:42
Mister_Magisterbut thats no problem since one device picks its droid-config-xx that picks its patterns that picks packages specific to it10:43
Mister_Magisterso i see no problem with that10:43
abransonThaodan: did you get around that rpmbuild problem, or is it still an issue?10:51
lbtmal: sledges: that sounds good. Let me know if there's anything needed10:52
Thaodanabranson: yes rpm was to old. moved the updated mw packages into my obs repo.  I'll try later building against ea again10:55
Thaodanlbt: do you know what happened to mer build serice yesterday?11:11
abransonThaodan: ok, updating through these package management upgrades can be tricky, especially now we have tooling, targets and sdk to consider11:15
Thaodanabranson: I saw it when sdk broke because of this. rpm needs to be updated first than the rest11:17
Thaodanlbt: login is broken in mer buildservice11:18
malThaodan: I did suggest that you do not update rpm but instead just patch the package that needed newer rpm11:22
malit was a trivial fix to the package spec11:23
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Thaodanmal: can you look at this?
krnlyngThaodan, hey, regarding your pull requests. for the discovery specific ones, can you create a bug on mer bugzilla (something like: "add support for sony-discovery/hX213") and use the bug id from that in the commits as you can see in other commits?14:53
krnlyngThaodan, also if it is not too much effort can you try supporting the dual sim model too? there should be only differences in the /vendor partition, /system partition (nothing to do) and in the droid-configs pkg (something to do but you can take an example from pioneer)14:55
Thaodankrnlyng: about that bug thing. I already thought that I have to that too after sledges told me that about the commit on droid-configs-nile14:56
malThaodan: also please do some testing so you will notice the typos and stuff, ref
krnlyngThaodan, it would be nice because then your changes would be visible in the changelog14:57
Thaodani'll add the support for  h4213 too14:58
malThaodan: also when adding the single-sim and dual-sim variant add those is separate commits (but in same pull request), that would make review easier15:00
mal*in separate commits15:01
Thaodanmal: I'll but first I will clean up  the discovery and nile stuff15:01
Thaodanshould I do that for nile version too?15:03
malThaodan: one more comment, I prefer that the commit messages start with capital letter after the tag so for example the way h3113 was added "[version] Add support for h3113 device.", you had "[version] support h3213"15:03
malThaodan: what do you mean?15:04
Thaodani mean  should I separate the support for discovery and  h3213 on droid hal version nile15:05
malnot quite sure what you mean, first commit adds the discovery file and h3213 and the second commit h421315:09
Thaodanmal: that's what I asked but for the droid hal version nile15:18
malThaodan: I don't understand the problem, I was referring to that repo15:30
Thaodancan some of you in that mmc bug ?15:35
Thaodan*look at the15:40
piggzmal: i'll try moving the sensor overrides out of the way and see what happens17:01
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piggzmal: yeah, that config file seems unnescessary18:40
piggzmal: no positive effect on compass either18:43
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