Saturday, 2018-09-29

T4<BirdZhang> @mal [piggz: all h.264 videos, for example h.264 sam …], works perfect on vince01:42
T4<BirdZhang> (Photo, 640x1280)
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stephgr0kk3rz: one second caller07:21
riniguskimmoli: I started working on the update. As usual, I'll sync with mal's FP2 changes and upstream changes. for configs, it looks like just update of submodule is needed - the rest we have. or did you mention some extra changes with the respect of step counter?07:23
kimmolirinigus: nice. we shuold test the gst i420 thingy08:04
kimmolirinigus: the dont-use-droid-convert quirk08:05
riniguskimmoli: I must say, I didn't follow this channel closely. I did update gst-droid and droidmedia repos as well as the rest configs. getting ready to build it all.08:09
riniguskimmoli: so, please give me detailed instructions on what to do and I will do my best to follow them. how do I enable i420 and dont-use-droid-convert?08:09
kimmolimoment - too much messages from different medias08:10
riniguskimmoli: no rush...08:13
kimmoliin /etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcodec.conf08:14
kimmolivideo/avc = dont-use-droid-convert;use-codec-supplied-height;use-codec-supplied-width08:14
riniguskimmoli: thnx!08:22
kimmolithis might need to be tested on device first.08:22
riniguskimmoli: ok, no problem. then the build will be as usual and changed while testing.08:23
kimmolie.g. playing this YT fails
T4<adampigg> Kimmoli, rinigus, run browser with gst_debug to see what paths are taken in gst-droid08:40
T4<adampigg> Regarding the color format08:40
T4<adampigg> And if the width/height are applied08:41
r0kk3rzwell thats annoying08:42
r0kk3rzthe .ks rpm files are set to armv7hl08:42
T4<adampigg> Mal, just thinking off the top of my head...what about exposing gst-droid via dbus.08:50
r0kk3rzdbus? what for?09:06
T4<adampigg> (Photo, 1280x960)
T4<adampigg> Mal, abusing properies to take sepia pictures in jolla-camera09:07
T4<adampigg> :D09:07
T4<adampigg> R0kk3rz, exposing stuff not supported by qt-gst09:08
r0kk3rzfor this stuff we should be banging directly on gstreamer anyway09:09
r0kk3rzpretty sure jolla-camera does09:09
T4<adampigg> (Photo, 1280x960)
T4<adampigg> And HDR!09:13
T4<adampigg> Mmmmm, quirk abuse09:13
T4<adampigg> (Photo, 1280x960)
T4<adampigg> Non hdr version09:15
T4<adampigg> R0kk3rz, thats what i wanna do, talk direct to gst to get scene modes,.effects etc09:16
r0kk3rzyeah, look at how cameraplus works09:17
r0kk3rzwoo it builds09:22
r0kk3rznow i need a guinea pig for f5321 update09:24
T4<BirdZhang> @r0kk3rz [woo it builds], gitlab is 500 now 😂09:26
r0kk3rzit totally wasnt me09:27
T4<BirdZhang> lol09:29
r0kk3rz@BirdZhang: you tried that vince image?09:34
T4<BirdZhang> r0kk3rz: not yet, i tried vince image build by before09:37
T4<BirdZhang> i will try when i go home09:40
elros1@adampigg: if you need more control over camera maybe requestcontrol could be usefull:
r0kk3rz:( image too large for gitlabs09:44
NeKitr0kk3rz, for maserati, did you use normal kickstart template?10:08
r0kk3rzi did, does it need extra magic10:12
NeKitit does, due to locked bootloader and SafeStrap10:13
NeKitI will check it then10:13
r0kk3rzit looks like the *proper* way to to .ks mods is like this -
NeKitI did something like that -
r0kk3rzoh ok, i'll pull the ks off obs then10:17
mal@adampigg so HDR works? nice10:48
XenoPLr0k3rz: if image is downloadabla, i'll try it this weekend, maybe not today, but tommorow, probably I'll find few spare minutes to try10:55
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T4<BirdZhang> @r0kk3rz [@BirdZhang: you tried that vince image?], tried minutes ago, works as expected10:57
T4<abhishek_0> have we upstreamed piggz packages10:59
T4<adampigg> Mal, seems so, can abuse those quirks to set whatever you want :) scene-mode hdr did the trick11:02
mal@adampigg ok, we need to go through gst-droid and qtmultimedia to see what is easily doable11:05
T4<adampigg> Effects also work to set sepia11:05
T4<adampigg> Mal, or r0kk3rz suggestion to poke gst directly11:06
T4<adampigg> Jolla-camera src would be nice11:08
malI think it's better to make as much as possible via QtMultimedia11:08
r0kk3rzim not sure jolla-camera goes through qtmultimedia11:12
malpressy sure it does, using qml, cameraplus did another way11:13
r0kk3rzi think it'll be fairly limiting11:15
malr0kk3rz: that's why we are looking into improving it11:20
r0kk3rzok, so make some updates to Qt, get them upstreamed, and then in 5 years we can use it on sailfish :)11:22
T4<BirdZhang> 😂11:23
malr0kk3rz: you know well that we have used patches before for future feature we upstream11:28
malrinigus: is this intentionally old?
rinigusmal: nope, I thought I just updated it. give me a sec11:33
malrinigus: you need to change the commit hash manually there11:33
rinigusmal: I've set it to HEAD11:33
rinigusmal: thanks for noticing!11:34
riniguskimmoli: report - first ota done from devel. on first boot, kernel updated as usual. camera doesn't work on the first boot, works from the second, as before. bt, gps, calls, wifi work. without changes in gstdroidcodec.conf, browser doesn't play your video. with the changes, it does. so, I am adding it to the configs, unless there is some argument against it.13:21
riniguskimmoli: compass seem to work, as far as I understand were N is .13:22
kimmolidoes it run smoothly or jerky?13:22
riniguswhat? video?13:22
riniguswhats comp?13:23
kimmolifingerfood. compass...13:23
rinigussmoothly. but that was before too.13:24
kimmolidoes photos save in correct orientation?13:27
rinigusadampigg: is gst-droid works with youtube, do you still want gst_debug?13:28
riniguskimmoli, yes13:28
rinigusvideo too13:28
malrinigus: if videos work in browser without issues then no need for gst_debug afaik, unless you want to be sure that the quirks are loaded but considering video works it quite clear that quirks should be fine13:36
malkimmoli: I made sure the updated patch for photo orientation is in common repo when I did my update13:37
kimmolimal: good13:37
rinigusmal: ok, then I'll be lazy and proceed with the config changes13:41
T4<adampigg> Rinigus, yeah, if it works then all good13:48
kimmoliso with this quirk, it uses 'native' color conversion, not the i420 blob?13:54
piggzmal: can you write your thoughts up on
riniguskimmoli: I'll ping you when PRs are ready15:30
malpiggz: I think the biggest issue is finding the supported features in Qt side, otherwise most of those can be already done15:34
malpiggz: the current method of using dconf to store supported features is always an option but still a bit ugly15:37
piggzmal: can u write up what you think are the issues, so we have it documented15:40
malpiggz: later today15:41
piggzmal: from my reading ... qcamera has concept of setting exposure modes, but no concept of setting effects16:16
malpiggz: what do you mean by effect in this case?16:36
piggzmal: black.white, sepia etc16:36
piggzmal: did you see the sepia picture i took wth jolla-camera this morning?16:36
piggzmy supported effects are effect-values = none,mono,negative,solarize,sepia,posterize,whiteboard,blackboard,aqua,emboss,sketch,neon16:37
malpiggz: yes, saw the picture16:38
malpiggz: effects are called color filters in Qt16:39
malpiggz: those are available already in 5.616:39
malpiggz: we need to see what we have to do in the backend16:40
entilmal: sim cards died on me again :/ my mom called the missus cuz she couldn't reach me, though the phone said all's ok, and then later in the day it randomly rebooted itself, and didn't ask for a pin no matter what I did (incl. waiting before unlocking and removing the lock altogether)16:42
riniguskimmoli: PRs submitted, testing/gst-droid points to the correct repo. I would suggest to tag and prep in testing, so I could test against my normal config. if its all fine, I'll make an image and we release it officially. does that sound ok?16:42
riniguskimmoli: so far on devel all seems fine16:43
entilmal: I'm sort of thinking this must be a hardware failure, because you said you don't use a keylock (at least at some point) and you always got asked for a pin, but not for me :(16:43
kimmolirinigus: ok. ill take a look in a sec16:43
piggzmal: so, i think i need to work out how gst_photography_set_color_tone_mode links into gst-droid camera16:50
kimmolirinigus: merged16:51
kimmoli... addad target to testing16:53
riniguskimmoli: thank you, thank you! ... and quicker than I can reply. should I upload hal packages into testing or you have some clever way to move them around?16:55
kimmolipöh-. devel did not trigger webhook?16:56
kimmoliyes i have a scripty16:56
kimmoliah it points rinigus...16:57
kimmolican you revert   <param name="repourl"></param>16:57
riniguskimmoli: yes, some of them do in devel16:57
riniguskimmoli: sure16:57
malpiggz: looks like it's supported16:57
kimmolirinigus: thats why my tags didnt trigger rebuild there... n16:57
kimmolibut we can build them, correcly tagged in devel16:58
kimmolierr testing16:58
riniguskimmoli: yes, they don't in devel, but should in testing16:58
piggzmal: it does ... so, i could try hacking on the camera gui to see if it works16:58
malpiggz: or we should make a simple test camera app which would support everything16:59
riniguskimmoli: do I revert or we keep as it is in devel?16:59
kimmolikeep them as is for now16:59
kimmoliärärä. my router changed, now my hadk ip has changed...16:59
piggzmal: ah, in the _register function is where all the function calls are mapped ... i was about to look at that before you sent the link17:00
rinigusok, and then your scripty will move hal packages from devel -> nemo:testing:hw:oneplus:onyx/droid-hal-onyx17:00
malpiggz: yep17:02
kimmoliäh. Finnish "Lisää" is Show more, or Add... In this case it was the first one. Boldly clicked17:08
kimmolifoudn my hadk IP :)17:08
kimmolistupid huawei17:08
kimmoliand the script is here
riniguskimmoli: excellent! looking forward to test with testing :)17:12
kimmolirinigus: usbstick-utils should be removed (and obsoleted)17:12
kimmoliit is now included in whatever replaced sd-utils17:13
kimmoliforgot that17:13
riniguskimmoli: you mentioned it earlier, I forgot it too. should I do it tonight?17:13
malkimmoli: udisks217:13
kimmolimal: yes that one17:15
T4<adampigg> Remeber, format your sd without partition if u dont want a failed service17:15
malrinigus: for future reference, if you use [something] at the beginning of commit message that will be added to autogenerated changelog on OBS like this
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rinigusmal: looking good, now the main issue is not to forget it ...17:51
malrinigus: you just have to use it on all of your commits like I do
malrinigus: it might take a while to get used to adding it17:52
riniguskimmoli: will have to take a break for ~2h :)18:18
kimmolii'm having one too. maybe until morning ..18:18
riniguskimmoli: was adding obsoletes and udisks2 for requirements, will test later tonight18:19
malkimmoli: someone forgot to update droid-hal rpms18:20
malkimmoli: in testing18:21
kimmoliwhy it did not worky.18:21
kimmoliäh. stupid /me18:21
kimmolithe script just outputs commands i need to run. i didn't actually run them :)18:21
kimmolirinigus: deletec usbstickutils from devel18:23
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
malkimmoli: I fixed the url in _service of droid-hal-version-onyx18:45
malkimmoli: it was pointing to repo of rinigus which didn't have to correct commit18:46
kimmolii fixed it in devel...18:46
kimmoliso it should be copied when devel is built again... there are others too18:47
malok, at least config repo18:47
malkimmoli: I fixed also config repo18:48
malin testing, it was pointing to rinigus repo also18:50
kimmolitesting will be soon overwritten18:50
kimmoliso no sense to edit those18:50
malI thought you just updated it18:50
kimmoliyes, and notived that those pointed haywire, so goen fixing in devel and copypac again18:51
malkimmoli: I can now fix many things with my new powers18:51
kimmoligreat powers come with great responsibility18:53
malkimmoli: this is how I replied to the notification that I had more powers
kimmolinow copying again (no touching)18:54
malpiggz: I added some comments to camera etherpad18:59
piggzmal: thx19:01
malpiggz: need to verify the c++ side functions at some point to see which ones report real values19:04
piggzmal: the c++ side of what? the qt backend?19:05
malpiggz: I mean test what the c++ function list as supported features in QCamera etc19:08
malpiggz: the backend seems somewhat limited in terms of those supported values19:08
malpiggz: looks like many of those have a hardcoded list of supported enums19:09
piggzmal: yeah, seen that19:10
piggzi think there is then functions to check if a particular one is supported19:11
piggzmal: the video output of jolla-camera seems to be a CaptureView .... which seems to impelmented in c++ i think19:11
kimmoliok, otaing from testing...19:25
rinigusmel & kimmoli: gst-droid should point to - it has onyx-specific patches by kimmoli. and we don't have any canonical place for it19:45
rinigus^mal :)19:45
kimmoliahm. forgot.19:45
kimmolineed to revert19:45
kimmolii need to work that stpcntrd19:48
riniguskimmoli: yes, that's the way it was and same in testing.19:49
kimmolino. dont touch testing19:49
riniguskimmoli: no touchy19:49
kimmolithats why i changed it on devel, as ALL packages will be copied from devel to testing19:49
kimmolii changed those with PR19:49
riniguskimmoli: was this in your mind regarding usbstick:
kimmolilooks good to me19:50
malkimmoli: which onyx specifica patches do you have in gst-droid?19:52
rinigushmm, for some reason it didn't work. ... right, I've got it updated after all this changing back was done in devel from my repos :). should I change it to my repo or submit PR with usbstick?19:52
malkimmoli: some framerate stuff?19:53
kimmolisybmit pr19:53
riniguskimmoli: submitted19:54
malkimmoli: why hasn't that framerate stuff been upstreamed? is that somehow device specific and would break other devices?19:55
kimmolidont remember where we discussed about that19:58
rinigusalmost during every update, surely few times in 201819:59
riniguskimmoli: please tag droid-config-onyx to trigger the build20:03
kimmolimal: where was that sensorconfig? to enable stepcounter by default ?20:03
kimmolirinigus: adding my pR also...20:03
riniguskimmoli: excellent! then will wait...20:04
malkimmoli: add (with correct device name) to /etc/sensorfw/sensord.conf.d/20:08
malkimmoli: and uncomment the stepcounter line in that20:09
kimmolido i need to the [plugins] section too?20:10
malkimmoli: yes, that also20:10
malkimmoli: otherwise it doesn't know there is such sensor20:10
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
malshould work but verify first20:12
malif that works fine I'll add to fp2 also20:14
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmoliwalked to fridge and back20:25
T4<chronosmsx> Hello everybody. Please tell me what if my device has only unofficial cm? It can be used?20:27
T4<chronosmsx> [Edit] Hello everybody. Please tell me what if my device has only unofficial cm? Is it be usable?20:28
kimmolirinigus: one look  ?20:31
kimmoli@chronosmsx  yes it is ok if you find all required repositories20:32
riniguskimmoli: looks good, as far as I can tell20:33
rinigus... already waiting for new apps measuring steps :)20:34
r0kk3rzhowzit work?20:35
kimmolii added it as eventsview thingy20:35
kimmolion , need to update to newer20:36
kimmolirinigus: merged and  tagged20:36
r0kk3rzneed to package it for asteroid20:36
riniguskimmoli: very good! will test tomorrow first thing, gn!20:36
malkimmoli: just tested and step counter works well, now it's just better that the config doesn't depend on any package21:01
malI did test it originally when you made the app21:01
malit's good for testing the sensor21:02
kimmolishould add Qt stuff for it, so it could be in messwer21:03
malkimmoli: the problem is that QSensors doesn't have step counter sensor at all21:03
piggza bit like my hrm dbus inerface problem21:04
kimmoliand that needs to be acquired so it counts21:04
kimmoliso somekind background thingy is needed21:05
malmaybe we should discuss if some common clean solution could be done, I mean the we could get that event view thingy included in official sailfish, not sure how likely that is21:06
kimmoliin that eventview was partially supporting 3rd party plugins, but not all the way21:09
kimmoliexample the settings for it support json entries21:09
kimmolionly that the eventsview itself does not have way to load them dynamically21:10
malok, so some planning is needed21:11
T4<chronosmsx> Can i use quick Platform SDK Installation method? It worked properly for me21:13
kimmolimal: there is even configuration value for the loaders, but the loaders itself are hardcoded. (key: "/desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/events_screen_widgets")21:15
kimmolii think that is used from settings to disable those21:16
T4<chronosmsx> Ok, then where i can find android-tools-hadk?21:16
T4<chronosmsx> It can be googled as android hadk?21:16
mal@chronosmsx just follow the hadk pdf21:16
T4<chronosmsx> Oh, yes, it's written above, thx21:17
kimmolir0kk3rz: how to trigger ci build?21:21
r0kk3rzclick da button21:23
r0kk3rzbut you need access to the launch codes21:23
T4<chronosmsx> Env setup is running triple times when i've enterning to ubuntu chroot21:30
T4<chronosmsx> That's normal?21:30
T4<chronosmsx> `HABUILD_SDK [ha3g] HABUILD_SDK [ha3g] HABUILD_SDK [ha3g] chronosms@helpvps:~$`21:31
malno, you did something funny in chapter 4, check the env and profile files created in there to see those look ok21:34
* lpotter adds bug to add step/pedometer sensor in QtSensors21:36
T4<chronosmsx> Yeah it works, rewrited files with env preparation21:37
mallpotter: it's probably reasonably simple to add it there, but not really sure how contributing to Qt works21:37
T4<chronosmsx> In five chapter i should leave ubuntu chroot?21:38
kimmoliwhen copying stuff from pdf, copy it first to texteditor and sanitize. pdf may insert unwanted chars etc21:39
mal@chronosmsx the line before commands, for example PLATFORM_SDK $ tells which environment you should run it in, so those are in platform sdk so you should not be in HABUILD_SDK21:39
T4<chronosmsx> Oh, yes, see, thx21:40
kimmolir0kk3rz: should the build status icon on readme go to /-/jobs instead of /commits/master ??21:41
r0kk3rzyes probably21:43
r0kk3rzbut the original copypasta had it pointing there21:44
r0kk3rzlpotter: heart rate sensors too please!21:44
kimmolioo i got a star with 1 in it21:45
T4<chronosmsx> gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found21:48
T4<chronosmsx> When i've trying to init repo with hybris21:49
T4<adampigg> Mal:21:49
T4<adampigg> (Photo, 1280x720)
T4<adampigg> Test camera app in sepia21:49
r0kk3rzkimmoli: welcome to the borg21:50
mal@adampigg cool21:50
T4<adampigg> Mal, -very- basic atm21:51
mal@chronosmsx which chapter? 5.1?21:51
T4<chronosmsx> Yep21:51
T4<chronosmsx> repo init -u git:// -b hybris-12.121:52
maldid you do the first part of that chapter i.e. the git settings?21:52
mal@chronosmsx show the whole output of repo init command21:53
T4<chronosmsx> mal:
maldid the .repo folder appear? maybe try repo sync and see what happens?21:56
T4<chronosmsx> repo folder is empty21:58
T4<chronosmsx> mal: it worked with no repo verify argument22:03
T4<chronosmsx> Oh yes, local manifest of my device have some non-exist repos22:11
T4<chronosmsx> No, all repos is active22:14
T4<chronosmsx> My local manifest has directive remove-project22:14
T4<chronosmsx> Can i delete it? CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_InCallUI22:15
T4<chronosmsx> This replaced in next line with custom repo22:15
malwe don't need app repos22:15
T4<chronosmsx> It will take 10GB of storage?22:17
malprobably more than that in total, my hybris-12.1 source folder is 36 GB22:28
malyou can minimize the amount of download if needed using some special commands22:28
T4<chronosmsx> E.g download only last commit?22:29
lpottermal: I'm maintainer of QtSensors :)22:33
mallpotter: oh :)22:33
mal@chronosmsx so if want to try minimal download do the repo init again but add --depth=1 at the end of the command, and when syncing use repo sync -c22:35
T4<chronosmsx> error: Exited sync due to fetch errors22:50
mal@chronosmsx it getting late so we'll need to continue tomorrow, but as a rule show more of the output so it actually contains information about which repo failed, otherwise it's difficult to help23:03

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