Sunday, 2018-09-30

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riniguskimmoli: how do we enforce removal of usbstick-utils? looks like OTA didn't do it. also, I cannot find which RPM package enforces OTA addition/removal of the packages (when checking provides/required at OBS)05:42
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kimmoliwe did something earlier with taaem06:02
kimmolineed coffee. but does it need to be in spec? not in patterns?06:17
rinigusme too (coffee). when does it read patterns? I'll try again with full ota sequence, maybe I missed something06:25
riniguskimmoli: nope, redoing didn't help. note that tristate and other onyx packages are not required by any other packages. so, I couldn't find the dependency that way either06:41
kimmoliif patterns are only oneway?06:42
kimmolidid sdutils got removed?06:46
rinigusi am not sure I had them. not installed right now, but I think I haven't seen removal messages either06:50
kimmolii think sd-utils was removed on previous update when udisks2 was introduced.07:39
riniguskimmoli: ok, that could be. I expect that then udisks2 was dependency somewhere and adding it to the patterns is not needed as such. but how to get rid of old usbstick - that's not clear07:40
riniguskimmoli: good find!07:42
riniguskimmoli: we have also it has few obsoletes commented out07:45
rinigus... should we use that?07:45
rinigus... and drop obsoletes from patterns?07:46
kimmoliyes, remove from pattersn, and add to droid-config-onyx.spec07:46
riniguswill do07:46
kimmolijust obsoletes should be fine afaik07:47
riniguskimmoli: PR submitted07:52
kimmolimerged and tagged07:57
kimmolii'll copypac when it finishes with patterns08:00
rinigusI'll try when its ready by OTA from devel. will report08:01
kimmolilooks silent...08:09
kimmolido devel ota, check that the package got removed, i'll copypac then to testing08:10
kimmolii think i'll try the CI built image08:10
riniguskimmoli: looks like it removed usbstick, but silently (or even sneaky way). see
riniguskimmoli: will reboot and see if all seems fine08:14
riniguskimmoli: re image - great idea :)08:14
rinigus... image was built from devel though, not testing, if I remember chat over here correctly08:14
rinigus... after reboot, seems to be fine as well. sdcard detected, anything else to check?08:16
kimmoliusb otg?08:17
rinigusdon't have it => no testing08:17
kimmoliok, i will08:17
kimmoliif i found my otg cable...08:18
kimmoliyeah, the .ks points to devel08:18
kimmolii copypac now, and test ota from testing:08:19
rinigussounds great! I'll move over to testing as well08:19
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kimmolirinigus: will do some more testing. but disabled the testing: builds for now. downloaded CI image, will test it after completed other tests09:22
riniguskimmoli: I am still updating on testing. but disabling builds should be fine09:25
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elros1spiiroin: I can't build latest sensorfw on hybris-11: hybrisadaptor.cpp:282:49: error: 'const struct sensor_t' has no member named 'maxDelay'12:04
elros1             int maxDelay = (m_halSensorArray[i].maxDelay + 999) / 100012:04
elros1looking at sensors.h and sensor_t does have minDelay but not maxDelay12:07
malelros1: it seems that was added in cm.12.112:16
malelros1: we need to add some ifdefs in the code12:16
malelros1: build a bit older version until that is fixed12:18
elros1yes, I am trying now12:18
malelros1: looking at the code I think ifdef to one line might be enough12:20
elros1mal: so I should just return 0 to: int maxDelay?12:24
malelros1: no, this line is the problem
elros1yes, and this variable is used later so I am not sure what value it should have12:30
elros1anyway 4fb14616beab35fd792b63f1c8c346ad92a30b4d builds ok12:30
malelros1: you notice that the variable defaults to minDelay if there there if it's smaller than minDelay so you can just use 0 and it ends up as minDelay12:32
spiiroinelros1: yeah, some backwards compat problems possible - 1st fix was already done, then I had some obs issues and ...13:40
spiiroinI can look into it again tomorrow13:41
elros1spiiroin: thx, no problem I built older version13:42
Mister_Magisterjusa: ping14:19
malspiiroin: probably #ifdef SENSORS_DEVICE_API_VERSION_1_3 around this line and just assignment of 0 in the #else15:00
r0kk3rzkimmoli: i think we could have a devel and a testing branch for ci16:10
kimmolihmh. could. i usually OTA, but release only testing images16:12
kimmoliOTA devel*16:12
r0kk3rzyeah i guess it makes sense to point to testing for properly maintained devices16:14
kimmoliand imho the link on "pipeline passed" makes also more sense now...16:31
r0kk3rzyeah there is a way to link to the latest artifacts16:32
kimmolii got spammed about failed job. not a passed one.16:32
r0kk3rzif you look at the link on the scorpion badge16:33
kimmoliyes, that digs one step deeper than what i have on onyx now16:35
kimmoliis there access to bot to add webhooks from pipeline states?16:40
r0kk3rzno idea16:43
r0kk3rzlooks like there is pipeline webhook events16:45
kimmoliyes there should be. now need a bot16:46
r0kk3rza bot? for what?16:48
kimmolito spam irc with those results ... like boss16:52
tbris that CI running on not on mer gitlab?17:04
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tbrtough luck, no bot. merbot is only reachable from the inside as it is17:28
tbrIIRC I did even do some PoC for gitlab→merbot notifications17:28
tbrr0kk3rz: if someone wants to set that up on mer infra, but with public URL17:39
b0n0What package contains modifyrepo_c?17:48
tbrr0kk3rz: I guess it still runs as - would just need to be exposed to the public internet and https17:55
tbrideally on a non-guessable URL18:02
kimmoliand maybe add secret token18:02
tbrthat's the non-guessable URL part apparently18:02
tbrno clue if the mattermost integration sets that token18:04
piggzmal: spot the problem?
piggzno vendor values are passed through18:11
piggzeven if they were, would need to modify a layer in GST also to handle them, including gst-droid18:12
piggzmaybe it would just be qt and gst-droid18:14
malpiggz: hmm, not sure how the vendor values should work18:19
piggzmal: i was thinking of just passing them stright through18:20
kimmoliits kinda good that devaamo input is low, can still stream netflix etc while uploading18:30
b0n0When i try to insert wlan module it says 'couldnt insert wlan.ko operation not permitted'. Why this now? In 2.2.0 and previous i didnt have this error20:36
r0kk3rzwhat device?20:36
b0n0Im the st333ve20:36
r0kk3rzdid you ever publish your port?20:39
maldid you change anything in kernel before the new build?20:40
b0n0I didnt touch anything20:41
r0kk3rzsomeone was asking for a port for the A5 not so long ago20:41
b0n0I didnt even remember how to build sailfish, but luckily i  created a script in the past :P20:41
malyou are using some systemd service the modprobe module?20:41
b0n0r0kk3rz: who?20:41
b0n0mal: hmm, let me check20:41
b0n0r0kk3rz: steeeve?20:41
b0n0But i havent used that nick for months20:42
r0kk3rzid remember steeeeeve20:43
b0n0Ah, rip steeeeeeeve20:43
b0n0Anyway, my port is in my github, so, it's impossible to not finding it since im the only guy that keeps a5 alive20:44
b0n0mal: yes i have it20:44
malb0n0: just to be sure, what did you rebuild for the new release?20:45
r0kk3rzb0n0: is a build somewhere though?20:46
b0n0mal: the same things i used to build in the past versions. I just run the same script every time i want to build sailfish20:47
b0n0r0kk3rz: yes, it's a build: sailfish and lineage 14 zip20:47
r0kk3rzb0n0: where?20:49
b0n0I think i will never push them to obs :/20:50
r0kk3rzyou should20:50
malmakes life much easier20:51
b0n0Obs building is impossssible20:51
malit's very simple20:51
r0kk3rzits really not20:51
r0kk3rzunless you've done nasty things :)20:52
b0n0I have a lot of nasty things20:52
b0n0Some patches20:52
malto which packages?20:52
b0n0Ofono and something else i think20:53
b0n0Need to check20:53
malwhat doesn't prevent using OBS20:53
malb0n0: with OBS you would be able to do OTA updates, not sure how many users your port has20:54
malbut would be nicer for users20:54
r0kk3rzno you can point things to your fork on OBS if you really need to20:54
b0n0mal: not many i think lol20:55
malbut doesn't matter, it's also easier for you to update20:55
b0n0In the past i tried that, then i filed20:56
b0n0Didnt remember why20:56
malyou don't have the configs in your repo for updating kernel for example20:57
maland updating requires OBS build probably20:58
b0n0Yes, i know that obs is better but when i tried it i failed20:58
b0n0I just dont remember why :/20:58
b0n0Maybe because patches are not allowed?20:59
malthere seems to be repo for you there already, you can always ask help debugging what went wrong20:59
b0n0Yes i created the test repo21:00
malb0n0: I still don't understand what patches you mean, if you have some patches package you can build it on OBS21:00
r0kk3rzyour obs repo has nothing in it21:00
b0n0It's the patch from the s7 guy to make ril working on hardware/samsung librils21:01
b0n0r0kk3rz: yeeeah21:01
malb0n0: that is not a problem, you just fork the ofono repo, apply that patch and build on OBS21:02
b0n0But then, id have to update my ofono fork. Cant that commit just be applied? I dont think it affects other devices21:03
b0n0In upstream21:03
malb0n0: has the person who made the patch asked for upstreaming?21:04
malthat needs some conditions to prevent it from being used on all devices, some config flag to enable it21:05
b0n0I dont know if he asked that21:05
b0n0I just saw&picked21:06
r0kk3rzupdating the ofono fork would be much like updating everything else21:08
r0kk3rzpull the new code, wait for obs to churn21:09
b0n0There's a flag that if is set in boardconfig, it will build samsung ril. So, it can be done something similar to the qcom bsp flag21:11
malb0n0: anyway the patch is so simple that it's probably possible to get it in to ofono as a quirk21:15
r0kk3rzb0n0: is it the 2017 A5?21:16
r0kk3rzthese guys were looking for a port -
r0kk3rzah its the 2015 one, i wonder what the difference is21:19
b0n0The difference is so big that's theyre completely different phones :P21:20
r0kk3rzyes, i realised21:22

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