Tuesday, 2018-10-30

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vknechtso I have a hall/lid sensor on /dev/input/event8 : https://pastebin.com/kB7rM56w ... howto instruct MCE to use it ?16:20
vknechtSW_LID mapping doesn't seem appropriate, since there are two different keys16:20
vknecht(and doesn't seem to work, using KEY_00fb)16:20
vknechtI see lidsensoradaptor-evdev in https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/sensorfw/blob/master/config/sensord-ubuntu.conf but not sure it's right or how to configure it16:21
* vknecht tentatively pings spiiroin :)16:25
spiiroinvknecht: so, you get "KEY_00fb" press + release on lid close, and KEY_WEIBO press + release on lid open? which would be yet another novel approach probably requiring some code changes ...17:38
vknechtspiiroin, yes it seems so ; I was reading https://github.com/vknecht/android_kernel_alcatel_msm8916/blob/hybris-14.1/drivers/input/keyboard/gpio_keys.c wondering if I could inject SW_LID in there17:42
vknechtbut maybe better to manage that in MCE ?17:42
spiiroinvknecht: unless the driver is doing something odd, it probably would be easier to tweak it to use SW_LID than trying to make mce understand a bit odd convention17:54
spiiroinI can take a peek at it a bit later17:55
spiiroinvknecht: not as simple as I hoped, but.. the keycodes used in kernel are KEY_UNLOCK_COVER & KEY_LOCK_LED_COVER18:10
spiiroinadded to input device capabilities around line 720, and the key-press + release is around line 40918:11
spiiroinminimal but a bit dirty solution might be to replace the two input_set_capability(input, EV_KEY, ...) calls with single input_set_capability(input, EV_SW, SW_LID)18:16
spiiroinand the input_event + input_sync + input_event triplet with input_event(input, EV_SW, SW_LID, (hall_key == KEY_LOCK_LED_COVER))18:17
spiiroinpulled out of hat and untested etc ;-)18:19
taixzomal: any news on matissewifi?18:29
maltaixzo: nope, I have been trying to rest a bit18:42
maltaixzo: maybe I should just give you some image because otherwise it might take forever before I'm satisfied it's good enough18:48
r0kk3rzjust send it already :P18:49
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taixzomal: I would be fine with that - I don't need perfection, just good enough for me to test my app on it19:20
maltaixzo: well the problem I have is the UI scaling, I find everything a bit too large so it might affect app testing19:29
malone of the reasons for problems is the quite low resolution compared to the display size19:33
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piggzmal: Nokius_: Amazfish is now abstracted away from the Bip....feel free to contribute new devices! https://github.com/piggz/harbour-amazfish/commit/7546f9ad1c4e0a383c65b2d5545087205ea9f52622:44
malpiggz: nice work22:45
malhopefully I'll have some time to investigate my watch again22:46
piggzmal: more to to, as always, but there are interfaces to implement, and the gui shouldnt depend on the device22:46
piggznew devices in here ps :) https://github.com/piggz/harbour-amazfish/tree/master/src/devices22:47
piggzmal: does sfos3 hel your pairing?22:49
piggznewer kernel on X?22:50
malI doubt the issue is kernel, I think it's just some stupid security feature of the watch22:52
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