Tuesday, 2018-11-13

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akhil_surabhisensorfwd.service crashes because of an symbol lookup error02:59
akhil_surabhi"/usr/lib/sensord-qt5/libhybrisalsadaptor-qt5.so: undefined symbol: _ZN21SensorFrameworkConfig13configurationEv03:02
akhil_surabhimal: ^^03:02
T4<Donreddy> Hey how about oneplus3 ..is that stable 3.0?03:41
T4<adampigg> mal, thx07:11
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, gr8 workflow now...in ide,alt-tab to terminal, switch tabs between src and build dirs07:58
akhil_surabhidroid-camres is unable to determine video resolutions for both primary and secondary cameras08:03
akhil_surabhiCan someone please help?08:03
akhil_surabhiIt says @privideores@, @secvideores@, @privideofps@ and @secvideores@08:05
akhil_surabhiImage resolutions are fine08:05
rubdosTheKit: updating to OTA right now, thanks for the update :-)08:41
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r0kk3rz@adampigg you use tide?09:02
ghosalmartinmorning, has anyone attempt kernel 4.4 on the X yet09:27
malakhil_surabhi: build one commit older sensorfw09:28
ghosalmartinor 4.9 it seems09:28
malakhil_surabhi: like here https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file/nemo:devel:hw:fairphone:fp2-sibon/sensorfw-qt5-hybris/_service?expand=109:29
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: should work, presumably the xa2 works09:29
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, well ive put my X to one side as daily driver to give it a shot09:30
r0kk3rzyeah, i wonder if jolla will release an updated image09:30
r0kk3rzit'll work with the new AD then, and maybe work slightly better on the BT side of things09:30
akhil_surabhimal: I've compiled with that commit and it's working, thank you09:30
ghosalmartintbh ive never had problems with BT on X, AD though seems like the big issue imo09:31
akhil_surabhiMal: do you know why droid-camres is unable to find video resolutions?09:31
r0kk3rzthey can probably excuse not updating the j1/jc/tbj, but the X isnt that old...09:32
ghosalmartinhow long has X been out now?09:34
r0kk3rzthe device or or port?09:34
r0kk3rzabout a year for the port i think09:34
ghosalmartinwell am more hoping migrating to a newer kernel would aid anbox09:34
r0kk3rznot sure that ould help09:35
T4<adampigg> R0kk3rz, yep09:45
TheKitjusa, once you have some time, could you please check http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2018-10-07.log.html#t2018-10-07T09:55:42?11:05
jusaTheKit: hmm, which device did you use?11:07
TheKitXiaomi Redmi Note 2 (MT6795, a bit older than Gemini MT6797)11:07
jusaTheKit: ok.. you had some debugging logs in pastebin there which has expired, do you still have that data laying around?11:08
TheKithttps://bpaste.net/show/4807e11d6a65 - was something like this, I checked differences in msecs between each call11:10
TheKitthe fix for me was to avoid buffer_time sleep in droid-sink11:12
jusaTheKit: ok.. I'll take a look at some point11:13
TheKitthank you11:16
_svenmal: thanks, that helps.13:07
steeevelbt:  please, the testing repo please13:11
r0kk3rzbe more specific13:12
steeeveSamsung a5ultexx13:12
steeeveThat thing for ota13:12
r0kk3rzwas that so hard?13:13
r0kk3rzwell, maybe people wont bother playing 20 questions to figure out what you need :P13:21
steeeveIve already said it yesterday, it has no sense to specify it again13:22
r0kk3rzlol. really? someone has to find the first time you ask to a thing to get all the information?13:23
steeeveNo, but he would remember it. It was just a day ago13:23
malsteeeve: https://build.merproject.org/project/show/nemo:testing:hw:samsung:a5ultexx13:25
steeevemal: you have the permissions to create it?13:26
steeeveAww, thanks •_•13:27
steeeveSo r0kk3rz you also have those permissions...13:33
r0kk3rzi dont13:36
steeeveOk then13:37
steeeveNo blame for you :P13:37
r0kk3rznot that id help you anyway13:37
steeeveIn repo architecture list theres no armv7hl. Which one do i choose, then?13:41
steeeveArmv8el okok13:42
steeeeevewhy promote.py script gives this error: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/dLJRBN9WVD1yB62WkEYx/ ?13:52
steeeeeveproblem of my python?13:52
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Mister_MagisterT4 seems to die daily14:03
lbtsteeeeeve: if you want me to interrupt my work and spend a little time doing something for you then I'd ask you to please have the courtesy to make my life easy :)  OBS projects have clear and disctinct names like nemo:devel:hw:*:*   I would appreciate if you would use them.  Thanks14:10
steeeeeveyeah yeah, nvm, got it14:11
steeeeevei needed to install osc to fix that14:17
steeeeevenow it says Server returned an error: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized. username and password in oscrc are my obs ones14:19
steeeeevegot it WOW14:24
steeeeevei built a zip with testing and modified ks. now what to do?15:11
T4<adampigg> post it online and say pl16:29
T4<adampigg> plz use my sfos build16:29
steeeeeveno plz; 'USE IT NOW!'16:31
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, literm looses points for still messing up the cursor position16:44
r0kk3rzso long as it doesnt lose points thats fine16:44
steeeeeveso, now, everytime i rebuild packages on obs i can install them via ota?16:44
r0kk3rzloose points are ok16:45
T4<meierrom> Mal: Jolla informed in Berlin that you are now working for them. Does this mean that you can't contribute here as you have done in the past and now? In fact, I wasn't happy to hear this at all, because this group need you. :(16:48
T4<adampigg> youll lose points in a minute....hhave u seen my zx spectrum style keyboard??16:48
r0kk3rzi have yeah16:48
r0kk3rzlooks cool16:48
T4<adampigg> it is aye...but typing isnt always perfect, i often in / instead of space for example16:51
T4<adampigg> now fix the cursor position pls16:51
T4<adampigg> s/in/hit16:51
T4<adampigg> btw taskswitcher can reboot and restart lipstick now16:52
steeeeevehttps://paste.pound-python.org/show/AaLi7q5i76IfTkVEIjmn/ is this ks good for a final release that support OTAs?16:57
steeeeevewithout droid-local-repo line17:00
steeeeeveno wait17:02
malwrong path, should be testing not devel17:02
malalso you haven't yet even built anything in testing17:03
malthe build target is missing17:03
steeeeeveyes i saw17:03
steeeeevedo i have to readd the patterns since it didnt get copied by the script?17:03
steeeeevei mean, to manually add them17:04
malpatterns are automatically generated, you need to ask for those to be enabled17:06
steeeeeveautomatically generated??17:06
steeeeevenot the ones in my droid-configs?17:06
mali was talking about the _patterns in OBS17:07
steeeeeveyes, me too17:07
malwhich are the processed patterns used by mic build17:07
steeeeevein devel i manually uploaded the ones from droid-config17:08
maltat's not how it works17:08
steeeeevedo i have to remove those, them?17:08
malyes, and ask lbt to patternize your OBS projects, remember to tell which projects17:08
steeeeevelbt: i dont want you to suspend your work but can you patternize nemo:devel:hw:samsung:a5ultexx and nemo:testing:hw:samsung:a5ultexx ?17:10
malsteeeeeve: your devel project was already patternized17:11
steeeeeveah, yes17:11
malsteeeeeve: I triggered a rebuild of config repo in devel so those are regenerated17:12
steeeeeveoh, ok thanks17:12
mal@meierrom we'll see what happens17:12
malsteeeeeve: patterns are now back in devel repo17:18
lbtsteeeeeve: done. ty for the full project name17:19
lbtmal: is there any progress on using meta packages instead of patterns? or are you waiting for jolla's lead on that side?17:20
steeevelbt: no problem <317:20
steeeveIs there a button somewhere to re/build everything17:21
mallbt: actually we haven't discussed that, probably would be a good idea, need to figure out how mic would like that17:21
lbtmic should be fine - it's just using a dependency set as another way of specifying a package group17:22
mallbt: I'll see how much changes config repo would need17:23
steeeeevein adaptation-community-common-a5ultexx i add the devel or testing url?17:42
r0kk3rzlbt: does jolla do this with config repos internally?17:42
r0kk3rzit'd be nice to know how its structured17:42
r0kk3rzmal: i recon we just parse the pattern files in the .inc and include the packages as Requires:17:46
lbtyeah - I've not looked at this internally for a while. We've agreed that it makes sense but it's just not been done yet AFAIK17:47
r0kk3rzok, so some hacking required then17:47
lbtr0kk3rz: yep - it's basically trivial - need a sensible naming scheme for the rpms17:47
lbthopefully not using the word 'pattern' since that's not english for "group" or "collection" which is more what they are ;)17:48
malr0kk3rz: yes, basically just parsing the patterns in inc and creating a dummy dependency package with those as dependencies17:48
mallbt: does it even need more than one package?17:50
lbtthere's a hierarchy and they're used for features iirc17:50
malor course the current pattern files could be separate packages17:50
lbtI would do a 1:1 translation, yes17:51
r0kk3rzlbt: lots of metapackages jollaside start with 'pattern' btw17:51
lbtI should look17:52
mallbt: for example https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-configs/blob/master/patterns/templates/jolla-configuration-%40DEVICE%40.yaml#L617:52
r0kk3rzso yeah, parsing those pattern files into .spec files doesnt sound super hard17:53
steeeeeveto me it sounds impossible17:55
Mister_Magistermal:  laughing omg what a rare thing17:55
Mister_Magistermal: btw gotta second? https://susepaste.org/7201409517:55
steeeeevewrong patterns17:58
malhave you updated sdk?17:58
steeeeevethen i dont know17:58
Mister_Magistermal: i have built all images with this sdk17:58
Mister_Magisterevery single one of them are working17:58
Mister_Magisterbut this build just wont work17:58
malso previos 3.0 images built fine?17:58
Mister_Magisterill try updating maybe the changed something18:00
r0kk3rzwell that looks happy18:00
Mister_Magistermal: well trying to build image for device i already built for aaaaand… not working18:01
r0kk3rzclear the package cache18:02
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: oh how? im updating sfossdk now tho18:02
Mister_Magisterhow do ya clean that cache18:02
r0kk3rzumm, some zypper command probably18:03
Mister_Magister /srv/mer/sdks/sfossdk/var/tmp/ is 2.6GB18:04
Mister_Magister /srv/mer/sdks/sfossdk/var/tmp/mic/cache/ to be exact18:05
r0kk3rzyeah maybe that18:05
Mister_Magister100Mb/s on vps is nice18:06
r0kk3rzmal: on second thought its probably best to completely replace the pattern .yamls with .specs18:08
Mister_Magisterclearing cache didnt help so lemme update sdk18:09
r0kk3rzso it redownloaded all the packages and they still wont install, nice18:09
Mister_Magistermal: even updating sdk didnt help18:23
r0kk3rzreboot the vps18:24
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: thats good idea (seriously)18:24
Mister_Magisteryes i have znc on this vps18:26
steeeeevehow to test otas?18:28
Mister_Magisterjust do ota18:29
r0kk3rzyeah those things you do, you do them18:30
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: thank you for saving my day18:30
r0kk3rzdid that work?18:30
Mister_Magisterin past i had problem with sdk too updating reinstalling didnt help18:31
r0kk3rzwelp, its fixed anyway18:31
Mister_Magisterbut reboot did18:31
Mister_Magisterso i was like "im going for it"18:31
Mister_Magisterweird things happen18:31
steeeeevei did the droid-hal-a5ultexx rebuilding but if i look for updates it says system is up to date18:31
steeeeeveinstead of installing the new one18:31
Mister_Magisterinstall older version of sfos18:33
Mister_Magisterdo ota to latest18:33
steeeeevei cant18:33
steeeeevei still have 2.2 but it doesnt support otas18:33
Mister_Magisterexcuse me wtf18:34
Mister_Magisteri was doing ota since 1.9 or so18:34
r0kk3rzsteeeeeve: you dont really want to test 'otas', what you want to test is the kernel flashingz18:34
Mister_Magistercause otas will work18:34
Mister_Magisterits so much bare metal that it cant not work18:34
steeeeever0kk3rz: how can i do that if when i rebuild packages on obs it doesnt even notify me to install the new one?18:35
r0kk3rzsteeeeeve: it wont notify you, thats not how it works18:35
steeeeevei go in updates tab in settings18:35
steeeeeveand it says system is up to date18:35
r0kk3rzyeah, no18:36
r0kk3rzignore that18:36
r0kk3rzbecause, it doesnt work that way18:36
Mister_Magistersomebody hold me18:36
r0kk3rzand thats the way it is18:36
steeeeevehow it should work,then?18:36
Mister_Magistersteeeeeve: read18:36
Mister_Magisterits written how to do otas18:36
r0kk3rzhave you tried the instructions?18:36
Mister_Magisterin hadk-faq18:36
Mister_Magisterif you tired doing ota from instructions then why are you asking for instructions18:37
steeeeevethen i dont get the point18:37
steeeeevei built the zip from testing18:37
Mister_Magisterread instructions18:38
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: im supporting moto g2 since over 3 years whew18:38
r0kk3rzwhaaat, have you been in here that long now?18:38
steeeeeveit says to make install instructions18:38
steeeeevethen nothing18:39
steeeeeveend of the article :/18:39
Mister_Magisterwhat are you reading18:39
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: crazy huh18:39
r0kk3rzsteeeeeve: ok so, this will blow your mind right, its just a package repository, so you refresh the repository and install stuff from it18:39
Mister_Magisteri thought 2 years at max18:39
r0kk3rzusing zypper or pkcon18:40
steeeeeve Over-the-Air updates (OTA) section18:40
kimmoliMister_Magister was here before he learned english...18:40
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: tru18:40
steeeeever0kk3rz: aahhh, you have to do it manually,then, right?18:40
Mister_Magisteri learned english thanks to this chat18:40
Mister_Magistersteeeeeve: obviously18:40
steeeeeveand whats the page in settings for?18:41
Mister_Magisterofficial devices18:41
steeeeeveseems legit18:41
r0kk3rzproper otas, not the hacky things we do :)18:41
steeeeevewe are professional!18:41
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: you remember that, im suprised18:41
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: i lately was trying to fix proximity sensor freezing on moto g2 but it just wont break :C18:42
kimmoliMister_Magister: how can i forget? every noob here reminds me about you bloating the channel :P18:48
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: oh srlsy? xD were i this bad?18:48
Mister_Magistermoto g2 lte aint getting update18:49
Mister_Magisterxda first throwed 432 error then 500ise18:49
steeeeeveotas work19:02
steeeeeveit's funny that you can modify this page https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris and do whatever you want with it19:05
Mister_Magistersteeeeeve: a bit19:07
steeeeevehow can i create a page like this https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/Install_SailfishOS_for_mako ?19:26
T4<VeryOriginalUsername> has anyone made a 3.x port for hammerhead so far?19:27
piggz_kimmoli: did you try any camera stuff?19:28
kimmolinope. too busy.19:28
Thaodanspiiroin: Are there any plans to open the sailfish-fpd api?19:59
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vknechtI made this service to detect dualsim variant and copy specific hw-settings.ini & ril_subscription.conf if need be, however it takes an additional reboot to be taken in account...20:21
vknechtand if when I add "Before=mce.service" and linking it to basic target, there are problems20:22
vknechtwhat would be the ideal "Before" and target.wants ?20:23
r0kk3rzvknecht: you dont need to manually do ril_subscription.conf like that20:24
r0kk3rzcheck out the f5121 repo20:24
r0kk3rzactually if you leave it configured for dualsim, ofono will ignore the second one when its 'missing'20:25
vknechtah, that's cool ; the comments made me think the second subscription should not be enabled20:27
r0kk3rzthat used to be the case, now ofono is a litle more forgiving20:27
vknechtproblem remain for hw-settings.ini with ModemCount ; dualsim has 2 modems, and no sdcard20:28
r0kk3rzyou can do it at build time, but then you need separate images20:28
vknechtthat's what I want to avoid :) especially since it sorta works, after a reboot20:29
r0kk3rzyeah you dont really need to do it every boot tbh20:29
vknecht(ota seems to break it for now)20:29
vknechta dotfile is written and checked ; maybe there's a only-once-after-install type of service ?20:30
r0kk3rzi think oneshot is for things like that20:30
r0kk3rzyeah sounds like what you want https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/oneshot20:35
vknechtso with this, no more service, I directly create a symlink to dualsim-detect.sh in sparse/etc/oneshot.d/0/ ? Hopefuly it's executed before mce or any other component using hw-settings.ini ?20:41
mautzoneabranson: Hi, did you ever got video recording working on a cm13 based port?20:43
vknechtr0kk3rz, thanks, I'll look into that after some more service ordering fiddlings20:53
abransonmautzone: not sure. think so?20:58
r0kk3rzpretty sure so21:00
mautzoner0kk3rz: Do you know a port?21:01
abransonwas that the one that needed all the security stuff rolling back?21:01
r0kk3rzxperia x comes to mind21:01
mautzoneabranson: Yes, i think so.21:02
abransonwhat do you get? green?21:02
mautzoneabranson: Camera app crashes when trying to record a video.21:03
abransonhmm not quite the same, but maybe the same problem21:03
mautzoneabranson: I think you once told me i should revert some IOMX regarding commits...something like mal did here:https://github.com/mlehtima/android_frameworks_av/commits/hybris-fp2-m-sibon21:03
abransonso yes, should work but you might need to roll back some stuff. check the frameworks/av commits for the f5121 on github21:03
abransonyes that's it - metadata spoofing21:04
mautzoneThese? https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_frameworks_av/commits/sony-aosp-6.0.1_r80-2017090221:05
malmautzone: did you try reverting those already?21:06
abransonshould be the same as mal's there21:06
Mister_Magisterabranson: hi i wanted to ask about video recording. im getting green screen on recorded video (its playing so its not only one frame) and i cant see obvious error in journal21:08
mautzonemal: Yes, cloned the hybris-13.0 branch, but i only could revert 4 commits the others don't exist. https://github.com/mautz-kernel/android_frameworks_av/commits/hybris-13.021:08
mautzoneabranson: Did that already, could only find 4 commits in hybris-13.0, the other ones do not exist. Camera still crashes.21:10
abransonMister_Magister: is that in hybris-13 too? because that sounds the same as i got for the sony before those reverts. but iirc you already tried that.21:10
Mister_Magisteri mean what reverts21:11
abransonmautzone: might be a new problem you're both getting then.21:11
abransonMister_Magister: see the links above21:11
Mister_Magisterabranson: i probably didnt21:11
Mister_Magister i can't remember them21:12
abransonMister_Magister: oh well give that a go then. can't guarantee it'll work but it's worth a try21:12
mautzoneabranson: Don't know, since video recording never worked...but haven't asked you for a year if there was any progress :D21:12
Mister_Magisterabranson: surelyh21:12
abransonmautzone: well since the f5121 started working i don't think much has been done on android621:12
abransonit's all be 7 & 8 since then21:13
mautzoneabranson: After reverting the commits in frameworks/av, i recompile hybris-hal, build packages and create a new image, right?21:13
abransonhmm not sure - these libs are loaded from /system21:14
abransonfor us it's the droid-system that gets updated. not sure if it's the same for ports21:14
mautzonemal: What do i do after reverting the commits in frameworks/av? Recompile hybris-hal and rebuild packages?21:15
Mister_Magisterabranson: everything patched nicely lets try it21:15
Mister_Magisterabranson: frameworks-av is built using droid-hal or droidmedia?21:15
mautzoneMister_Magister: Would you show me the reverts you made? Think we have the same problem.21:16
Mister_Magistermautzone: i just got patch from commits and applied them21:16
Mister_Magisterno philosophy in that21:16
mautzoneMister_Magister: Which commits?21:17
Mister_Magisterlatest 421:17
Mister_Magisterwhats hard in that21:17
malmautzone: rebuilding hybris-hal and build packages should be enough I think21:17
mautzonemal: Ok, did that, but no success with video recording.21:18
Mister_Magisterabranson: which one should i build?21:19
malsame error is logs?21:19
abransonMister_Magister: not sure - whichever one gives you the stagefright libs in /system.21:20
steeeveWhat stg plugin is needed to watch youtube streams?21:20
Mister_Magisterabranson: gotcha21:20
abransonin fact to test you can just build those libs and copy them over21:21
Mister_Magisterohhh my xeon finally have something to do21:21
Mister_Magisterabranson: which libs?21:21
mautzonemal: Wait a moment, have to reboot.21:21
mautzoneMister_Magister: Those were the commits i did, but no succes with video recording.21:22
malsteeeve: what do you mean? have you built droidmedia, gst-droid and stuff?21:22
steeevemal: yes, it's just youtube lives that complain about a missing gstreamer plugin21:23
Mister_Magisterabranson: is libstagefright_foundation.so lib you wanted?21:23
maldo videos work in gallery app?21:23
steeeveJust youtube lives. Youtube videos play as well21:24
malmaybe those are some different format, not sure what21:24
abransonMister_Magister: hmm, thinking about it maybe the video recording would need more. best do it all.21:24
malI noticed the same on fp221:24
Mister_Magisterabranson: still dunno which one ya need so maybe ill just build droidmedia? droidmedia should be all i need right?21:25
abransonsteeeve: oh that's interesting. maybe the live ones use a different codec21:25
abransonMister_Magister: no not droidmedia. android ones21:25
steeeveYeah, probably that21:25
Mister_Magisterabranson: whaty21:25
abransonhow do you build the /system libs now?21:26
malabranson: seem to use, I tried playing the sailfish release event stream when it was happening and it failed on fp221:26
Mister_Magisterabranson: now im lost in what i should build21:26
malsteeeve: try to get from logs what format the video is21:26
abransonMister_Magister: droid-system?21:26
steeeveHtml/text from what i remember, but ill get them in a minute21:26
Mister_Magistermal: maybe you have idea what abranson wants?21:27
malMister_Magister: what are you even talking about?21:27
malI haven't followed the discussion21:27
mautzonemal: This the output of 'logcat | grep camera' https://pastebin.com/rYxSEVmN21:27
Mister_Magistermal: i made changed to frameworks-av and now want to get changes onto device to fix video recording21:27
Mister_Magisterand we are wondering what should i build to get those frameworks-av21:27
Mister_Magisterdroidmedia is okay or i need hybris-hal?21:28
malI built all21:28
Mister_Magisteryes sir21:28
malmautzone: actually did you build also droidmedia again, I was thinking that maybe hybris-hal doesn't depend on the changed files21:29
mautzonemal: Sorry, the log was truncated...here is the complete: https://dpaste.de/e8Su/raw21:29
mautzonemal: No, i did not rebuild droidmedia, will give it a try.21:30
Steeeveeemal: text/html confirmed21:31
malI doubt that21:31
Steeeveeeit says that21:32
Steeeveeeno decode available for text/html21:33
Steeeveeefor type*21:33
malvery odd21:34
Steeeveeeyeeeah indeed21:34
mautzonemal: Rebuilding droidmedia didn't change anything, even the logs look the same.21:51
* Mister_Magister sweating noises phone is not booting21:52
* Mister_Magister oh it booted21:53
Mister_Magisterabranson:  sadly it didnt help :C21:54
Mister_Magisteri can hear but i can see only green21:54
mautzoneMister_Magister: Are you also on cm13 base?21:55

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