Saturday, 2018-11-17

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steeeveAnyone knows how to install that text/html decoder if it can be installed? I need lives ._.18:00
malsteeeve: to me that sounds like the browser doesn't know how to handle something and reports wrong things18:06
steeevemal: its not only sf browser18:07
steeeveIt happens with youtube clients as well18:07
T4<akaWolf> Btw, what is hwcomposer plugin for?18:08
T4<akaWolf> Is it used somewhere?18:08
malof course it is, that is the component that uses android API for graphics18:09
T4<akaWolf> At my Xperia X lipstick uses wayland plugin18:10
T4<akaWolf> Also there is surface flinget plugin18:15
T4<akaWolf> r18:15
malxperia x uses the hwcomposer plugin18:19
T4<akaWolf> For what?20:04
malI told already20:05
T4<akaWolf> Can you describe stack?20:08
malthat has some description20:13
T4<akaWolf> Yeah, I saw, this is qpa plugin, but what I have at my phone is set env var for using wayland plugin, not hwcomposer (as it would be for use that plugin)20:17
malit uses both at different levels20:37
malthe wayland part is in libhybris20:37
T4<akaWolf> If it used somewhere, there should be setting qt qpa platform env var or pass platform parameter. Where is it?20:46
T4<akaWolf> I guess it should be in some init scripts?20:47
T4<NotKit> which is sourced by lipstick init script20:48
T4<akaWolf> I will check, thanks20:49
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piggzmal: qtmm and new piggz-o-vision almost ready20:57
malpiggz: cool21:15
piggzmal: is red-eye-reduction a flash mode in android?21:21
piggzmal: think its a bug in gst-droid ... red-eye is a gst flash mode, but on my device, there is a seperate property for red-eye, which isnt set by gst-droid21:31
malpiggz: yep, should we have it separately or add a quirk to actually set the separate value when that is selected21:46
piggzmal: well, both Qt and GST treat it as a flash mode, so could handle it transparently in gst-droid21:47
piggzmal: something around21:47
piggzshould do it21:48
malpiggz: more like here
piggzso, does red-eye reduction work in any device?21:53
malpiggz: I also have it as separate entry21:53
piggzwell, i will finish up thia stuff before tackling that...21:54
piggzflipping qt creator has made a bunch of white space changes to qtmm22:27

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