Sunday, 2018-11-18

Umeaboysledges: Any chance of getting a hybris-14.1 branch here: ?00:41
malUmeaboy: I created the branch00:56
Umeaboymal: Why does the HADK need to jump so much back and forth between pages? It's really confusing.02:41
UmeaboyThere should be one version that just present each line to you and one that doesn't.02:43
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UmeaboyI hope my thought makes sense.02:53
UmeaboyAt the 4th chapter the 2nd part of it tells you to go to Instructions are found on Sailfish OS wiki: and that's fine, but on that page you're presented with a whole lot more commands than needed for the HADK in order to proceed.02:56
UmeaboyYes, you choose one of them, but how do you from that page know which one to pick?02:56
UmeaboyAnd that page doesn't link you back to the 4th chapter and it's 2nd part anywhere on it.02:58
UmeaboyGotta sleep.03:33
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piggzmal: resolved all white-space changes in
riniguskimmoli: how is it going? do I understand correctly that we just need to add to testing and we are done? or are we expected to recompile droid-hal packages?10:18
steeeve_sailfish logo is protected by copyright?10:42
r0kk3rzwould be12:23
mal@adampigg not sure if it's just fp2 but randomly after starting advanced camera after reboot it fails and second attempt causes the device to reboot13:44
mal@adampigg but otherwise all features seem to work nicely13:48
kimmolirinigus: zarro progress13:57
riniguskimmoli: np. should we just add new target for testing and check it out using OTA? I expect that we don't need to recompile droid-hal bits. or am I wrong?13:59
kimmoliiirc no droid changes, until piggx is ready14:01
malthere shouldn't be any need for droid-hal rebuild14:02
rinigusexcellent. then we should be in a clear and its easy to test using testing.14:03
malhmm, except depends on which gst-droid version you want to use, droidmedia needs update for latest14:05
mallooks like onyx has already quite new droidmedia14:07
rinigusmal: we just miss media.metrics commit from oct 1014:10
malrinigus: not sure what needs that change14:11
rinigusmal & kimmoli: I'd suggest to go for lazy solution and skip droidmedia update for now. we can catch it in the later releases14:12
kimmolii made some early test build with piggz changes, but that is in my home:onyxtesting tjs14:12
kimmolirinigus: ack14:13
malrinigus: I have the same droidmedia on fp2 as you now have on onyx14:13
riniguskimmoli: so, how is it with piggz changes? I presume these need to be tested more before releasing14:16
malrinigus: better not to add those to this release14:16
kimmoliyeah, we can do that later14:16
rinigusmal: sounds encouraging. kimmoli, ack -> ok regarding target? if ok, do you add or should I do it?14:16
kimmolii can do, just got home14:17
malrinigus: I have one release newer gst-droid on fp214:18
malnot a big difference14:19
rinigusmal: that one is simple to bump. kimmoli, let me merge some updates to gst-droid14:21
riniguskimmoli: gst-droid updated, branch onyx_3.0.0.8 with the release published. I am not touching devel (that one has your branch active) nor testing (you told me not to touch it earlier).14:27
riniguskimmoli: but otherwise, all should be ready14:27
kimmolidevel gst-droid seems to have some POV related14:28
riniguskimmoli: thank you!14:32
kimmolithen retrigger ci and we should have image :)14:33
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kimmolici build complete14:57
riniguskimmoli: started with OTA, not image15:05
riniguskimmoli: not good. all sensors failed, as tested by csd and own experience (light, proximity, gyro, and compass)17:24
riniguskimmoli: it may have something to do with "sensorfwd[2765]: /usr/sbin/sensorfwd: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/sensord-qt5/ undefined symbol: _ZN21SensorFrameworkConfig13configurationEv"17:39
vknechtrinigus, might want to change sensorfw-qt5-hybris _service file to get revision 7af22d7d77a8c9aca2bd8029a5337e4428ab523917:41
rinigusvknecht: thank you, will check17:41
rinigusvknecht: that worked. so, libhybris has not been bumped to provide that symbol? how did it managed to link then? sensors are back, btw17:53
riniguskimmoli: you would probably want to rebuild the image17:54
kimmolidid you rebuild testing:?17:55
riniguskimmoli: yes, I did. it just rebuilt sensorfw and version packages17:55
riniguskimmoli: disabled back, as they weer17:56
kimmoliok, i'll retrigger CI17:56
vknechtnot sure if it has to do with libhybris, afaik this rev is just before the symbol name change ; mainly took inspiration from logz and fp2 repo ;-)17:59
rinigusvknecht: and it helped!18:01
vknechtyou're welcome :)18:01
vknechtrinigus, btw just discovered systemdatascope, quite nice, I appreciate all the suspend stats18:03
malrinigus: too new sensorfw in adaptation, check my OBS for proper commit18:03
malah, you got that already18:03
vknechtbut it seems it's missing a dependency in
rinigusvknecht: :) wrote it to debug sleep states and then the rest followed. what's missing dependency?18:06
vknechtit's a python dependency, have to check log for details I guess18:07
rinigusvknecht: that's regarding systemdatascope, right? it may miss few things...18:09
vknechtrinigus, yes18:12
T4<Donreddy> Hi, how to install sailfish in op3 to download18:27
T4<Donreddy> Plz guide18:27
piggzmal: r0kk3rz: would nexus 9 be a wothwhile port device?
piggzim afraid my tbj is dead :(((((((((((((((((((19:46
malpiggz: what happened to it?19:47
piggzmal: the USB port failed ... so I tried to repair it and made it worse ... 2 pads lifted in the de-solder process and I dont think i can fix it19:47
piggzit was getting very bad at charging, the internal of the port was broken19:48
piggzim gutted19:48
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piggzMister_Magister: is your flo port up to date?20:56
Mister_Magisterpiggz: pretty out of date20:56
Mister_Magister1 with every update it started to work worse and worse 2 my sesors and touch are drunk 3 would like to update base but wifi is now working and nobody knows how to fix it20:57
Mister_Magisterill resume it when i get fresh device20:57
Mister_Magisterwhich will not happen any soon20:57
Mister_Magisterany time*20:58
Mister_Magisterwho even uses tablet these days20:58
piggzgenerally, or that tablet?20:59
piggzi use tablet daily ... but my jolla one is bust now ... but i have a n7 on charge20:59
piggzwondering if i should buy aigo tablet, or port Nexus 921:00
Mister_Magisterpiggz: updating n7 is piece of cace21:00
piggzideally, id want one the same dimensions as tbj21:00
piggzkrnlyng: does hybrs work on tegrak k1?21:43
T4<Zosenko> Hi everybody, one qestion, which cloud is the best choice22:45
T4<Zosenko> Hi everybody, one question, which cloud for a contacts and photos is a best choice on Sailfish3?22:46
steeeveGoogle drive22:48
T4<Zosenko> Google drive on SFOS3?22:51
T4<Zosenko> Please not a Google or iCloud or Microsoft Onedrive...22:53
steeeveGoogle is always your best friend (:23:01

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