Friday, 2018-12-14

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NeoChapayr0kk3rz: about what ?06:52
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piggzyay, thats easier, with some aliasing, and symlinks, I can now type08:47
piggzsfossdk-latte or afossdk-mido and have the correct env08:47
T4<eugenio_g7> Great!08:47
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 what is with all the kernel config changes you made ... there seems to be a lot more than just sfos changes ?09:17
T4<adampigg> also, i think it is missing sysvipc09:17
T4<eugenio_g7> Yup that config is a bit of a mess, I should review it thoroughly (as written in the commit subject :D). Hopefully I'll be able to do so in the coming days!09:24
T4<eugenio_g7> Most of the difference comes from the cm12 -> los13 switch, I just picked up the old config I had on cm1209:26
T4<eugenio_g7> The unhelpful commit history on the kernel tree we use doesn't help, big commits that modify everything including unrelated items in the config :D09:28
r0kk3rzNeoChapay: you were building nemo images from .ks right?11:59
NeoChapayr0kk3rz: in sailfish sdk now12:05
r0kk3rzmer platform sdk you mean12:10
r0kk3rzNeoChapay: we could get it going on the gitlab if you wanted12:12
T4<akaWolf> here?12:13
T4<akaWolf> I think it would be cool12:14
r0kk3rzor in a different project, its easy enough to set up12:14
T4<akaWolf> yeah12:15
T4<akaWolf> NeoChapay have own copy of mer:core in his home12:15
T4<akaWolf> not sure about difference12:16
T4<akaWolf> but can we merge maybe them?12:16
r0kk3rzpeople often have things in home projects for development purposes12:17
r0kk3rzmyself included12:17
r0kk3rzmer:core is what ever is in mer git repos, as it should be12:17
T4<akaWolf> yeah but I mean if NeoChapay have some usefull changes it should be in global mer:core12:18
r0kk3rzive seen him submit PRs in the past for things12:19
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