Saturday, 2018-12-15

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T4<adampigg> Mido users should have hdr enabled by default now.  though i probably shouldn't push config changes then go on a 2 night break!12:12
PocketCalculatoris there another way to enable wlan without module support? my kernel build fails when CONFIG_MODULES is set to y13:16
maldepends on what wlan chip it uses13:24
PocketCalculatorqualcomm? it's a msm891613:30
r0kk3rzmight not have qcom wifi though13:33
r0kk3rzbut probably does13:34
r0kk3rzwhat does your kernel config say?13:34
PocketCalculatorwhat should i look for? the module is pronto_wlan13:39
kimmolihow it fails? i had same issue with one device13:39
r0kk3rzpronto is qcom yeah13:40
kimmolihmhmh. iirc my problem was way around. some commit in kernel made module building silently fail. Build succeed but no modules generated13:47
PocketCalculatorit just says "FAILED" and later modules fail to build:
PocketCalculatori tried with make menuconfig to make a new defconfig, but the problem persists13:50
PocketCalculatori read somewhere that its a problem with los 14 using a mininal kernel config or something13:50
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