Sunday, 2018-12-16

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T4<adampigg> Is there a difference between sending 0/1 to /sys/class/rfkill.... And sending magic strings to /dev/rfkill??10:35
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piggzDoes sailfish-browser need something specific to render ... with the mesa based xiaomi mitab2, it just shows a white screen ... webcat works ok, in as much as webcat works21:12
piggzmal, r0kk3rz, ^21:12
r0kk3rznot sure tbh21:18
piggzwhat does tbj use? is it a 'natice' port , or uses hybris?21:18
r0kk3rzpretty sure it uses hybris21:18
TheKitpiggz, hybris21:20
malpiggz: sailfish-browser is somehow special, not sure how the rendering is done21:22
piggzanother query is non-hybris GPS......weird thing with latte is, all the specs say there is no GPS, but it has a GPS chip according to the kernel, and rkfill has a gps device it an control. so, there is no android side to the gps, but can we use gpsd os similar?21:22
malpiggz: depends on how the gps is implemented, or if it even has gps, some devices have useless drivers in kernel21:23
piggzits a bcm4752121:23
piggzit may not have antennas, just wondering what the device is21:23
TheKiteugenio, oh, just noticed you're the one who is g7 on GitHub21:35
TheKithow does rpm-divert work for compatibility layer? I want to use it for tbj-like device21:35
eugenioit tries to work in a similar manner to dpkg-divert, but obviously in Debian dpkg is aware of diversions. With rpm I leverage triggers, which is not as elegant but it works rather well. It all boils down to: the compatibility layer registers triggers for the real HW adaptation packages as provided by Jolla, which are fired whenever they're upgraded.21:42
eugeniothe standard usage flow is: when the Jolla-provided package fires the installation trigger, the trigger registered by the compatibility layer removes the diversions via rpm-divert. When the old package is removed (thus firing up the uninstallation trigger) the triggers calls rpm-divert to put the diversions back21:44
eugeniorpm is pretty twisted during upgrades - it installs first the new files for the up-to-date package (so the installation trigger gets called first), and then removes the old package (removing files that do exist anymore + upgrading the rest)21:47
TheKitthanks for explanation, good that it works then22:04

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