Wednesday, 2018-12-26

Umeaboymal: I don't know who created this issue, but even though I'm fully up-to-date with 8.1 and successfully did all the patches the build still fails with this error:00:45
UmeaboyNotice how jack-diagnose underneath says that everything is fine.00:45
UmeaboyFalse positive?00:45
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UmeaboyHere's what the local_manifest for AOSP 7.1.2_r36 looks like as you told me to leave out the kernel repos:
UmeaboyI'm syncing 7.1.2_r36 on my laptop as we speak.03:02
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malUmeaboy: I told you to remove prebuilt kernel, not all kernel repos09:07
malUmeaboy: try "export ANDROID_COMPILE_WITH_JACK=0" before running the build09:10
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