Thursday, 2018-12-27

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Benclark006i'm having some problems with sailfish on nexus 422:37
Benclark006when I run pkcon refresh or zypper refresh i get a bunch of errors saying repodata.xml cannot be found22:38
Benclark006ill grab a screenshot22:39
Benclark006here you go
Benclark006thanks :)22:41
Benclark006i did try disabling the problematic repos but then i got a bunch of errors when i tried to install an app saying it couldnt install some qt libraies (spelling)22:43
malwhat exactly are you trying to do?22:44
Benclark006i'm trying to run pkcon refresh22:45
Benclark006and trying to install a few apps from openrepos22:45
malshow output of "ssu lr"22:45
malin the future please use pastebin or some other similar service when showing text data22:51
Benclark006how do i copy text from the terminal22:52
malif you use a computer then connect via ssh to the device, set password in developer mode settings22:53
malusing usb cable for example22:53
malbut based on the repos in that out, you should disable adaptation0 repo22:54
Benclark006ill try that in the morning22:54
malssu dr adaptation022:54
Umeaboymal: I managed to get to 84% to build 8.1.0_r52, but then it failed.23:56
UmeaboyHowever 7.1.2_r36 builds just fine.23:56

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