Monday, 2019-01-21

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UmeaboyI think I've found the real reason why my kernel fails to build. I choose thne wrong defconfig for maple from Sony's AOSP branch.03:21
UmeaboyIf I use LA.UM instead of LE.UM it builds just fine. :)03:23
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r0kk3rzyou are using the mer-hybris fork of sony kernel right?08:47
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T4<srmane4444> Yandex.Translate: … English: How do I resolve this hybris-hal error at the very end of the build?
T4<srmane4444> Yandex.Translate: … English: YandexTranslate - sorry, but edit messages here impossible, it is a telegram copied - I'm from another country xD09:17
T4<srmane4444> How do I resolve this hybris-hal error at the very end of the build?
mallbt: could we get target to Mer OBS when you have time? it can be made latest later, thanks11:54
lbtsure - on my list for today11:55
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T4<adampigg> woop14:05
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Henkate__mal: i've started to port sailfish too for whyred (i own the device)18:32
Henkate__the first two errors are those:
Henkate__i had to grab tools/apksig and external/conscrypt from lineage to get rid of them18:34
Henkate__now i have to grab external/libnfnetlink to fix a similar error18:36
Benclark006piggz_: Could you send me the config repos and whatnot for your Moto G port? I can't seem to find them on your xda page18:39
T4<adampigg> Mer-hybris github18:40
T4<adampigg> Beware they are old18:41
malHenkate__: please talk to the other porters I mentioned earlier, there are many issues and it does make sense to solve those separately for everyone18:57
Henkate__mal: well, i'm already in their telegram group, but wanted to let you know in case you'd need because yesterday you were asking which fixes marco used for build errors or something like that18:58
Henkate__i'm keeping track of all the errors i encounter, along with the solutions18:58
r0kk3rzhow many porters does one device need?18:59
malr0kk3rz: that seems to be exceptionall problematic, even getting hybris-hal to build took days if not weeks19:00
r0kk3rzwhat garbage device is this then?19:00
malr0kk3rz: very good question, other 15.1 devices so far have built with minimal issues but that didn't19:01
r0kk3rzoh its a xiaomi, normally they arent so bad19:01
Henkate__it's a whyred, redmi note 5 (pro in india)19:01
malneeded many more repos in manifest and also there was one issue we haven't figured out yet, we just copy the needed files manually to out/19:02
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T4<juanfariaskb> Hello, I'm sorry if I ask some stupid question because I'm new to the group.19:18
T4<juanfariaskb> Is possible port sailfish to redmi note 5 pro?19:19
T4<ArixElo> @juanfariaskb [Is possible port sailfish to redmi note 5 pro?], Yes19:19
T4<abhishek_0> @ArixElo read the pinned message19:20
T4<ArixElo> @abhishek_0 [@ArixElo read the pinned message], Sorry19:21
T4<ArixElo> Sorry19:21
T4<juanfariaskb> Has anyone started doing this?19:21
mal@juanfariaskb if that codenamed whyred then several people are working on it19:23
T4<abhishek_0> @juanfariaskb  Literally like five people19:23
T4<juanfariaskb> Lol19:24
T4<juanfariaskb> @abhishek_0 Do you already have a Beta to test?19:24
T4<abhishek_0> I am not porting for whyred19:25
T4<abhishek_0> I guess whyred is going to be next Mido , lol19:26
T4<juanfariaskb> Lol19:31
r0kk3rzoh god, they just keep coming19:32
r0kk3rzHenkate__: is this device particularly popular in india or something?19:45
Henkate__r0kk3rz: yeah, kinda all xiaomis are popular in india lol. I think mido might still be the most popular, i have no idea19:47
Henkate__i'm from Romania though xD19:47
r0kk3rzoh ok19:49
Henkate__"volte plz" ahaahah19:49
r0kk3rzwhen jio19:50
T4<eugenio_g7> Seems pretty good for the price FWIW19:50
Henkate__yea, it is. like 2 months ago or so when i've got it, it was the best for that price, specs-wise19:51
T4<MarcoDS_bit> lol, btw I'm going on with the port and now I have this and if I add these files to the rpm/droid-hal-whyred.spec I get this strange thins all the way sad20:30
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mal@MarcoDS_bit you misunderstood everything, you only add things to droid-hal*.spec when building that package, the you now have is when building libhybris which is a completely different package obviously, so now you remove any nfc stuff you added to droid-hal spec and go to hybris/mw/libhybris/rpm and uncomment all lines containing nfc20:55
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Oh ok thanks, and sorry for my useless mistakes20:59
Umeaboymal: If you're here I've managed to shorten the list of warning for unset flags and rebuilt the kernel, but there are some flags that still says unset.23:08
UmeaboyI know why the kernel failed to build before.23:08
malUmeaboy: stop right now, you DO NOT do any other changes than the patch I gave23:08
maljust ignore every other warning and continue23:09
malhow many million times do I have to say that23:09
UmeaboyWhat about the next part of uploading the kernel?23:09
malnot needed now23:09
malUmeaboy: about the warnings that remain, some warning often remaing because not all kernels support everything, and the patch I gave is one that is verified working on related device I have no idea why you wanted to change it23:12
UmeaboyGood to know that.23:12
UmeaboyRunning make -j4 hybris-hal once again with your patch with the right defconfig this time.23:13
malI did say you already in the beginning of your build attempy to just look at the patches in pioneer and use those23:14
malbut instead you wanted the spend many days trying something else23:15
UmeaboyI wanted to try different approaches on my own to see if I could solve it myself.23:15
malthere is a reason why some are marked errors and some warnings, usually only errors are fixed first23:17
malalso the patch in pioneer has things not in kernel checker23:17
Umeaboymal: #### build completed successfully (18:44 (mm:ss)) ####23:32
Umeaboywith your patch.23:32
UmeaboyIsn't it most important to fix the warning about AUDIT?23:33
UmeaboyBecause as you see, now it's set to y when it's not allowed.23:34

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