Tuesday, 2019-01-22

malUmeaboy: do I really have to say the same thing again?00:38
UmeaboyNo. I was just curious.00:39
malUmeaboy: are you really so lazy to read what the warning says, it says there are two options, audit=n (used only in ver old devices actually) or audit=y + bootparam=00:40
UmeaboyOK. Moving on then. Just wanted to make sure that we didn't miss anything that would cause the build to break.00:41
malUmeaboy: so you still didn't believe what said you many many times, just use the patch I gave and that's it00:42
malsince you have been on this channel for quite a long time you must already know that I usually know what I'm talking about00:43
UmeaboyThe warnings are still confusing though.00:43
malthe bootparam warning actually currently says that bootparam is required00:44
malit's just not forced because of the very old devices which usually used audit=n, that checker is not perfect00:45
UmeaboyAaaah. Cool!00:46
UmeaboySo, what part do I do next? Skip 7.1?00:46
malsince you are porting for new device that is needed00:47
malnote that the commands have hardcoded device strings so replace those before copy-paste of those00:47
mali.e. the commands are an example which needs to be adapted00:48
maland doing those check faq for 15.1 porting instructions00:49
malyou need to add some files to config repo for the device to be able to boot00:49
malalso some other things from nile config repo are needed later but not critical yet00:49
malI assume you did chapter 6 already? when doing that read the warning box00:50
UmeaboyYeah, but I used the latest earlier. I can change that though in the future.00:55
UmeaboyDoing the git push command fails with: error: src refspec master does not match any.01:01
mallatest what?01:03
Umeaboytooling for sb2.01:04
malthat should be fine01:04
maltooling name is not the critical one01:04
UmeaboyWhat Sailfish version am I building for?01:09
Umeaboy3.0.11 ?01:09
mal3.0.0.8, it seems the latest still points to that01:10
mal3.0.0.8 needs some hacks for geoclue and sensorfw builds, those are listed in faq01:11
malwhen running build_packages.sh you need to skip some things and build those manually01:12
UmeaboyWhy aren't there any tooling available for armv7hl ?01:20
UmeaboyIs that coming soon?01:23
malbecause that's not what it does, it's host stuff or something01:23
malthe target is the one that matches device build architecture01:24
malUmeaboy: you are always overthinking everything01:25
UmeaboyYeah. I guess Autism works that way.01:25
Umeaboymal: Is this OK? git remote add Umeaboy https://github.com/Umeaboy/droid-hal-maple.git01:43
UmeaboyYes, the repo exists.01:43
malI will go offline now01:53
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Henkate_mal: which distro linux are you using to build? also, did you install any packages dependencies for sailfish? i've just had a build error while building hybris-hal because 1/2 packages was missing (i'm using google cloud platform with ubuntu 16.04), even though all the packages dependencies required for lineage are installed11:07
Henkate_oh wait, actually that didn't fix it lol. It looks like the same error still occurs, but have to scroll more up in the terminal11:12
Henkate_i know that i can just copy the lib from lineage's out folder, but i'm trying to find a better solution11:25
T4<abhishek_0> Henkate , distro of choice doesn't matter when you are building because everything happens in chroot environment, (if you are following the hadk)11:38
Henkate_abhishek_0: oh, my bad then xD11:42
r0kk3rzi dont think thats a build env issue11:44
r0kk3rzits probably easiest to just stop it trying to run those sepolicy tests11:44
r0kk3rzgenerally speaking if you're already building on ubuntu, then using the ubuntu chroot probably wont make any difference11:47
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T4<meierrom> Henkate_: mal is using Ubuntu as well. Anyway, the Linux distribution doesn't matter much AFAIK. :)12:20
malbuild happens in chroot so host doesn't matter12:23
T4<adampigg> morning all12:26
T4<adampigg> did 3.0.1/make it to obs yet?12:26
T4<adampigg> mal, congrats on still being here after another frustrating night :)12:26
T4<abhishek_0> >*reads the backlog* … >*oof*12:33
Henkate_mal: do you remember that Marco mentioned some errors about apks? I've got an error about it too and fixed it by taking out/host/linux-x86/lib64/libconscrypt_openjdk_jni.so from lineage's out folder and putting it into hadk's out folder. Then i didn't get any other error about apks12:37
Henkate_earlier, when i was searching about the bionic error (__get_tls), i've found this: https://thinkthinkdo.com/trac/project1/wiki/SF_Ch_hybris1512:37
Henkate_and there's mentioned make libconscrypt_openjdk_jni, which would be a better solution than copying it from lineage12:38
malHenkate_: hmm, so why was that not built12:40
malHenkate_: usually dependencies are built automatically12:41
Henkate_mal: i don't know about that. At the beginning, i've also had this: https://pastebin.com/raw/E2MVbTwq12:42
Henkate_i've had around 17 errors in total until i could get a complete build. I'll make a list with all the errors i've had (probably after i boot sailfish)12:47
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T4<MarcoDS_bit> I have this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Z7gqhwjs8R/ and I'm not able to build geoclue-provider-hybris15:24
mal@MarcoDS_bit faq15:58
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Thank you16:18
Henkate_any idea? https://pastebin.com/raw/2MxdHJch16:27
Henkate_i already ran sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in libtool (and another time for wayland-client) to get rid of the similar errors16:27
malHenkate_: how in the hell have everyone started to mess that up16:31
Henkate_lol xD16:31
malHenkate_: the instruction in hadk pdf is about droid-hal spec, NOT libhybris16:31
malso obviously if libhybris build fails then you edit libhybris spec16:32
malHenkate_: you do not need to manually install any package16:32
r0kk3rzthe build will pull in any deps16:33
r0kk3rzhmm, has android 8 libhybris stuff been merged yet?16:34
malHenkate_: what does that have anything to do with our discussion?16:34
malHenkate_: also giving text as image is bad16:35
Henkate_i think i'm lost lmao16:37
Henkate_mal: i thought that sharing a pic of faq would be better than pastebin16:37
malHenkate_: I still don't understand what you are asking16:38
malsince you had error of unpackaged things in libhybris build then you obviously fix libhybris spec16:38
maluncomment the nfc stuff there and any other errors you might have16:38
r0kk3rzi think you whyred people need to get better organised16:40
T4<elros34> Anybody have kernel panic when wlan is enabled in it crash at net/netfilter/xt_tcpudp.c: tcp_mt18:17
r0kk3rzthere is a new kernel option thats supposed to ne enabled18:21
T4<elros34> I know I had it enabled18:21
r0kk3rzperhaps it wasnt being used before, so you didnt see the issue18:22
piggzstill not on obs it seems18:39
piggzr0kk3rz, abranson, mal, ping20:07
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Should I worry about that? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tWC24b6jbb/20:07
* stephg hello HADK my old friend20:10
r0kk3rzmoo piggz20:12
piggzr0kk3rz: why did the programmer quit his job?20:12
piggzbecuase he didnt get arrays!!20:13
stephgoh god20:13
piggzstephg: :P20:13
piggzstephg: remember the hat you gave me? very useful these days!20:14
piggzi accidentally shaved my head to 1mm !!!!!!!!!!!!20:15
stephgnow why would you do that this week, of all weeks20:15
malpiggz: pong20:16
piggzmal: it was just a joke, see above ;)20:16
piggzstephg: as i said ... accident!20:16
malpiggz: wow, what a joke :DDD20:16
stephgit's terrible (the joke, not the haircut, well, we haven't seen the haircut, pics or it didn't happen :P)20:17
malstephg: that was bad enough to be good20:17
r0kk3rzstephg: whatcha doin in here :P20:18
stephgcamera appears to have died on my xperiax20:18
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stephgI have two compacts20:19
stephgI need to pull my finger out20:19
r0kk3rzdead cameras no good20:19
stephgthe italian dude wants a vagrant build env I don't have, and it's also not the right way to do it so I thought it was about time I pulled my finger out20:19
r0kk3rzi think people are doing eugenios binary hax for XC these days20:19
stephgthey are20:19
stephgand it's inventive20:20
stephgbut it's not _right_, if you know what I mean20:20
T4<adampigg> (Document)
r0kk3rzstephg: i did get a 2.2.1 image built a little while ago https://gitlab.com/sailfishos-porters-ci/f5321-ci/-/jobs/10290134220:21
r0kk3rzbut if was too fat for the gitlab archiver20:22
stephgheh amazing20:23
r0kk3rzi could crank it again and see if anything fails with 3.0.1 i suppose20:25
abransonpiggz: that's quality20:25
abransoni'll be telling that20:25
stephgyeah I'm kinda curious how much the adaptations have diverged over the last year20:25
abransonstephg: what's the camera symptoms?20:25
stephg(the thing that worries me the most, really)20:25
piggzabranson: :)20:26
stephg\o abranson how you doing? symptoms are no main camera, camera switching works, back camera works, torch works, torch on video works, csd can't take a picture and, well that's it20:26
piggzi know the problem20:27
piggzits fsck'd20:27
stephg^^this, I fear20:27
stephgmy x is pretty beat up20:27
r0kk3rzwhat did you last take a picture of ;)20:27
stephgmedusa, ohnowait20:28
piggzeugenio: you come with latte improvements?20:29
eugeniopiggz, unfortunately not, but I haven't played on it the last few days! Gonna restart tonight ;)20:29
eugenioon your front?20:30
r0kk3rzstephg: https://github.com/r0kk3rz/droid-config-f5321/commits/community-upgrade-2.1.320:30
stephgr0kk3rz: k, thx20:30
stephgeugenio: hi, nice work btw :)20:31
eugeniohello stephg, thanks :)20:31
eugenioyou could also patch without vagrant by the way20:31
stephgeugenio: I need to have a proper read of how you did what you do, and when I said not the right way above I meant in a purist sorta way, that as a solution is brilliant and amazing orthogonal thinking to how things had been done here before20:33
stephgif that makes sense20:34
eugenioyup don't worry, I'm the first one to say that it's not the right way, and I intend to eventually upstream to Jolla the adaptation like has been done with the XA2 (perhaps working in two would be even better)20:36
eugenioit's mostly because I'm a lazy ass essentially, and didn't want to recompile and mess with things when an update gets out :)20:37
abransonstephg: you're not the first to have the main camera go. i've seen some logs, but it just seems to go quiet20:38
eugenioplus, we are running on top on an hack anyway (libhybris), one more shoudn't hurt :D20:38
abransonfrom what i've heard a reflash fixes it20:38
eugenioon top of*20:38
abransondoes the main camera work in android apps?20:38
stephgeugenio: hehe true20:38
stephgabranson: nope20:41
stephgbuttons are there but black screen20:41
abransonbest idea I have is that the droid system got itself hosed in some way20:41
abransoncould try reinstalling that package20:41
abransonbut I think someone already tried that20:42
stephgbut I can, in hangous for ewxample switch to the (selfie) camera and that is working20:42
abransonyeah, same symptoms. only one camera gone, the other on a black screen.20:42
stephgditto in sfos apps20:42
abransonlike someone's stuck tape over it20:42
stephgyeah, literally that20:43
stephgone thing that is different20:43
stephgmaybe an avenue of investigation20:43
stephgI remember once recently I tried to turn the torch on (swipe down enable blablabla) and it didn't20:43
stephgsaid it was on, but wasn't, disabled, re-enabled and then was20:44
stephgbecause when I enable video (with LED) on the front camera the led fires briefly, then off, then on full20:44
eugeniopiggz, battery situation has worsened here, jumps from 100 to 0 and the pad shuts down :/ Wondering if it's actually hw failure (perhaps both our pads have degraded batteries?)20:49
piggzeugenio: odd ... mine doesnt seem that bad ... i get a days usage20:53
eugeniowasn't your battery level reading funky too?20:54
piggzit was20:55
piggzleeme go check20:55
piggzeugenio: mine was unplugged this morning, now on 68%20:56
piggzmaybe not too bad20:56
eugeniowell, so I guess the health of my battery is to blame then20:56
piggzeugenio: my next tast will be ideo playback i think, solong as you are on audio21:08
eugeniosounds good to me21:09
eugeniopiggz, ok I think I fixed the sound-after-suspend issue23:21
eugenioI think I'm going to cherry pick our changes and apply them to upstream's cm-13.0 branch (instead of cm-13.0-deprecated, as I wrongly picked up the first time)23:22
Umeaboymal: For some reason the git push command from the HADK fails with this: https://pastebin.com/DTbRQaMm23:22
eugenioso that we can be on the same kernel of the android base (which is a bit pointless since we aren't going to use the android bits, but at least we have something to compare with)23:23
UmeaboyAnd why does it say nile platform when maple is in the yoshino platform?23:24
UmeaboyI used the patch from pioneer's defconfig, that might be the reason.23:27
malthe reason is that the sony hybris manifest contains sony nile repo in rpm/, so the correct way would have been to remove it first, but that is not the problem now, the problem is that you are not in any branch like that out says23:41
malwhen repo sync is done the checkout is not in any branch23:42
malso I would just take a backup rpm folder, remove the original, redo the parts in 7.1, you probably have the same issue with droid-config repo also23:44
maltaking backup of those folders is suggested so you don't lose any changes you have done23:45
malI need to get some sleep now23:45

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