Saturday, 2019-02-02

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kimmolirinigus: installed your patched connman. no 4G symbol, but mobile data works, event its grayes out in eventsview tools05:13
kimmolirinigus: and no reboot yet. (had one just after pkcon refresh was finished)05:15
kimmoliclaims no sim...05:16
kimmolirinigus: another manual reboot and sim found ok. no sudden reboots yet.05:28
riniguskimmoli: no reboots over here either. As for 4g symbol or sim card problems - I think we have it once in a while on earlier sfos versions as well. Haven't had it yet on
kimmolirinigus: yes, i recall some such issues too. rarely though.06:21
kimmolirinigus: so we need to build connmann with patch under testing: ? testing:common has connman but that is old06:23
kimmolirinigus: ah, you need to place it under devel06:24
kimmolimy promote script will add it under testing06:25
kimmoliif it is not under devel:, script will remove it from testing:06:25
riniguskimmoli: sure, let's build it under developers and then get it promoted. Later, we will drop it when sfos main will catch up.06:28
riniguskimmoli: did you reinstall connman configs to get filters back? I did06:30
kimmolii just reinstalled connman06:44
kimmolii.e. never did remove them06:46
rinigusWell, if filters are still there, we are good :). I'll get my coffee and then make a package under devel. Will ping you then06:50
kimmoliyeaf filters are still (t)here.06:53
riniguskimmoli: package ready in devel07:32
kimmolirinigus: ok, promoted connman and rebuilding testing08:03
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kimmolirinigus: went viral...08:48
kimmolir0kk3rz: is there a way to cleanup old artifacts from CI? I need to save the planet.08:53
riniguskimmoli: what do you mean by viral? I can see geoclue was updated, but don't know what for. Otherwise, just had to force connman install due to the change in provider08:54
kimmolii mean built ci image, uploaded it to devaamo, updated xda, updated wiki and so on.08:55
kimmoli*uploading.. slow..08:56
riniguskimmoli: great job! That's a good kind of viral :)08:59
kimmolithanks to you rinigus, i just clicked some buttons... now i need to start using this new, still stuck at 2.0.1...09:11
riniguskimmoli: yea, maybe its time to let that precious go ...09:12
r0kk3rzkimmoli: good question...09:15
dr_gogeta86kimmoli, which device ?09:48
kimmolidr_gogeta86: onyx09:54
dr_gogeta86is in such bad state nowadays09:54
dr_gogeta86but an effort to run it mainline09:55
dr_gogeta86so swap the kernel09:55
dr_gogeta86and go without hybris09:55
kimmolidr_gogeta86: i'm still stuck at that release on my daily device09:56
kimmolijust because it still has working gtalk integration. xmpp works on newer ones but...09:57
r0kk3rzkimmoli: which builds do you want to nuke?10:00
kimmolir0kk3rz: all but the latest can go imho10:00
r0kk3rznot sure if theres an option for that or not10:07
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T4<elros34> spiiroin: I didn't notice it earlier because I had usb_moded 0.86.0+mer24. Now when I switched to mer28 mass storage doesn't work. It search for sd card in fstab and of course fail.11:26
kimmolisomething strange, onyx with plays message notification without any obvious reason. does not bring screen up, but starts to blink led. nothing new in eventsview11:29
T4<elros34> nobody use mass storage or it's solved by including mmcblk1p1 in fstab in jolla 1 or other offcial devices?11:35
riniguskimmoli: just tested it and notifications were ok. Yesterday had issues with led after charging, but couldn't reproduce it today. Would have to follow it...11:43
kimmolii have only xmpp configured on that device, and last message was received an hour before it plinged11:49
rinigusStrange. I tested with mail and xmpp (Google Hangout) and they both worked. What about email?11:50
kimmolii'm now tracing journal and trying to reproduce. email is disabled to prevent journal bloating12:17
T4<elros34> abranson: If I understand it right codec->quirks are uninitialized (there is garbage there) if there is no any quirk defined:
T4<elros34> this will explain random video load failure in browser I notice13:08
kimmolihmh. disabled email from account, but it still tries to sync it. but does not find folders... syncemail-client[26020]: [C] unknown:0 - Error: Inbox not found!!!13:10
malkimmoli: rinigus good that connman fixed the issue13:43
rinigusmal: that seems to be so, thank you!13:51
malrinigus: I'm just the messenger this time, I was told that might help13:53
rinigusbut that messenger was badly needed :)13:53
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mal@adampigg related to bluetooth, my other heart rate monitor work quite ok with laufhelden, didn't even need any changes15:44
malalthough there seems to be some issue with connection stability15:49
T4<adampigg> Mal, fab18:19
mal@adampigg that was Polar OH118:25
vknechtupdating to (sdk reinstalled, hybris-14.1 fetched anew, new drive/os-install so fresh local build), I keep getting ofono-configs-mer conflict with sparse about ril_subscription.conf, despite having Provides: ofono-configs...18:31
vknechtdroid-hal-version build log :
vknechtrepos : (submodules updates not pushed yet)18:32
vknechttried adding Obsoletes: ofono-configs-mer but didn't fix it, another error18:32
vknechthello, btw :) hope you're having fun at fosdem ?18:34
malvknecht: are you missing Provides: ofono-configs from droid-config repo spec, check fp2 for example, or nile in mer-hybris18:46
malvknecht: is the issue during local build?18:49
malvknecht: if so then uninstall the conflicting package manually using sb2 something zypper rm ofono-configs-mer18:50
malyou can check the proper sb2 command from for example rpm/dhd/helpers/ or something like that18:51
vknechtlike that ?
vknechtmal, I'm hesitating between solution 1 and 3, not sure what the difference is18:58
vknechtsolution 1 ineffective, trying n°3 ;-)19:06
vknechtgetting no output from ssu lr, reading this I guess I'll have to recreate target...
vknecht(got there because of related "Medium not attached" errors)19:29
malvknecht: you can also try to install the droid-config package and hope it asks for deinstallation of the problematic package19:34
vknechtmal, no luck...
malvknecht: "sb2 ... zypper in droid-config -ofono-configs-mer"19:43
malshow sb2 ... ssu lr19:45
maldid you run zypper ref first19:45
vknechtdidn't try ref, otherwise ssu lr was empty19:46
vknechtI mentioned ssu lr was empty, when I pasted the irc log link19:47
vknechtzypper ref gives : Medium not attached: plugin:/ssu?repo=adaptation-community-common19:47
vknechtaccording to sledges in this log, when it comes to this one might have to recreate target, it seems19:49
malprobably a good idea20:01
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