Sunday, 2019-02-03

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T4soenggam was added by: soenggam08:08
riniguskimmoli: how is your debugging of notification going? I have now notification light stuck after finishing charging. It's visible only when screen is off. Phone still goes to sleep, so at least charging lock is released. Charged till 100%08:59
kimmolirinigus: couldnt reproduce09:00
riniguskimmoli: its ok, I guess. how do you debug stuck notification light?09:02
riniguskimmoli: got light to disappear by plugging in usb for charging and removing it after few seconds.09:15
kimmoliso something misses the event. afaik it should be dmesg (from bms) and then in journal. does the ui show charging? what does e.g. chargemon say?09:27
kimmolimaybe spiiroin knows what bugs are new in mce? iirc there was some changes in charging/battery state handling? or was there09:28
rinigusI have the journal and dmesg saved, will go through them later. Maybe will find something. ..09:33
riniguskimmoli: we should have that commit in our mce09:44
kimmoliyep. there where some other ones, but dont recall having stuck charging indicator led09:47
rinigusHaven't had that earlier either, as far as I remember09:53
kimmolii have that the charge value is stuck at 100% (or toggless 99/100) until i reconnect charger, or level really goes to ~50% it suddenly goes there09:54
kimmolithe kernel bms driver is buggy, it did some tweaking to it ages ago09:55
T4iHusky was added by: iHusky10:08
T4<iHusky> good morning10:08
T4<iHusky> I have a question, someone already try port anbox to SailfishOS on Xperia X/XA2?10:09
riniguskimmoli: looked into , but there is nothing newer there either.10:12
kimmolirinigus: yeah i tried to look back then also11:03
vknechtLocation '' is temporarily unaccessible11:07
vknechtgetting this and other similar errors while running build_packages.sh11:08
vknechtseems ok now11:14
T4<iHusky> someone can help me?11:37
T4<gischpelino> iHusky: answer to both questions is yes. But I think this is the wrong channel for such general questions. Use a search engine with 'anbox sailfishos' to find more.11:49
r0kk3rznot sure anyone has bothered with anbox on x/xa2 because of official alien-dalvik support11:50
r0kk3rzits certainly possible and porting the kernel patches shouldnt be that hard11:51
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spiiroinrinigus: that stuck charging indicator. logs would be nice. also, which device, sfos and mce version14:30
spiiroinkimmoli: that commit does not really matter. whole statefs battery plugin got dropped -> there is battery-udev plugin14:31
spiiroinwhat does matter: making sure power that phantom power supply device do not end up being used for battery/charger evaluation14:32
spiiroindo not remember details right now, but sony devices had some device nodes showing up in initial udev enumeration & values never change14:33
T4<elros34> spiiroin:  could you tell me how mass storage suppose to work now in 3.0 when usb-moded search for sd card in fstab?14:33
spiiroinif some such thing with online=1 / stte property gets used -> stuck to initial state14:34
spiiroin@elros34 mass storage is not supposed to work. you can make it work with enough tinkering though14:34
T4<elros34> it works good in earlier version, why do you remove it?14:35
spiiroindefine "works good" and "earlier version"14:35
T4<elros34> I used it up to 0.86.0+mer24.14:36
malr0kk3rz: I had anbox running on x14:37
T4<elros34> after connecting to pc usb-moded exports first sdcard partition, now this commit breaks it14:37
T4<elros34> I had to remount it manually later after disconnecting but that was minor issue14:38
spiiroin@elros34 from my pov the story goes. it is unsupported. I had never used it prior to those rather big changes. after they were done I actually used it for a while to see that basics still work14:39
T4<elros34> so maybe I misunderstand something. How to make it work if code search for mmcblk1p1 in /etc/fstab?14:41
T4<elros34> what changes are needed14:42
spiiroin@elros34 I doubt it works (or even was intended) to work without having something in fstab14:42
T4<elros34> but in sfos we use udisks2 so it's never there14:43
spiirointhe feature originates from time before systemd & udisks etc, hence unsupported vestigial feature14:44
spiiroinwhat I had was to have something in fstab that I knew wont be touched by other parts of the system14:45
spiiroini.e. disk images via loop mount14:45
spiiroin@elros34 still, there is not supposed to be regression in it -> make a mer bug & fill in details14:46
T4<elros34> ok thx14:47
kimmolispiiroin: afaiu rinigus got some logs. device is onyx, mce-
rinigusspiiroin: I'll go through the logs a bit later tonight15:02
kimmolispiiroin: and neither of us remembers seeing such before. i haven't yet been able to replicate it though15:02
r0kk3rzdid they release a general update? people have been talking about
r0kk3rzor is that xa2 specific16:08
malr0kk3rz: xa2 specific16:14
malr0kk3rz: release notes say " released for Xperia XA2 devices"16:16
spiiroinkimmoli: there is this
kimmolithats an old..17:38
spiirointhe reason was never known for sure, but the iffy parts are lost statefs notifications & udev misinterpretation17:39
spiiroinhence battery-udev in mce17:39
kimmoliso maybe the 'fix' there does cause same issue on onyx? ...17:39
spiiroinmce- ... these release windows17:40
spiiroin1.99.2 has udev tuning17:41
kimmolithats not in
spiiroin3.0.1.11    mce
kimmolipulling cable few Times didnt trigger it, need to wait bat full?17:49
spiiroinkimmoli: it might be the "ignore known false positives part", not battery full17:50
spiiroinkimmoli: so. have charger connected while rebooting / restarting mce/statefs -> initial udev probe sees some charger being online=117:50
spiiroinand that device never reports changes -> "at least one charger is online" is always true17:51
kimmolitried to restart mce, send me a message triggering notification, connected and disconnected charger in various orders, not reproducing it easily18:06
kimmolithe msg notification was "breathing" when in charger, and blinking after removing charger, as it should18:08
rinigusspiiroin, kimmoli: log is at . charging started at about 7:58, finished probably at 10:14. I noticed it between 10:15 and 10:59. logs were filtered a bit, but still rather long. not sure whether info is there18:38
rinigusspiiroin: that TJC issue sounds similar to what I have seen18:39
rinigusfor me, it cured by inserting power and removing it a bit later18:40
rinigusI have seen this issue twice on, never before. in the first time, it also killed cpu sleep and kept phone awake. reboot solved it. wasn't sure what to attribute it to, so waited for the second time. today sleep wasn't affected18:42
kimmolireceived msg, reached 100%, disconnected charger, led is still breathing (not blinking)19:42
kimmoliand power button on, off, and it is stuck in white19:42
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmoliand still keeps breathing19:54
kimmolirestarting mce and led stopped19:55
spiiroinrinigus: the battery stuff in that paste of yours look odd. as if only couple of udev notifications were received & big jumps20:25
spiiroinkimmoli: udev logs would be the interesting part ...20:26
spiiroiniirc some should be logged by default from mce battery-udev, but if not adding '-lmodules/battery-udev.c:*' should do the trick20:27
Mister_Magistermal: were you playing with openal? or i remember something wrongly20:37
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: hello! still debugging proximity sensor :P20:37
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmoliagain reproduced. active now.20:40
kimmolii still get [20190204.000000] 20190204_04:40:04.127220]@0 active wakeup source: mce_led_breathing20:40
kimmoliin dmesg20:40
kimmoliBMS messages from smesg20:41
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolithere is no charger on --> off20:43
kimmoliadded some more entries, as the udev loggings were earlier.20:46
malMister_Magister: hmm, openal? the audio thing?20:56
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolispiiroin: this is clearly reproducible with battery full. i got on screen notification of battery full, waited screen to go off -> white led -> disconnected charger, got notification to save the planet/led off --> screen timeouts off --> white led21:01
kimmolispiiroin: plugged charger in briefly, turned screen off with powerkey -> breathing white led.21:02
kimmoliturned screen on, off -> no led21:02
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolispiiroin: continued mce notify log ^21:03
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolibms from dmesg ^ ... looks like bms decided now that charging ended21:05
kimmolithat bms driver is so crappy...21:06
kimmolii wonder the phone hasn't exploded yet21:06
kimmolibut now i need a suspend. gn.21:07
rinigusspiiroin: the jumps on discharge do happen once in a while. as well getting stuck on 100%. so far, its occasional. but I don't remember seeing jumps during charging - although I am not sure we have them here either.21:23
rinigusaccording to collectd logs, charge was going up smoothly from 8:00 to 10:00. so, its maybe battery-udev doesn't catch it21:23
rinigusspiiroin: collectd uses statefs for its data21:24
piggzporters, (jusa) ... in the process of cleaning up my configs, I broke the BT headphones ....22:01
piggzjournal says22:01
piggzFeb 02 22:07:05 Sailfish bluetoothd[2727]: bluetoothd[2727]: a2dp-sink profile connect failed for 5C:EB:68:46:EC:AE: Protocol not available22:01
piggzFeb 02 22:07:05 Sailfish bluetoothd[2727]: a2dp-sink profile connect failed for 5C:EB:68:46:EC:AE: Protocol not available22:01
piggzjusa: actually, fixed it, wrong module load22:22
Mister_Magisterjusa: can i have some question about pa? when my game wants to play sound it creates new sink-input but it's muted by default and on desktop it isnt. is it some sailfishos job to mute everything else?23:01
malMister_Magister: did you acquire audio resource for the audio?23:06
Mister_Magistermal: what do you mean23:06
malMister_Magister: if you use other ways than Qt for audio (like sdl) you need to ask for audio resource to get the audio through23:08
Mister_Magistermal: do you have some link/example for that?23:08
Mister_Magisteri mean when i unmute sink input it's working but it doesn't respect sfos volume23:09
malMister_Magister: the way it's done in sdl test app
Mister_Magistermal: thanks i will have to look into it23:10
Mister_Magisterim using openal for audio23:10
malMister_Magister: it needs that, I needed that in sdl app development23:11
Mister_Magistermal: is this code like standalone that i can just paste in? or i need to connect that to openal somehow23:11
malmostly copy paste, just replace the actual audio init code you use23:12
malsince that uses sdl call in the audioresource callback23:12
Mister_Magisterokay i will try. many thanks mal23:12
malso you probably only need to change on_audio_resource_acquired in that, otherwise it should be the same always23:13
Mister_Magisterye to use my own class probably23:13
Mister_Magisterit uses just one variable23:14
malbasic idea is quite simple in that code23:14
Mister_Magisterthanks a lot23:14
malMister_Magister: the reason for such audio resource handling is that when using it sailfish will know what kind of audio the app is sending and can silence it during calls etc23:15
malfor reference that also describes how to use it23:16

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