Monday, 2019-02-04

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T4<iHusky> @meierrom [@iHusky: Did you get mal's post?  … <mal> r0kk3r …], no I don`t have any message from him06:51
T4<iHusky> @meierrom [@iHusky: Did you get mal's post?  … <mal> r0kk3r …], but he say that anbox running on his Xperia X not XA 206:53
T4<iHusky> but he is a bot?06:53
T4Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME! was added by: Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!
T4<Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!> New here07:13
T4<Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!> I need help regarding my device07:14
T4<Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!> Would u?07:14
T4<iHusky> how can I help you?07:26
T4<Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!> I am using gionee a107:27
T4<Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!> N there is no custom roms for the device07:27
T4<Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!> M tired of using the stock07:27
kimmolifix your username please @axhar07:27
T4<Axhar (MISSING @USERNAME!> Can u help me with that07:27
T4<iHusky> sorry axhar, but I use Sony Xperia XA 207:28
T4<a4xHar> What shoul i do07:30
T4<iHusky> Better if you in future buy something like Nexus 5X, Xiaomi, or Sony which is supported by SailfishOS07:30
T4<a4xHar> Can anyone help me with this07:30
T4<a4xHar> Having any other rom...?07:31
T4<NotKit> This channel is about porting SailfishOS, not Android custom ROMs. Please check if your device has kernel source code released, otherwise best option is to get another phone07:35
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T4Santhosh_Manikandan was added by: Santhosh_Manikandan09:02
T4<meierrom> Mister_Magister: How can one join your new sfos group?09:57
abranson@elros34 - yes I'd say that quirks=0 should be moved to the beginning of that block10:09
abranson(sorry for lag - was at fosdem)10:09
kimmolidid latest change? world is rebuilding?10:21
T4<elros34> abranson: ok thanks for confirmation. It was strange to see random quirks enabled in logs.12:06
malkimmoli: not latest, mer:core is rebuilding12:07
riniguskimmoli: I had this morning proximity failing (aka not responding). magic reboot fixed the issue. let's see how reproducible that is12:58
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Mister_Magistermal: can i ask about hybris16 status?16:44
malI haven16:45
malI haven't done anything related to that in a while16:45
Mister_Magistermal: *sadface*16:46
Mister_Magistercan i help somehow?16:46
Mister_Magisteri really would like to have even barely working one16:46
T4<meierrom> Mister_Magister: How can one join your new sfos group?17:07
Mister_Magisterwait what17:07
T4<meierrom> Mister_Magiser: I have been told that you have set up a new telegram group. People like to join you. :)17:10
Mister_Magisterby who lol (sent you link on pm)17:11
r0kk3rztroll box v2?17:12
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: exactly17:12
Mister_Magistereven name is troll17:13
r0kk3rzhehe, nice17:13
Mister_Magistermal: this audioresource hack worked but audio is stutterign18:19
Mister_Magistermal: super weird with audioresource im getting stuttering sound but without it i don't19:15
Mister_Magisterglib loop probably causes interferences19:15
malMister_Magister: what main loop do you use in the app?19:16
Mister_Magistermy own i think19:16
Mister_Magistercan i connet glib loop to my loop somehow?19:16
maldid you the way sdl example did it?19:19
Mister_Magistermal: technically running g_main_context_iteration is running glib loop manually19:19
Mister_Magisteryee example did g_main_context_iteration19:19
malwell difficult to say without knowing how you main loop works19:20
Mister_Magisterthis is my mainloop19:22
Mister_Magistermal: is that not detailed enough?19:24
* vknecht is curious to see this->mainLoop() ;-)19:25
Mister_Magistervknecht: nothing interesting in that really19:26
Mister_Magisteryou would have to go deeper into oxygine engine19:27
vknechtnot sure it's relevant, but iiuc you're using another framework (glib?) which has its own loop, so perhaps you have to call some function so it "steps" into this loop too ?19:31
vknechtjust an idea19:32
Mister_Magistervknecht: thats exactly what im doing :)19:32
vknechtok :) otherwise, sound stuttering sounds like (sound) buffer underruns ?19:33
Mister_Magisternot sure19:34
vknechtor config mismatch (sample size, rate, etc.) ?19:34
Mister_Magisterit wers without glib loop19:35
malMister_Magister: are you sure the engine doesn't use glib internally?19:49
Mister_Magistercause when i comment out iteration function it doesnt work19:51
Mister_Magisteralso no glib deps19:51
Mister_Magisterin cmake19:51
malhmm, how could that cause audio issues19:52
Mister_Magisteri'm not sure19:52
Mister_Magisteri don't know audioresource or openal19:52
Mister_Magisteri should change it to 2 channels instead of 6 maybe that will help19:52
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T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz im in your end of the country23:12
r0kk3rzwhich end is that?23:12
T4<adampigg> the more southern end...23:14
T4<adampigg> to be fair, its more central country23:15
T4<adampigg> stoke on trent...basically in the middle of nowhere!23:15
r0kk3rzoh thats way south23:17
r0kk3rzim not that far south of carlisle :P23:17
T4<adampigg> for me yes!23:17
T4<adampigg> hmmm, how/far south of carlisle r u?23:18
T4<adampigg> ah, more east than south!23:18
T4<adampigg> i went to uni in sunderlnd23:19
T4<adampigg> macam23:19
T4<adampigg> maccam!23:19
T4<adampigg> just nitpicking, but, valid answers to the question 'how far south or carlisle are you' are only numerical ;)23:20
r0kk3rzits late, ive just finished a 3 day bender in brussles23:22
T4<adampigg> nice23:23
T4<adampigg> how was it23:23
r0kk3rzwas good, always fun to see the sailfish crew, see some interesting talks, meet some new people23:23
T4<adampigg> crazy you are in teeside,/always assmde23:24
T4<adampigg> assumed i was the only sfos user north on mancunian land23:25
r0kk3rzpretty sure ghosalmartin is in leeds, which isnt that far south23:29
T4<adampigg> well, its like a sailfish northern powerhouse!23:31
T4<adampigg> pracctially a LUG23:31
T4<adampigg> or SLUG23:31

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