Saturday, 2019-02-09

piggzmal: time to get rid of r0kk3rz repo....16:56
malpiggz: I really can't think of what else to try17:00
eugenioshould also push the patched sensorfw as it's also missing17:24
piggzeugenio: nice ... time to start....walked the dog!18:04
piggzeugenio: does the .spec need a Provides: mce-plugin-libhbris ?18:05
eugeniopiggz, I guess modifying the pattern is enough (PR incoming shortly)18:06
eugeniobtw, does this look good for you?
piggzeugenio: yes, thats fine18:07
eugeniook, I'll merge it then :)18:07
piggzi had an idea for a device earliler ... need to see if someone else already invented it .... basically, my car stereo has ipod control, but no BT ... i suppose a bt receiver powered by usb already exists ... but, what about one which bridges ipod control with AVCRP, so, the car could send ipod controls, which would be mapped to AVCRP to send to a phone, and get back metadata and albums etc18:12
eugeniohow does ipod control work?18:16
malpiggz: can I rename the latte devel target?18:18
piggzmal: feel free18:18
piggzeugenio: dunno, i guess there is some ipod control protocol18:18
piggzover usb18:18
malpiggz: renamed, remember to changes repo path on device18:20
piggzsimilar idea
malpiggz: do you have now all needed stuff in latte project, is r0kk3rz repo still needed?18:27
piggzmal: im doing it atm....18:28
eugeniopiggz, cool18:31
piggzeugenio: ah cool, i was going to ass what was needed for them18:33
piggzeugenio: the -keepalive rpm Provides pulseaudio-modules-droid, do you prefer the more explicit version?18:34
malpiggz: libva missing18:34
piggzmal:  on it....probably need a bunch of audio codecs too18:35
eugeniopiggz, hmm not sure... I don't think that there is something out there that depends on pulseaudio-modules-droid (excluding the hw patterns, but we control those)18:36
piggzeugenio: i thought there was....18:36
piggzeugenio: yes, droid-hal-version rewuires it18:38
eugeniook, so I guess we should keep the Provides field18:39
eugenio(as it's picked up from the .inc file)18:39
piggzmal: huh, it worked!18:39
piggznow ti fixe up gst18:39
malpiggz: so I was right again :)18:40
piggzmal: yes, but you dont know _why_ it failed18:40
piggzthe packages should have conflicted still18:40
malpiggz: mixing different targets probably caused some interesting versions to be installed18:41
malpiggz: seems you are only missing the main gtreamer package from there18:42
piggzmal: i need to roll back some plugins to 1.14.1..18:42
eugeniopiggz, should we depend on the non-hybris variants (mce-plugin-libhybris-nondroid, pulseaudio-modules-droid-keepalive) on -version if native_build is set?18:43
eugenioI think we should18:43
piggzim not sure .... if we use Provides: then we dont need to make any changes ?18:43
malpiggz: better do it for all then, mixing different versions is not good18:43
eugeniopiggz, if native_build is set the packages aren't picked up at all (talking about your forked droid-hal-version repository)18:45
eugenio(partially true... the pulseaudio modules are always picked up while mce-plugin-libhybris isn't)18:46
piggzeugenio: that was just supposed to be temporary to get it to build18:46
piggzmy intentation was to remove that check on mce18:46
eugeniook, will add a Provides: field then! :)18:48
piggzmal: i wonder if I even need gst-plugins-good and bad in the repo?18:48
piggzeugenio: cool, i think that will make d-h-v changes smaller, so it can be accepted easier18:49
malpiggz: probably not if you use 1.14.1 of all18:49
malpiggz: so if you would only build gst-vaapi 1.14.1 there and take others from main repos18:50
piggzyes, thats what im thinking18:50
piggzmal: and gst-av, is that packaed in main?18:50
malhmm, not sure18:51
malI'll check18:51
malpiggz: not in main repos, it's in common but a very old version18:52
piggzok, i'll keep that maybe18:53
eugeniopiggz, ok now the package supplies the Provides field (already built in OBS)18:53
eugeniowill keep the correct one on the pattern18:53
malpiggz: just build correct version18:53
malnow it's 1.14.418:54
piggzmal: no, its .1 now
malpiggz: indeed, sorry18:55
piggzr0kk3rz: why does your repo contain libvorbis, libtheora, mpg123 etc?18:56
piggzok, removing plugins goo/bad ... i was playing to good to enable the v4l2 plugin for the camera, but that doesnt work yet19:01
piggzeugenio: do you want to submit the patterns to get built ... then we can race to upgrade to 3.0.1!19:05
malpiggz: maybe you should ask for the project to be patternized19:08
piggzmal: probably ... lbt ? :)19:10
piggzwhat does patternizing even do?19:10
T4<eugenio_g7> It does extract patterns from the rpms and puts them alongside the repository metadata19:12
malpiggz: generates patterns from rpms to the format mic build uses19:14
piggzmal: so, just needed for mic? a live upgrade should work ok?19:15
T4<eugenio_g7> In the meantime we could put them manually, in the _pattern project (which should be created)19:15
piggzand, would be needed for building on r0kk3rz build server ?19:15
malpiggz: not sure if live update needs those19:15
piggzeugenio: @eugenio-g7, i merged config19:30
malpiggz: should you change the repo used in OBS for config package19:34
piggzmal: oh, yes19:34
eugenioheh, sorry about that :)19:35
piggzmal: fancy testing my d-h-v changes against a droid device, and if it works i will PR ?19:35
piggzeugenio: upgrading.....19:42
eugeniogood luck!19:42
piggzworth a go!19:43
piggzeugenio: also, mal sent some config updates for font sizes19:44
piggzi will add to configs later19:44
eugenioyup saw that19:44
eugenioI think we also need to pick up the -large variant for the icon theme19:44
eugenioat least I think the tbj uses those19:44
piggzi still think it s a bit odd looking, for example, in telegrame, the padding on the cover view on my phone looks much better than tablet19:45
eugenioyup, here too19:45
malpiggz: old revision in config _service19:48
eugeniojust updaed19:48
malpiggz: I'll test the dhv changes at some point20:00
malpiggz: eugenio tbj does have z1.5 large installed, also z1.020:02
malprobably z1.0 is always installed20:02
malpiggz: I suggest trying the z1.5-large in patterns here
piggzmal: ok, thx20:04
piggzmal: eugenio: rebooting20:05
piggzeugenio: ah rats, no UI!20:06
malpiggz: does it go to bootloop or just fail otherwise20:09
piggzmal: no, it boot up, and everything is loaded, it must be the mesa/qt side20:10
malpiggz: check the repos on device20:10
piggzmal: hang on, found it...20:11
malpiggz: so it didn't use wrong version from r0kk3rz repos20:11
piggzi remember this hack i did...20:11
piggzmal: eugenio: Feb 09 20:12:39 Sailfish lipstick[4265]: [F] unknown:0 - EGL Error : Could not create the egl surface: error = 0x300b20:13
malhmm, did you check repo list on device?20:13
piggzone moment...20:13
piggzmal: repo list looks ok20:14
piggzmal: ah, it hasnt picked the qt version from the repo20:17
piggzsfos version is +git8, we have git820:17
piggzeugenio: would you mind updating ;)20:18
T4<eugenio_g7> Not at all, once the football match ends :P20:22
piggzeugenio: forcing a downgrade atm....20:22
piggzmal: eugenio: gui is up20:23
T4<adampigg> (Document)
T4<adampigg> (Document)
malpiggz: cool20:31
piggzmal: yup20:32
malpiggz: in the future I suggest tagging config repo (and -version also) for nicer package versions but that is not relevant yet20:33
piggzmal: i know that, im almost an experieinced porter ;)20:33
piggzwhen i do that, ill also setup webhooks20:34
malpiggz: most porters don't about nice version numbers or clean commit histories20:34
malpiggz: actually your commit history for latte looks quite good :)20:35
piggzmal: eugenio: the hack that is needed, is moving /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/feedback/* out of the way, becuase of a missing symbol in the droid-vibrator plugin20:35
malpiggz: which symbol?20:36
piggzFeb 09 20:06:17 Sailfish lipstick[3815]: /usr/bin/lipstick: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/feedback/ undefined symbol: _ZN7ProfileC1EP7QObject20:36
piggztha one20:36
malpiggz: where does it even the droid-vibrator, that is not the repo?20:37
piggzmal: its the native one20:37
malpiggz: but not in OBS project20:38
malpiggz: it's missing the whole package20:38
piggzmaybe it was a leftove..20:38
malboth vibra packages are missing from OBS20:39
malpiggz: hmm, where does it get those, version package needs and installs that20:40
piggzmal: no, hang on...20:40
piggzits a different package20:41
piggzmal: qt5-feedback-haptics-native-vibrator-0.1.0-1.2.1.jolla.i48620:41
piggzthe actual qt plugin20:41
piggzmaybe becuase our base qt doenst match20:41
malpiggz: I didn't know native vibra packages are in common repos20:45
malI mean in jolla repo20:47
piggzmal: nope, its weird, built a version on obs, and it still has the same symbol error21:27
piggzmal: symbol is Profile::Profile(QObject*)21:28
piggzi guess from libprofile-qt521:30
malpiggz: hmm, odd21:32
piggzmal: it is21:34
piggzmal: should libprofile be lsited here?
piggzmal: hmm,
malpiggz: it's listed on fp221:40
piggzmal: i thought it should be21:40
malpiggz: so you'll have fix that21:42
piggzmal: atm im not seeing why it wouldnt be linked21:43
malpiggz: me neither21:44
piggzmal: easier fix.....21:47
piggzdevice does not have vibration!21:47
piggzmal: any way to force the package not to be installed? add something to the pattern?22:01
malpiggz: which package?22:04
piggzmal: qt5-feedback-haptics-native-vibrator22:04
malcommenting it out from patters and versio repos22:05
piggzoh nice, bluetooth-rfkill-event works with brcm-patchram-plus22:07
piggzi can scrap my custom service22:09
eugeniohmmmm the hw pattern already has qt5-feedback-haptics-native-vibrator commented
eugeniopiggz, is there a reason why your droid-hal-version-latte has have_vibrator_native 1? Mine doesn't22:28
eugeniodo we even have a vibrator on the device?22:28
mala good question22:30
T4<adampigg> eugenio,, we dont22:37
eugeniopiggz, I have manually update the patterns on the repository, I think we could even try a mic build now (once I update qt)22:37
eugenio@adampigg: so have_vibrator_native can be set back to 0?22:38
maleugenio: I think not defining any vibrator defines in spec is the way, 0 probably also works22:39
T4<adampigg> yes22:40
T4<adampigg> i think i assumed22:40
eugeniook, on my own droid-hal-version I have have_vibrator set to 0 and it worked fine (that was before the native vibrator has been introduced, but I guess it doesn't matter)22:40
maleugenio: both ways work22:41
malthe conditions in .inc check that if any of the defines is 122:42
malif no defined exist then it's the same as 022:42
eugenioin the meantime, updated qt is building22:45
eugenio@adampigg: took the liberty to disable vibrator on a separate branch in droid-hal-version-latte,
eugenioOBS build incoming...22:53
T4<adampigg> i need to make bt fixes, but they can come latre23:01

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