Sunday, 2019-02-10

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piggzmal: @eugenio_g7: fixed bluetooth by removing my custom init script, and switching back to bluetooth-rfkill-event but using patchram-plus instead of hci-attach09:30
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ohyash"Package is not signed"10:55
ohyashDo I have to do something specific after updating Platform SDK, Scratchbox {tooling,target}?10:56
ohyashhybris/mw/community-adaptation.log :
T4<elros34> ohyash: you should also update submodules11:25
ohyash@elros34 so my configs generated with previous submodules(SFOS 2.x) won't work as such?11:27
ohyashsounds like reinventing the wheel. Is there a more simpler way than reupdating the submodules and re-pasting the required custom modifications/quirks into the newer generated configs.11:29
T4<elros34> there are not so many changes in droid-config, you don't have to regenerate them11:30
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T4<OhYash> works, thanks12:11
T4<elros34> you can always look at other repos history and adapt changes:
eugeniopiggz, @adampigg: shouldn't the package name of pulseaudio-modules-droid-keepalive be adjusted?
piggzeugenio: yes, i'll change it16:04
piggzeugenio: done16:06
eugenioawesome, there is also this PR to review:
piggzeugenio: you have 2 to review!16:07
eugeniouh, missed them! I'll look at them now :)16:07
eugenioanyway with those changes to the patterns (did them manually in the _pattern project in OBS) I managed to upgrade successfully to 3.0.1 (from 2.2.1)16:08
piggzeugenio: i had an idea about gps .... thought id try and write a server which provides position from a phone, then a tethered tablet could use a new geoclue client plugin16:08
eugeniopiggz, merged the PRs16:14
eugeniowe could even try a mic build now!16:14
piggzyep, r0kk3rz, you could also do a server build for us!16:15
piggzconfig rebuild triggered16:17
eugenionext step would be removing droid-hal-latte altogether16:18
eugenioi.e. moving the systemd mount units to a new package, and perhaps compiling the kernel directly on OBS16:19
piggzeugenio: any thoughts about the camera?16:22
eugeniohaven't looked there at all... did you?16:23
piggzno, not yet..16:23
piggzi think we have some device nodes16:23
eugenioit's a start16:23
piggzand i think i know which kernel driver is responsible for the camera16:23
piggzeugenio: oh, i htought it was atomisp16:24
eugenioSay Y here if your platform supports Intel Atom SoC camera imaging subsystem. To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be called atomisp16:26
eugenioso ov2xxx is the actual device driver16:27
eugeniosomething that also bugs me greatly is the white-screen stock browser16:34
piggzeugenio: there is an updated webkit on openrepos that makes webcat a bit netter16:35
eugenioyup installed it16:36
eugenioworks ok excluding the lightning effect :D (but that's not webkit/webcat's fault)16:36
piggzid like to build gst with vf4 support to try camera16:36
piggzeugenio: pushed the rogue space without review, pls forgive me16:41
eugeniothat's my fault, merged the PR thinking it was the other one16:41
eugeniobut still, as long as it's harmless it's ok with me :)16:42
piggzeugenio: kernel 5.0 would be a good target too!16:47
eugenioheh, would be nice indeed16:48
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malpiggz: does the UI look ok with that icon set and silica configs?17:10
malpiggz: does that device have gps?17:12
T4<adampigg> Mal not afaik...however i did at one point think dmesg referenced a gps chip17:26
T4<adampigg> Mal, i think there are still tweaks that could be done, unless it is a telegrame problem17:27
T4<eugenio_g7> Someone should try telegra'me on a tbj17:31
piggzmal: @eugenio_g7, there is a BCM47521 device on the device, which is a GPS chip, but all the forum posts say there is no GPS ... maybe its a case of a chip but nothing else18:17
malpiggz: or maybe it's not wired18:17
piggzmal: afaict, that device is exposed as a uart on /dev/ttyHSU118:19
piggzHSU0 is the BT device18:19
piggzmal: and there is an associated rfkill device18:21
piggzbut, id rather get the camera to work18:22
malpiggz: ok, interesting18:25
malpiggz: it could also be that it just doesn't have an antenna18:25
piggzmal: maybe18:28
T4<eugenio_g7> Cool18:29
piggz@eugenio_g7 i built v4l-utils, it might help20:27

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