Saturday, 2019-02-16

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T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 if youget a chance to look over the bt/fw PR, i will build anothr test image09:41
T4<eugenio_g7> @adampigg merged, and I just opened another PR to merge the dhv changes:
T4<adampigg> Cool, will look.shortly11:25
piggz@eugenio_g7 need to make a wee fix to d-h-v12:12
heroic_1where can I find the sources for this build? I think "mal" built it12:20
vknechtheroic_1, I guess12:26
heroic_1ah, I was only checking the mer-hybris github repos... thanks you!12:26
malpiggz: nitpicking again, the commit message format in the dhv PR is not following the example set by the previous commits :)12:43
merbotpiggz: Error: No closing quotation12:44
malpiggz: :D12:44
malpiggz: sorry12:44
piggzim doing too much at one .. d-h-v, d-h-v-l, and sorting out my daughetrs car insurance!12:45
T4<eugenio_g7> :D13:01
piggzmal: happy with adding [dhv] at the start?
piggzmake sure it is ok, i had to merge etc to get it to commit13:20
malpiggz: much better thanks :)13:27
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T4<eugenio_g7> piggz: although I generally avoid doing that on the master branches, I think that we could rewrite the git history in this specific case rather that further polluting it by merging this PR16:19
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 feel free!16:20
T4<eugenio_g7> great :)16:20
T4<eugenio_g7> @adampigg: also fixed up the dhv commit reference as it didn't exist anymore16:29
piggz@eugenio_g7 hmm, somehting is still wrong...16:37
piggzits looking for the vibrator packages..16:37
piggzthe droid one...16:38
piggzbut, afaict, becuase have_vibrator is 0, it shouldnt?16:38
malpiggz: what is looking those vibra packages?16:40
piggzmal: droid-hal-version-latte16:41
malpiggz: try removing the whole have_vibrator define from your spec16:42
piggzmal: yes, that works, guess that makes the whole 0/1 thing a bit irrelevant!16:50
piggzmal: actually, it passed the unresolvable stage, into failing stage
piggzmal: hang on, i thnk i see it17:06
piggzmal: @eugenio_g7: yes, thats worked17:09
piggz@eugenio_g7 feel free to flash !!17:38
heroic_1kagura looking good:
heroic_1now to get touch up...18:48
heroic_1is there a way to ssh in? I have no adb sadly18:49
piggzhuh, the redmi note 5 is the same soc as the note 419:18
TheKitheroic_1, what about telnet according to HADK?19:23
TheKitadb is not used with Sailfish19:23
heroic_1yup, that looks good to me, but how do I set up the init file?19:23
TheKitfor what?19:24
TheKitit should be already enabled when building community port according to HADK19:24
heroic_1"The hybris-boot repository contains such an initrd with convenient USB networking"19:24
heroic_1AHH nvm19:24
heroic_1but do I only have it in recovery or also in regular boot?19:25
heroic_1no, apparently not. I can't telnet into the device, only when in recovery19:27
TheKitafter OS is booted, it should be setup by /init script in rootfs19:31
TheKitdoes ssh ip work?19:31
TheKitand make sure you try telnet 2323, not 23 after switching to roofs19:32
heroic_1seems I don't have telnet, this is what dmesg tells me:
heroic_1do I need to copy "hybris-boot/init-script" to somewhere?19:37
TheKitheroic_1, you mean you do not have network device?20:09
TheKitusb0 or similar on host20:09
heroic_1I see no new network device20:11
heroic_1do you mean I could have ssh up?20:12
heroic_1Ideally I'd like to have telnet up at least like in the recovery20:14
heroic_1Just noticed I have "qt5-plugin-generic-evdev" in my "jolla-hw-adaptation-kagura.yaml", but somehow it didn't get installed to my target. Odd. Let's see if I can get touch up now20:14
TheKitmissing touch is probably due to wrong /dev/input/eventx device specified in environment file20:16
heroic_1should I hard-code that?20:19
heroic_1Because the nile devices don't do it. And for me, the input devices seem to get shuffled at every boot20:19
malheroic_1: is that android 8 based port?20:19
heroic_1yes, android 8 based20:19
heroic_1Right now I'm pulling the systemd logs upon returning to recovery, but that doesn't make for a very brisk development pace20:20
malheroic_1: some android 8 devices have issues with usb network, try setting CONFIG_RNDIS_IPA=n, CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_QCRNDIS=n, CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_RNDIS=y and CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_RMNET_BAM=n in kernel defconfig and rebuild kernel using make hybris-boot and then fastboot flash the new hybris-boot.img from out/20:22
heroic_1I do have telnet in recovery, are you sure that that's the issue?20:22
malheroic_1: if you don't have telnet in normal boot then yes20:22
malI have had that20:23
heroic_1let's see
heroic_1yeah, the RNDIS stuff is enabled20:24
heroic_1ok, will try without that stuff20:25
heroic_1TheKit: do I need to set "evdevtouch:/dev/touchscreen" in LIPSTICK_OPTIONS ?20:26
heroic_1nile seems to be doing it without: "LIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap"20:26
TheKitearlier it used to be /dev/input/eventx (where x is 0..n), I suppose /dev/touchscreen symlink should be created by udev rule20:28
heroic_1I see there is a package that does that
heroic_1But it hasn't been updated since 2015, and I don't see jolla using it anywhere20:28
heroic_1hmm, now I get "connection refused" at least20:30
heroic_1ugh, and my display is dead.. how did I manage that? -_-20:31
heroic_1 some progress20:32
heroic_1it's stuck on the "setting up" stage I guess: "iSerial                 3 Mer Debug telnet on port 23 on usb0 - also running udhcpd"20:33
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heroic_1Hmm, I think I know why it fails to boot. I made the kernel with "make hybris-boot" instead of going through "droid-hal-kagura-img-boot"20:49
T4<elros34> don't add :/dev/touchscreen so touchscreen node will be auto detected20:57
T4<elros34> or /dev/input/event*20:58
heroic_1alright, that's what I have now. But no touch20:58
heroic_1Alright, I get the issue now. When I compile with "droid-hal-img-boot-kagura", I get the "jolla-init" script as init
heroic_1But when I compile with "make droid-boot", I get the debug "init-script" from hybris-boot:
heroic_1that's why it seemed like I could get telnet up when compiling from within the android tree, but not when compiling from the SDK21:51
malI didn't know you are not using the normal hadk way to build21:56
heroic_1Yeah, it's all a bit wild with sony stuff :)22:02
heroic_1But I think I got it now22:02
heroic_1Added the gadgetfs functions and mangled a bit with the "jolla-init" file, will see if I get telnet now22:03
heroic_1btw, the helpers from and do make a lot of sense22:04
r0kk3rztbh it would be easier to do normal hadk way first, then switch to productised way after22:12
malnothing prevents using sonys with hadk way either22:12
r0kk3rzno thats whe way i did my tablet22:19
heroic_1hadk way doesn't boot for me22:24
heroic_1or at least with the current config, would be quite a lot of work to switch now, only to switch back later22:24
r0kk3rzits fine if you know what you're doing22:27
heroic_1let's say I'm getting there...22:28
r0kk3rzheh, yes its a learning curve22:28
r0kk3rzbut if you do things the usual way then we can give you the usual answers22:28
heroic_1heads up: old init script uses /bin/busybox-static, but the jolla initramfs has /sbin/busybox-static22:29
heroic_1r0kk3rz: sure, but I figure it would be easier to start with a working system22:29
r0kk3rzif it was working that well, you wouldnt be talking to us :P22:31
r0kk3rzanyway, sounds like you've gotten fairly far already22:32
heroic_1"-ish", hehe yeah :)22:38
heroic_1this is my current boot log:
heroic_1and this is the modified init I am using:
heroic_1It boots fine, but I can see the rndis interfaces disappearing in dmesg once it has reached the "switch-root" stage23:14
malheroic_1: so the kernel change didn't help?23:15
heroic_1It seems to me there is no way to preserve telnet functionality throughout the root switch, only to set it up again afterwards23:15
heroic_1I changed the kernel, but it did not help23:15
heroic_1I see that the rootfs has an "init-debug" file, is that ever executed? Looks just like the recovery telnet setup23:16
maljust curious try masking usb-moded and see what happens23:17
malhmm, actually yes, the change won't work all the way, usb-moded has a limitations currently in configfs support23:18
heroic_1Oh I just noticed something stupid. I think I am missing sailfish-porter-tools23:18
maldoes your rootfs have a file /init_disable_telnet? porter tools does provide busybox-static it seems23:20
heroic_1rootfs as in the ramdisk? then no23:21
malno, sfos rootfs23:22
heroic_1sfos rootfs as well23:22
malheroic_1: how far does the device boot now?23:22
heroic_1all the way23:22
heroic_1to the welcome screen that is23:22
malok, did you fix touchscreen already?23:22
heroic_1no, sadly not23:23
heroic_1I am hunting down what it could be. I thought maybe some weirdness because nile uses SDE/sdm and tone/kagura is still stuck on msmfb, but then I remembered that nile only got sde on pie23:23
heroic_1the "qt5-plugin-generic-evdev" is supposed to auto-detect the right touchscreen device, right?23:24
malhow did you try to fix touch?23:24
heroic_1I don't think it's kernel since my aosp builds work just fine23:24
heroic_1Currently trying to telnet in, *in order to* start exploring /dev/input23:25
heroic_1what common pitfalls are there with touchscreen? the hadk-faq recommends to try using evdev instead of evdevtouch, is that a good idea?23:26
malhow does your /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-*.conf file look like23:26
heroic_1kanged straight from nile. "physical" properties are only for dpi scaling, right?23:28
malok, not sure which sfos version brings the touchscreen autodetect23:29
heroic_1I am porting
mal try defining the device manually, it's usually 0, 1 or 223:30
heroic_1I have saved kernel logs from 4.4 on aosp, and it seems the device jumps per-boot23:31
heroic_1but I will try manually, maybe in sfos it stays stable23:32
malhmm, well then there is the udev rule way23:32
heroic_1just revert that one?23:33
malthat was how it was dropped from nile so add something similar back23:33
maldepends on what the name of the touchscreen is on your device23:34
malI think you should be able to see that in recovery23:34
heroic_1how? now I'm curious23:34
heroic_1wut? apparently my sfos rootfs doesn't have /var/lib/udev at all...23:35
malare you sure you are checking correct place?23:36
maland for the name check /sys/class/input/input0/name etc23:36
maldepending on which event device is correct23:37
heroic_1lil heart attack :) was checking /var/lib instead of /lib/udev23:38
heroic_1WE HAVE TOUCH!!!!23:43
heroic_1Thanks a million mal!23:43
heroic_1wifi as well...23:45
heroic_1sound too23:45
heroic_1wifi won't accept the password though. will fix later23:46
heroic_1heh, the tutorial is kinda cute23:48
heroic_1haptics up as well23:49
malit can be skipped by touching screen corners clockwise starting from top left corner, before starting the tutorial23:49
maljust in case you need to reinstall at some poit23:50
heroic_1nah, I'm new to it, I really dig it :) but thx23:50
malheroic_1: once you have reinstalled many times it becomes annoying :)23:50
heroic_1CAMERA up23:50
heroic_1let's check ril23:51
heroic_1torch up23:51
malmaybe check that the camera configs are correct, there could be different resolutions23:51
malinstalling droid-camres from here can be used
heroic_1it's stuttery as well23:52
heroic_1but we gotta fix that on our side, our camera hal is garbage anyway23:53
heroic_1our side meaning sony open devices23:53
heroic_1then we can check which resolutions we enable for sailfish23:53
heroic_1high framerate stuff is only in testing on pie as of now23:53
malwhich of the tone devices are you testing on?23:54
heroic_1can already see the thermals need some love23:54
heroic_1for tone, only kagura23:54
heroic_1I have some friends with dora, and we had someone with the elusive keyaki23:54
malok, good progress anyway23:54
heroic_1how do I change camera resolution in the ui? i don't see any pulley23:55
malin settings->apps->camera23:55
malbut it only has one resolution for each aspect ratio23:56
malwhich are defined in
heroic_1no effing way... we got working ril and calls with audio23:57
heroic_1camera resolutions are 20mp and 13mp23:58
heroic_1front with 4 and 8, selfie cam confirmed working23:58
heroic_1hmm, seems no mobile data though23:59

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