Sunday, 2019-02-17

r0kk3rznot an apn issue?00:01
heroic_1could very well be. the default list is an xml in android afaik00:02
heroic_1man I gotta say I really dig these ambiences. font is terrible though00:02
heroic_1wifi is working, you just gotta remember your wifi password -_-00:04
heroic_1audio fine as well00:09
maldoes the wlan mac address look ok?00:09
malmaybe the initialization script for that is not working00:10
heroic_1mac address is fine. I think I misspoke(miswrote?), I meant that you yourself have to actually enter the correct wifi password, and not attempt with an old one ^^00:10
heroic_1these little "will wipe cache in 5 seconds, tap here to cancel" timers are great!00:11
heroic_1bluetooth is gonna need some work, I remember disabling the unit earlier00:13
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masya_Hi there! Is there any way to port SFOS with LineageOS 16.0?11:14
malmasya_: not yet, it's still wip11:35
vknechtso I added camera-settings and harbour-advanced-camera to my OBS:devel, but they don't seem to be picked up even by adding them to kickstart... do I need re-patternization or something ?11:38
vknechtworked for connman, but I guess it's because it replaces an existing package, and device' obs has higher priority ?11:40
vknechthmm, or rather, higher version11:42
vknechtprobably have to tag or refresh some _service, not sure which one11:50
vknechtnvm, looks like the real name is camera-settings-plugin...12:01
T4<eugenio_g7> @adampigg: flashed, BT now seems to work fine (tried only file sharing), sensors still don't... will hopefully take a look tonight12:15
T4<adampigg> Hmm, no sensors. ..12:18
vknechtadvanced cam seems to work fine, thanks all involved :)12:54
piggzvknecht: gr8, remember, PRs welcome!12:56
vknechtwas thinking about it, esp. for french translation ;-)12:56
piggzvknecht: and effects/exposure modes seem ok? hdr?13:03
piggzthink i'll do some icons for the ISO modes..13:04
vknechtpiggz: just tried effects, don't seem to be taken in account...13:13
piggzvknecht: i found on mido, most worked, but some didnt ... and also, your camera may support different hal's .. i have to set mine to disable hal313:18
T4S49IA was added by: Arsaam_Khan13:20
vknechtnone seem to work, a logcat of app run with successive selection of all effects :
vknechtmight be missing blobs in base ?13:33
vknecht(effects work in los 14.1 base)13:33
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piggzpiggz-o-vision now has iso icons so you know what mode is selected17:16
piggzand a label in the top right to display the resolution17:36
vknechtpiggz, aaah, seems ASD has to be off for effects to work...18:04
piggzvknecht: gr8 ... probably each device is different18:13
vknechtit misses a quick access to last shot, or gallery ;-)18:14
piggzvknecht: hey, i wrote all the backend code to enable this stuff, the app is really just a demo, hoping for community to send patches!18:21
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mal@adampigg should we start tagging advanced camera "releases" so we could use webhooks and update all builds easily in OBS?19:01
malpiggz: I made some UI fixes to advanced camera app
piggzmal: thx, atlast!22:19
piggzmal: now, if you fancy making all the effect/exposure icons........22:20
malpiggz: I'm quite bad at making pictures, one app I co-authored is basically blocked by the fact that I haven't been able to make good enough icon for it :D22:25
piggzmal: nice improvement22:34
malpiggz: good, I was wondering if the opacity is ok or not22:35
malpiggz: I'll see if I can make some additional things sometime soon22:36
malpiggz: it seems the UI needs some more changes, it currently doesn't work well with light ambiences22:40
piggzmal: i see what you mean23:00

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