Monday, 2019-02-18

ohyashanyone who's facing auto shutdown with salifish 3?06:21
T4<elros34> @ohyash: yes, reboots/kernel panic in due to new firewall rules. Check your dmseg (/dev/last_kmsg or pstore)08:32
piggz_mal: for the UI, should we stick to the light-on-dark icons, or also have dark-on-light?09:08
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 hows the sensors?09:38
T4<eugenio_g7> @adampigg they work if I flash my self-compiled droid-hal, but I need to restart sensorfwd anyways (so there is also a timing issue)09:52
T4<eugenio_g7> With the dhd in OBS the iio devices don't get created at all09:52
T4<eugenio_g7> Will clean up things and retry a kernel build tonight09:53
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 ah, i wonder if there is an old hal on obs, i will upload my current one09:54
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 huh, no, the version number matches10:04
T4<eugenio_g7> Yea,  the git rev seems correct10:10
malpiggz_: need to see how official icons are done, maybe those have some other way10:18
malpiggz_: I think it's possible to color the icons programmatically10:18
kimmoliiconprovider can do the trick10:20
masha11mal: Hi. I check the contents of the files fstab in the folder out/. This is What can you say about it?12:25
malmasha11: those are not ok, you might need to run something like "make fstab.griffin" in HABUILD_SDK12:36
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piggz_kimmoli: so, using this ?12:59
piggz_do i need to have mutiple icons in each color style?13:00
kimmoliwould need to check how it is done on native apps13:00
kimmolibut with that custom icons gets highlighted color, but how is the normal theme color passed (?)13:01
kimmoliicons are transparent+white with alpha, that just converts white to whatever is passed after ? argument in filename13:01
piggz_kimmoli: good, my custom icons are transparent white with alpha...13:11
malpiggz_: kimmoli colorScheme in
malpiggz_: kimmoli there are also dark/light colors which can then be used based on color scheme13:20
kimmoliaa there are methods13:20
piggz_mal: i saw that yesterday, and wastn sure if it was a bool or an enum!13:21
malpiggz_: I can have a look later today13:21
kimmolicolorScheme is bool. the description does not make sense for a boolean?13:21
piggz_kimmoli: my thoughts!13:21
malpiggz_: do we want the menu to change color based on light/dark ambience13:24
malkimmoli: it's actually an enum with only two values which is same as boolean, comparing colorScheme is done against Theme.DarkOnLight and Theme.LightOnDark13:26
mallike this Theme.colorScheme == Theme.DarkOnLight13:26
malin a sense having it descibed as boolean is a bit wrong13:27
piggz_mal: ideally we might want to change the whole menu ... but, tbh, in this instance, i think just the dark sceme works well, whichever scheme is set for other apps13:27
piggz_and, as the background is the viewvinder, the chances are that the dark buttons will be more visible, more of the time13:28
masha11mal: Please tell me how to run correctly "make fstab.griffin". I get an erro:
T4<elros34> @masha: use: "make modules | grep fstab" to figure out correct command13:40
masha11T4: thank you.  I got the following: "fstab.qcom libfstab libfstab_32"13:43
masha11T4: Should I run it: "make fstab.qcom"?13:45
T4<elros34> I guess13:47
T4<elros34> I see only fstab.qcom here
riniguspiggz_: you could use colorScheme as bool as well. true corresponds to light background, false dark. background itself should be available via Theme.overlayBackgroundColor , other colors as usual. in pure maps, I just have light (white) and dark (black) icons and swap between them depending on Theme.colorScheme13:52
piggz_rinigus: is it possible to 'force' a scheme/icon set for the app?13:53
masha11Thank you. Now my fstab looks like this:
piggz_im not sure light icons wil dark text will work well against a viewvinder, esp ot doors13:55
malpiggz_: yep, we probably need to keep some parts of the UI dark always13:58
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piggz_mal: yup, thats my thoughts ... so, i either need to override the icon theme in the case where I get icons from the system, or, i could just copy the icons i need13:59
piggz_not sure if thats allowed14:00
riniguspiggz_: not that I am aware of. in some respect maps are probably similar to camera app - but it does work ok on light ambience. if you want to force a scheme, just use the theme colors if they are according to the dark ambience and otherwise set your own14:00
rinigus... ahh, you use system icons. then not sure if it will work14:00
piggz_rinigus: its not the colours that are the issue, its when I get the icon using image://theme/,,,,,14:00
piggz_yup :)14:01
riniguspiggz_: make an open call somewhere and ask for icons.14:01
piggz_or just hard-code the full path to the dark icon ;)14:02
malpiggz_: it's trivial to override theme14:03
malwe can just use darkPrimaryColor etc14:03
piggz_mal: its the icon selection we need to override14:03
malpiggz_: I'll do some testing later today14:04
masha11To build rpm/dhd/helpers/ , the version of Target and Tooling must match the version of Sailfish? For example
masha11mal: Now my fstab looks like this: . This is normal?14:08
masha11mal: ok. What about the versions Target/Tooling and Sailfish?14:10
maljust read what the warning box in hadk pdf says14:12
masha11mal: ok14:15
malin chapter 614:15
piggz_how did i not know about :D14:16
malpiggz_: I heard about that some time ago14:19
piggz_just realised mido has bluez5 listed in the ofono noplugin config ... what would that effect?14:37
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malpiggz_: do you have something like this
piggz_mal: sort of, not not as detailed, I only enable hfp_ag_bluez514:56
piggz_and dont disable any14:56
piggz_i wonder if that contributes to my PBAP not working14:57
piggz_i will test as soon as I get my car back from the garage!14:59
malpiggz_: xa2 has the same as fp2 so maybe try that15:04
piggz_mal: will do, missin pbap is been a pain ... however, still people complain about it not working on official devices, there is a port today on tjc15:05
piggz_for me, on jollaC, it seemed to stop working at 2.1.115:06
piggz_but, maybe it will work15:06
malpiggz_: also maybe try updating droid-config submodule, ref
piggz_mal: on it15:17
malpiggz_: there is also another commit related to that config15:18
piggz_mal: does pbap work on fp2?15:19
malpiggz_: no idea what pbap is :)15:20
piggz_mal: where you connect to a car, and ti displays your contacts15:21
malpiggz_: I don't have a car15:21
heroic_1hey, any idea why I'm missing "droid-system"? I have these installed:
heroic_1and they should provide it:
heroic_1yet mic complains: "repo problem: nothing provides droid-system needed by droid-hal-kagura-0.0.6-201902181359.armv7hl"15:44
malnormally ports use the system partition and not the packages system15:44
heroic_1I'm using the rootfs on the userdata partition via lvm15:46
heroic_1This is more me being puzzled at how rpm works15:46
heroic_1Shouldn't I see a sort of meta-package for "droid-system" when I search via zypper?15:46
maldroid-system is optional15:51
heroic_1I need it to pull in my own droid-system-kagura15:51
heroic_1I know, but I want to try to use the lvm method15:52
heroic_1Just to get the hang of it. I have already succeeded in building, this is more me wondering why when a package "Provides: " something, rpm still complains it is missing15:52
malthat is not related to lvm15:52
heroic_1how can that be?15:53
malyou are misunderstanding it, even if sfos rootfs is using lvm then system partition can be either packaged to a rpm or mounted the usual way15:53
malheroic_1: lvm is about sfos rootfs/home stuff15:54
heroic_1yes, of course15:54
malnot about system partition15:54
heroic_1but I want to try to package it15:54
malI have never done that15:54
malmaybe take one step at a time, first make lvm build work and only after that try packaging droid-system15:55
heroic_1just forget about the specifics of it for now. just in general, how can it be that the package "Provides: " something, is installed(on the target) and rpm still complains that it is missing15:55
malalso droid-system is a bit problematic in community ports, it might contain vendor libs and distributing those might cause issues15:56
heroic_1I have already made the lvm build work by just keeping the obs_build guard and manually copying15:56
heroic_1for sony open devices all vendor blobs are on the /odm partition15:56
heroic_1everything in /system and /system/vendor is OSS15:56
heroic_1we don't pull shit like lineage where they extract files from stock15:57
heroic_1It takes 5 minutes for mic to refresh the repos. Is this the case for you as well? Is jolla throttling connections for community builds?15:58
heroic_1It should only be checking the index file hashes, I mean how long can that take?15:59
heroic_1In arch linux, it's instant if nothing changed15:59
malno, refresh is very quick15:59
malmaybe you have something wrong in your .ks, pastebin the file15:59
heroic_1it's a bit dirty
malwhy @jolla-configuration-f8331 ?16:00
malthat's not supposed to be like that16:01
heroic_1it wouldn't find the @Jolla Configuration f8331 one16:01
maldid you regenerate patterns properly?16:01
heroic_1" --configs" and then ""16:02
malthen something is wrong, @Jolla Configuration f8331 should always work16:02
heroic_1let me try again with @Jolla then16:02
heroic_1but it's gonna be 5 minutes before I can tell you whether it worked16:03
malare you sure you don't have some issue with the naming, you seem to have a mixture of kagura and f833116:03
malfor example is droid-local-repo/kagura the correct one, and not f8331?16:04
heroic_1yes, the local repo path is correct16:04
heroic_1do you have some sort of credentials for the repos set up? the delay when refreshing is making development incrediably frustrating16:05
heroic_1when I was building the "mw" packages, it took 5 minutes in between *each* package. who has the patience to tolerate that?16:06
malwhich of the repos is slow?16:08
malrefresh those manually using: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper ref16:09
maland see how it behaves16:09
heroic_1each takes about 1 minute16:12
heroic_1apart from the local repo, which is almost instant16:12
malI just tried and all worked fine, no delay at all16:13
maleven forced refresh had no delay16:14
heroic_1for me it's the same with the manual command, ~30s-1min each16:15
heroic_1also, almost no network activity apart from a few spikes16:15
heroic_1when I download the sdk tarballs, I have ~5mb/s speeds16:15
heroic_1and the actual package downlaods are very fast as well16:15
malno idea what could cause that16:16
heroic_1I hope it's not something between the chroot and arch linux16:17
heroic_1using NetworkManager on the host16:17
heroic_1is there a flag I can give to zypper to tell me in more detail what it is doing right now?16:17
malor -v16:18
heroic_1let's see then whether it spends too much time waiting for connection or whether it is the post-processing that is slow16:20
heroic_1I changed the "%package" back to "@Jolla Configuration f8331" and it seemed to work now btw16:22
heroic_1the "Retrieving: repomd.xml" stage for the jolla repos takes forever16:43
heroic_1the download from "" is almost instant however16:51
heroic_1when I open the page in the browser, it loads instantly, e.g. ""16:54
heroic_1same for the linked .gz files16:55
vknechtany thought about this udev/DEVLINKS error (14.1 base) ? offending line is the last one of
vknechtJan 01 02:23:56 Sailfish systemd-udevd[507]: unknown key 'DEVLINKS' in /lib/udev/rules.d/999-android-system.rules:71418:09
vknechtJan 01 02:23:56 Sailfish systemd-udevd[507]: invalid rule '/lib/udev/rules.d/999-android-system.rules:714'18:10
vknechtjournalctl :
vknechtfound similar error at but not sure what to do18:11
malvknecht: that file is automatically generated during build, have you modified it yourself?18:25
vknechtmal, I don't think so18:29
vknechtneither on device nor in sparse18:31
malvknecht: does that cause some issues or just an error in logs?18:32
vknechtjust log error, afaik18:32
piggz_r0kk3rz: ping18:43
heroic_1found the culprit for why "droid-system" was unavailable:
heroic_1I was building the spec files one after another, so when I built "droid-system-kagura.spec" it would wipe the rpm for "droid-system-kagura-f8331"18:47
heroic_1Need to supply both spec files to the command at once18:47
r0kk3rzpiggz_: moo19:29
piggz_r0kk3rz: reply on telegram, not sfos related19:32
piggz_mal: abranson: if scene-mode (exposure) is set to off, which I think is manual, should some sliders appear for setting apeture and exposure time20:12
malpiggz_: I have been thinking of investigating if such a thing is possible20:16
malpiggz_: I did some changes to UI again and I'm able to make it both follow the light/dark color scheme or just stay is default one, which one do we want, both look reasonable21:04
piggz_mal: if both look reasonable, perhaps allow following the user scheme?21:04
piggz_mal: where should we build it?21:17
malpiggz_: what do you mean?21:20
piggz_mal: obs project21:38
piggz_my personal, or common:21:39
malpiggz_: need to think21:58

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