Thursday, 2019-02-28

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T4<jgibbon> piggz: When you've done that, could you trigger an obs build? My obs branch does not create repo folders despite building successfully. If I know how it's supposed to look, I can send the other icons via PR. Alternatively: Can anyone advise how to build it on local SDK target?10:41
masha11Hi. I flashed SailfishOS with a command "fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img". Lit white screen with the inscription "moto powered by android". My device - griffin. What can it mean?11:09
malcheck host dmesg when usb is connected11:23
masha11mal: dmesg:
masha11mal: no message "Mer Boat Loader"11:30
masha11mal: no message "rndis"11:31
masha11mal: lsusb: (no usb device)11:36
masha11mal: rebooted, now there is a black screen.11:43
malmasha11: did you build using then normal way as described in hadk pdf?11:50
masha11mal: yes11:51
malmasha11: did you try the kernel config changes mentioned yesterday?11:53
masha11mal: yes. My config now:
T4<elros34> masha11: if you set CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_RNDIS manually you need to also fulfill parent dependecies like CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS11:57
maldoes that device use configfs or not? looks like it might not11:58
T4<elros34> mal: no, he had enabled CONFIG_RNDIS_IPA, I advise him to try to enable configfs_rndis12:00
masha11ok, i will fix it through menuconfig and try again12:01
mal@elros34 I mean by default the defconfig didn't have configfs enabled at all, then it should be using the old gadget usb12:02
malso enabling configfs might not even work and could cause more issues12:03
T4<elros34> ok12:04
masha11mal: do I turn on CONFIG_RNDIS_IPA or CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_RNDIS?12:07
malmasha11: I think you shouldn't do any configfs usb related changes, I think your device doesn't use configfs12:23
masha11mal: I understand. But what can I try to load the initrd and so that I see messages "Mer Boat Loader"?12:26
malmasha11: hack the init-script to mount for example sdcard or userdata and write some debug log there12:41
masha11mal: how can i crack the init script and how to mount?12:43
malin hybris/hybris-boot
maluse normal linux commands, it's just a shell script12:57
masha11mal: thank. I will try.12:59
vknechtMal, hello :-) Testing the new h-a-c... ISO and resolution values seem undefined on 1st start, so that ISO icon is empty and resolution is not displayed17:45
vknechtin the settings panel, taping any rear.font cam setting only fades other entries, nothing useful is displayed17:46
vknecht*rear or front17:46
malvknecht: hmm, need to check that ISO value things, resolution issue is known17:48
vknechtonce a value is selected, it's ok17:49
malvknecht: ISO value should default to 0 which is auto
malvknecht: btw, it doesn't reload parameters when changing camera so thing maybe break17:51
vknechthello piggz18:02
vknechtI don't have the button to switch cam neither, it seems18:03
Mister_Magisterjusa: ping can we talk about fixing my microphone?18:04
Henkate_hadk's faq mentions to clone libhybris android8-initial branch into hybris/mw. I see that there's a branch called android8-initial-update which has some more commits. Shall i use android8-initial-update?18:10
Henkate_i guess i'll go with the first one18:21
vknechtHenkate_, according to irc logs, android8-initial-update is fine18:23
malHenkate_: faq is old, use master branch18:24
malandroid 8 support was merged just this week18:26
Henkate_mal: for LOS 15.1?18:26
Henkate_oh, i see18:26
Henkate_okay, thanks18:26
malI forgot to update faq, I updated it now18:26
Henkate_thanks again xD18:26
Henkate_vknecht: thank you too xD18:27
piggzmal: vknecht: code for scene/exposure modes is done, waiting on some new icons tho18:48
piggzmal: should i PR with the current icons?19:14
piggzi did anyway!19:16
mal@adampigg I don't see a PR, I do see the branch20:42
mal@adampigg I was thinking that maybe the ISO icons could be done without images since those are just text20:43

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