Friday, 2019-03-01

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lbtThaodan_: I need to review PR15 when I get back off holiday - feel free to remind me :)15:51
Thaodan_sure :)15:52
Thaodan_when is that ca?15:52
Thaodan_have a nice vacation15:53
lbtback on 11/march - off on a ski & salsa holiday \o/15:53
Thaodan_interesting combination cold and hot16:01
T4<dashinfantry> 查看 @thefxtec 的推文:
T4<dashinfantry> [Edit] @thefxtec :
heroic_1sledges: any way to get repos for kagura/tone in mer-hybris? my port is buildable now, sources are at
heroic_1I am relying on some patched repos, but I've PR'd all the necessary changes to d-h-d, bionic and hybris-boot, it's just a matter of the patched repos getting merged18:28
malheroic_1: were you the one making those PRs to dhd?18:28
heroic_1yes, ix5 on gh18:29
heroic_1mal: you'll be glad to know I am no longer relying on droid-hal-img-boot-sony-tone but using the community-adaptation way with hybris-boot instead18:30
heroic_1mal: which android version is your fp2 port based on? I am running into this because of a change in Oreo's bootable/recovery
malheroic_1: aosp6, soon aosp7 I hope (waiting for sources)18:33
heroic_1ok, so that means no community ports are using oreo atm?18:33
malthere are some18:33
heroic_1what about the latte one? which android version is that on18:33
mallatte is non-android based18:34
mali.e. native port18:34
malthere were some hybris-15.1 ports18:34
heroic_1non-android means there isn't even a dependency on mediaserver and all the android hals? very interesting18:35
malheroic_1: hybris-15.1 is for lineage ports so this PR in not relevant
heroic_1mal: which version of bionic am I supposed to use on oreo?18:35
malheroic_1: depends on device18:35
heroic_1the nile ports use
malheroic_1: for sony device you use the sony hybris branch18:36
heroic_1ok then I will stick to the sony branches18:37
malheroic_1: everything is native in latter, it's x86 device and uses native graphics and stuff18:37
heroic_1very cool18:37
heroic_1where are the sony branches for bionic cut out from? like, what do they use as a base18:39
heroic_1btw this is also needed for the sony branches:
heroic_1I mean the sony branches seem to be snapshots of something, so what upstream are they from18:39
malheroic_1: those are taken from the manifest mentioned in sony open devices build instructions18:41
malheroic_1: what build error do you get without that?18:42
heroic_1that manifest is just the default android 8.1 one18:42
heroic_1but the hybris-sony branches have lots of patches on top18:42
malmostly yes, plus the local manifest from sony18:42
heroic_1I am only talking about bionic now18:42
mallike what commits?18:43
heroic_1sony's local_manifests don't touch bionic18:43
heroic_1we use upstream aosp bionic18:43
heroic_1mal: the build error was that __get_tls was undefined18:43
malheroic_1: I find that odd, considering nile devices build fine18:43
heroic_1I don't have an android 8 tree synced any more as of yesterday, but I can go verify it for you on the weekend18:44
malheroic_1: why did you remove it?18:46
heroic_1because my main focus isn't sailfish18:46
heroic_1we have pressing issues on pie that need fixing18:47
malso you are not planning on maintaining the port?18:47
heroic_1sure I want to maintain it, it's just I can't do everything in a single day18:47
sledgesPSA: XA2 build instructions available for early testing:
sledgesheroic_1: thanks for contribs, please recheck your port against ^18:48
sledgesis your port not only buildable but deployable and bootable? ;)18:48
sledgesanyhow, i'm afk for the weekend now:)18:48
malheroic_1: well I find it odd to remove sources unless you are running out of disk space18:49
heroic_1mal: that is exactly the issue if you only have 500gb and also some work-related stuff18:49
heroic_1throw in a vm and you have to be very conservative with your space18:50
malheroic_1: I have several 100 GB of hybris sources :)18:50
heroic_1sledges: great, that looks like you need very few patches... cool18:50
heroic_1my port is bootable and the basics are there, but I don't know what you'd consider deployable18:51
malheroic_1: I still find it odd that why you even touched hybris-15.1 branches, those are not relevant for you at all18:51
heroic_1mal: I thought that the hybris-15.1 were the upstream of the hybris-sony branches, that's why I PR'd against them18:52
heroic_1sledges: no, not flashable, because of
malheroic_1: nope, those are not related, those share similar things but not the same always18:52
malsledges: he reverted to community build way18:52
sledgesheroic_1: if your port can be built against the wiki guide just by replacing the env vars like HABUILD_DEVICE, FAMILY, etc, then it's a good candidate to mer-hybris upstream, will talk next week!18:52
sledges(that should clear some doubts you had of how to use the FAMILY env var too that you raised in some issue/PR, etc)18:54
heroic_1ye, thanks18:54
heroic_1one thing that you might not have noticed though(cuz you're building official images):
malheroic_1: that should not be needed if following the new XA2 build instructions18:55
heroic_1it means that it will look for "droid-config-kagura-flashing", while the d-h-c only provides "droid-config-f8331-flashing"18:55
heroic_1sledges: I see that your instructions are for the "official" way with pre-packaged droid-system and droid-system-vendor18:56
heroic_1but let's talk next week, don't want to steal your weekend :)18:56
malheroic_1: it's simple to skip pre-packaged droid-system and droid-system-vendor18:56
maljust tiny changes to spec18:57
heroic_1I mean yeah, it's simple to skip them, but the resulting structure is very different18:57
malnot really different18:58
heroic_1yes it is18:58
heroic_1git clone --recursive$FAMILY hybris/mw/droid-hal-img-boot-sony-$FAMILY18:58
heroic_1this means the lvm-based structure will be in place18:58
heroic_1while I changed my port to not use droid-hal-img-boot-sony-*18:58
malyou just skip a few lines18:59
mallvm based build is not really related to droid-system18:59
heroic_1yes mal, that is true19:00
malthose are different things19:00
heroic_1But they correlate with a different build system using droid-hal-img-boot-sony-*19:00
malI really can't understand your problem19:01
malheroic_1: I think one of the problems you could be that you used the fXXXX codenames here whereas nile used the actual codenames19:03
malwhich messed up the instructions19:03
heroic_1I am using the exact same scheme: DEVICE=f8331, HABUILD_DEVICE=kagura, FAMILY=tone19:04
heroic_1The reason why sledges doesn't run into the issue with droid-config-*-flashing is because droid-hal-img-boot-sony-* provides that package19:05
heroic_1wait I have it backwards19:07
malheroic_1: anyway you have useless specs in droid-hal repo because you didn't use the same way nile did19:08
malit might work but still not the proper way19:08
heroic_1see this: if NOT using droid-hal-img-boot-sony-* and using the community-build way, you have d-h-d that wants "droid-config-kagura-flashing"19:09
heroic_1but if you ARE using the custom boot image in the official sailfish x way, it only wants the generic droid-config-flashing
heroic_1hence my PR19:10
heroic_1mal: you mean those are useless?
heroic_1they are completely the same as nile
heroic_1device=kagura and rpm_device=kagura19:11
heroic_1same as nile19:11
malheroic_1: half of those are useless19:15
malfXXX1 and fXXX2 are just variant of the same device so you could use for example dora as the common spec19:15
mallike here
heroic_1lunch device is different19:16
heroic_1important for getting the right system.prop19:16
malso pioneer is for both h4113 and h311319:16
heroic_1I did this for a reason mal19:16
malthere was also a reason why it wasn't done for nile devices19:17
heroic_1else you won't get the dualsim props that are needed by rild19:17
malto minimize useles builds19:17
heroic_1well either way, it doesn't really hurt19:18
malwell for nile devices single and dual sim variants use same system image eventhough in android those have separate builds19:19
maldo the dual-sim properties matter in single sim device, since we only use one slot19:19
heroic_1I guess it works via the pre-packaged build.prop in droid-system-$DEVICE19:20
malbecause we delete the dual-sim ofono config for single-sim image19:20
heroic_1we start the second rild based on that prop, so I was very careful to keep it in for dualsim
heroic_1but anyway, can we please stop debating this minute detail19:21
heroic_1I somehow lost bluetooth when switching to community builds19:21
malwell it doesn't seem to cause any issues in nile device sailfish builds19:21
heroic_1and still haven't gotten usb to work19:22
heroic_1that's what I'll try to focus on next week19:22
malheroic_1: I know what the reason is, I just don't know how to fix it19:22
heroic_1for what exactly?19:22
malheroic_1: the reason is that the configfs init in .rc is not actually doing anything for some reason, in logs you can see it runs the .rc file but the configfs configs cannot be seen in actual path19:24
malso there is only the stuff from usb configs from early init but not from .rc19:24
heroic_1oh yeah, I also noticed some locations it tries to write to don't exist19:25
heroic_1but I can better help you when I pull logs from the device, either this weekend or next week19:25
malthat is the thing, the path that should have been created by .rc file are not created19:25
malheroic_1: I have all the logs I need from another device19:25
heroic_1ok great19:30
heroic_1I will try some stuff on my side as well19:31
heroic_1have a nice evening everyone!19:31
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ctroyHow to run anbox on sailfishOS?22:56
maldepends on the device you have22:57
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ctroymoto g322:58
malwhat kernel version does it have?22:58
ctroyI'm using sailfishos 2.222:59
ctroyThe kernel is 3.10.49-g55f9ac8-dirty23:02
ctroyit works with my kernel?23:05
vknechtctroy, if it has overlayfs and lxc patches, it might work23:06
ctroyWhere do I find these patches?23:20
vknechtiirc the last two here :
vknechtbut there was an etherpad, with better instructions...23:21
vknechtthat's it, thanks mal :)23:23
malhad to grep logs because I forgot the link23:23
r0kk3rzi did link it in the faq mal :P23:24
ctroyhuge thanks :)23:26
vknechtmy anbox notes :
malvknecht: I think it's better to use the other repo linked in etherpad, my repo is not very up to date anymore23:28
ctroythe lxc patch is editing a file?23:40

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