Saturday, 2019-03-02

r0kk3rzgenerally patches are editing files00:15
T4<OhYash> Building for multiple devices with same kernel using the same source. Possible?08:01
T4<OhYash> I mean like could I keep configs for both devices in the $ANDROID_ROOT and just change environment variables and build for either one?08:02
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r0kk3rzhow similar are those devices?08:53
mal@OhYash I have built for about 7 devices using same android source tree10:49
malwith magic scripts to handle symlinking adaptation repos when needed10:49
vknechtabout h-a-c resolution/iso undefined on 1st launch, it seems like those are read too early, according to lines 10 and 26 ?
vknechtcould it be related to gstdroidcamsrc files removal ?10:57
kimmolifirst start after reboot?10:57
vknechtnot only10:58
vknechthmmm, restored the files and still the same11:21
T4<OhYash> mal: got the idea, thanks :D11:39
T4<OhYash> rokk3rz: very similar devices. Different SOCs but share the same kernel source. same vendor. Reported same defconfig flags. Same patterns and quirks.11:45
T4<OhYash> different device tree&blobs (available), screen PPI.11:45
T4<OhYash> Devices are YU Yureka and YU Yunique11:45
vknechtdistinct codenames ?11:46
mal@OhYash so basically clone the adaptation repos droid-hal and droid-config to some device specific location like droid-hal-XX to rpm-XX and in .hadk.env make a symlink rpm which points to the device specific folder so you can then build it normally11:50
malsame for config repo11:50
T4<OhYash> Ok12:25
T4clab3r was added by: clab3r14:15
T4<clab3r> Who is the moto g3 porter?14:16
mal@clab3r what is the device codename?14:38
T4<clab3r> osprey14:41
mal@clab3r looks like you should ask Mister_Magister on this channel14:46
ctroyOk thanks :)14:47
_svenmal: did I understand correctly from yesterday's conversation that I have to enter nile instead of tone as family for the Sony XZ in the .hadk.env and at habuild_device pioneer instead of kagura?14:48
mal_sven: no, you have completely misunderstood what was talked yesterday14:50
malyou obviously use correct family and codename for your device, why would you think using wrong codename would be ok?14:51
Thaodan_should setcap work inside the plattform sdk?16:48
piggzmal: did you give up on communicating with your watch?17:41
malpiggz: not completely, just too many other projects17:45
Thaodan_has anyone build the droid-vendor-sony packages?17:49
Thaodan_I cant run setcap inside the plattform sdk target17:49
Mister_Magistermal: guy from 5z released lineage but he hates opensource so didn't release device sources yet :C18:02
Mister_Magisterbut after it releases them i will wait peacefully for hybris-16 :)18:02
malpiggz: about the mode selection menus, should have the items as text-only, icon-only or both icon+text19:08
malpiggz: I mean when menu is opened19:08
piggzmal: now we have icons, i guess we could add them to the menu....19:09
piggzive just been looking at optimum camera settings for the RN4, and apparently it applies a lot of smoothing, so its recommended to turn the sharpness up....i see a sharpness property19:10
piggzmal: i guess i will have to modif gst-droid to allow setting sharpness19:33
malpiggz: probably19:34
* vknecht pulls his hairs on updating CameraUI.qml galleryModel after removing files/gallery_entries in GalleryUI.qml...
vknechtI guess pageStack.push() passes a copy instead of a reference ?19:37
vknechtbtw, did you know about « AI scene detection » ? :-)19:44
malvknecht: where did you see that?19:55
vknechtmal, in some marketing page for a new alcatel model, but afaics on G search other brands are victim of this language-element too20:02
vknechtmaybe it's serious and not only a device's app specific thing, and warrants a new scene detection mode in Qt ?20:05
malvknecht: maybe it's a fancy name for ASD20:29
vknechtperhaps :)21:00

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