Sunday, 2019-03-03

_svenwhat is the url for mer-tools and unbreakmic? Something is wrong with my SDK11:13
mal_sven: what problem do you have?11:15
mal_sven: afaik mic doesn't need fixing anymore11:15
_sveni just don't have the mer-tools repo in my list11:24
_svenmer-tools is disabled and does not contain url11:26
mal_sven: what problem do you have?11:27
mal_sven: what are you trying do or fix?11:28
_sveni did the steps in chapter 5, fixed mountpoints and created hybris-boot.img, now the test from chapter 6 hangs11:30
_svensb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test tells sb2: Error: Invalid target specified, aborting11:30
mal_sven: are you sure you read the warning box about naming targets11:35
mal_sven: wiki has different naming than hadk pdf and you need to use the naming mentioned in hadk pdf11:35
_svenok works, but i had earlier this errors with mer-tools and unbreak-mic errors, are they no longer needed?11:47
malno, those were some very old things11:48
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malMister_Magister: do you have fixup-mountpoints for osprey somewhere? the repo in VerdandiTeam does seem to have those20:18
piggzmal: painstakingly resizing icons21:36
malpiggz: :( I'm fixing one other app project of mine which I finally should release, it has been almost ready for months21:37
piggzmal: what is it21:37
malpiggz: app for web video service of finnish national broadcasting company21:38
malpretty sure most people would have released first version months ago21:39
piggzmal: icons as svg or png?21:43
malpiggz: not sure which is better21:44
malpiggz: wondering what is more common, official are available in different resolutions based on pixel ratio afaik21:45
malso these are different21:45
piggzmal: give the new icons a try22:05
malpiggz: ok, I'll have a look22:25
malpiggz: now the icons are smaller than the official ones22:30
piggzmal: meh, whats 2px22:36
malis that really 2px, looks like more22:41
malpiggz: for example awb icons has active area (the borders) of 75px on my screen but your new "none" icon is 51 px22:59
malpiggz: I measured those from a screenshot23:01
eugeniomal: quick question... tinkering with android8 hw base on loire... to obtain the contents of droid-system-$DEVICE is the manifest on the "droid-src-sony-aosp-8.1.0_r52_20190206" branch enough?23:04
TheKiteugenio, it is likely used to build that package for Xperia XA223:17
eugenioyeah, assumed as that... asking because on the android6 HA there is also a syspart- partition as well23:18
eugenioguess I just have to try :)23:18

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