Monday, 2019-03-04

T4<adampigg> Mal, hmm, i screnshotted, opened in gimp,.and measures 2px.narrower. The svg is the same size as the png,.72x72 with 10px,padding just like the new flash icons.  maybe i will convert to png to ensure they are the same07:04
deadlokoGreetings, is there any way to enable visible mouse cursor?07:10
deadlokoI'm currently don't have touchscreen, my input is common usb mouse, and display is monitor connected through hdmi. I can see that mouse is working by catting /dev/input/event1, mouse scroll also works, but i don't know if cursor is moving (or maybe left click not working)07:24
deadlokois anyone alive here?07:54
T4<NotKit> there is, but I don't think there is mouse support in lipstick07:56
deadlokoSo there is no way to use mouse for interaction?07:58
T4<eugenio_g7> Look on how the emulator does it -- it shows a cursor07:58
deadlokowell, okay i just wondered if there is and easy way08:03
deadlokooh well, lipstick in emulator works through '-plugin VBoxTouch' that is working only with virtualbox and depends on /dev/vboxguest08:44
T4<jgibbon> @adampigg, mal: I think generally using silica dimensions instead of randomly resized ones is really the best way to go because their size varies between devices – that's why I created the icons that way. They have an "internal padding", though.08:46
T4<jgibbon> Have a look here for the size definitions I have a simple shell script at home to quickly create these relevant resolutions as png from svg if you want to go the pre-rendered way.08:49
T4<elros34> @deadloko: for mouse support you need to add -plugin evdevmouse to lipstick arguments (however, there is no cursor)10:54
steeeveHey hey heyy, does android 8 base support android apps to be run without anbox? Ive read this thing but it wasnt so clear for me :/13:45
steeeveOk, fake news, then :P13:54
vknechtalso had a go at a share button, but I don't totally get it for now...17:06
vknechteg. selecting the bluetooth share method gives an empty page (and with bad orientation) ; not clear what one has to implement, I thought it would bring the device search page like in jolla-gallery17:08
vknechthere's what I tried with ShareMethodList :
vknechtalso I wonder if the ListModel should be changed to a FileModel, for easier access to eg. mime type, size, etc.17:21
vknecht... and metadata for an "about file" view17:22
T4<VeryOriginalUsername> @eugenio [mal: quick question... tinkering with android8 …], wait so jolla didn't update sfos to oreo sources for X themselves?19:19
T4<eugenio_g7> No, or at least not yet19:36
piggzmal: what should I do with the svg icons for a consistent size?20:03
malpiggz: not sure, what pixel ratio does your device have?20:26
piggzmal: 1.5 i _think_20:29
* piggz check20:30
malok, I have 2.020:30
piggzmal: %define pixel_ratio 1.620:32
piggzmal: do the focus icons look ok for you?20:32
malpiggz: the custom ones are also smaller than the official ones in those20:58
piggzmal: hmm21:06
piggzmal: in that case, does setting icon.wifth/height help?21:07
malneed to test21:14
malpiggz: forcing the image size changes the size (although incorrectly)21:25
piggzmal: geez, i didnt think this stuff was so difficult!21:26
malpiggz: needs some thinking21:29
mcencoraThaodan_: I recompiled kernel with all the needed options for MER, now it boots, and I get logs. It still restarts though - DSME triggers shutdown21:44
mcencoraany ideas?21:45
r0kk3rzmcencora: post logs21:46
mcencoramost likely I still have something missing in kernel config21:51
mcencoraI took suzu defconfig and applied MER specific options21:51
mcencorasorry, attached wrong log\21:53
mcencoranvm, it is ok actually21:53
r0kk3rznot necessarily, theres lots of other things other than kernel config to go wrong21:54
r0kk3rzor maybe, looks like a watchdog failure21:58
eugeniomcencora, are you trying to get the android8 HA working on loire too?21:58
mcencoraI am trying to get it running on kernel 4.4, maybe later android 8 HA21:59
eugeniooh ok21:59
r0kk3rzid sort the permissions errors out at line 1443, since thats easy21:59
eugenioI'm tinkering with the android8 HA, still haven't got to a flashable state though :)21:59
r0kk3rzstop qseecomd from starting21:59
malprobably missing the 14.1 stuff22:00
mcencora14.1 stuff?22:00
malin faq22:00
r0kk3rzeugenio: how far have you gotten?22:01
malor actually 15.1 stuff obviously since that is android 822:01
eugenior0kk3rz, building stuff for /system22:02
mcencoramal what faq are you talking about? I only read SailfishOS HADK doc22:02
mcencorahmm, I don't want to mess with the system22:09
mcencoracurrently I'm just testing the kernel with fastboot boot command22:09
mcencorais it even worth trying? or does the 4.4 kernel requires updated userspace to light up GUI?22:11
r0kk3rzyeah id go straight to using android 8 base22:13
r0kk3rzsometimes you get lucky with kernel only updates, most of the time you dont22:13
r0kk3rzat minimum you'd need to flash different blobs i think22:14
mcencorathen my 4.4 adventures will have to wait, since I used this phone daily, so I cannot brick it22:16
r0kk3rzbricking is unlikely22:17
r0kk3rzthe sony flash mode is quite robust22:17
mcencorawell, maybe not bricking, but making it unusable, until reflash22:18
r0kk3rzbut porting on a device you need to continue using results in lots of flashing22:18
eugenioyea I'm on the same ship actually, the X Compact is also my daily drive22:19
mcencoramaybe I'll switch back to J1, and then I'll be able to play with SailfishX more22:19
r0kk3rzonce you get it all built it shouldnt be that bad to get it going22:19
eugenioI plan to flash the image on the system partition on the place of the fimage22:19
eugeniowould still need to reflash the boot partition every time I want to go back to the standard sailfish installation22:21
eugeniobut should work (provided the LVM VG has a different name)22:21
eugeniowould have been easier if we had A/B partitions like the XA2!22:22
mcencorayou can leave boot partition unchanged22:23
mcencoraand boot for development using fastboot boot command22:23
eugenioyea that too22:23
piggzmal: try setting anchors.fill:parent to the iconbutton inside RoundButton ?22:24
malpiggz: I tried22:25
piggzmal: maybe kimmoli's iconprovider would help, ti resizes things ... though, i have to admit, im not sure whats going on really!22:31
malpiggz: I think it's because if we use pngs then the official icons have different sizes because of different pixel ratio and you made your icons based on your pixel ratio22:40
piggzmal: i wonder if HighlightImage resizes or not ... maybe we can make it scale22:42
piggzwhich is what we want .. we want the image to scale to the button size22:42

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