Friday, 2019-03-15

jusapiggz: we do mix audio, but it is not as straightforward, and unfortunately libaudioresource is lacking09:08
jusaby default if Qt audio APIs are used, playback is paused automatically when other audio application starts to play09:08
jusaalso, aliendalvik is a bit second class citizen regarding audio, when sailfish is playing audio aliendalvik doesn't get through09:09
T4<adampigg> jusa, that explains my problem then09:23
sledgesPSA: HADK released, changelog since Many thanks to Thaodan_ and heroic_c!11:37
sledgesPSA: Updated Sailfish Xperia X and XA2 Flash and Build wikis and changelogs respectively:
sledgesgrab the hadk document from
heroic_1sledges: do the sensors work with the official nile port on 17 oem? I have restored back the old non-encryption-aware behaviour with your commit
heroic_1but no dice, I'm back on v1614:40
malheroic_1 as you might see there is update going on for nile device which fixes sensors for v17 sony blobs15:08
malin mer-hybris repos15:08
maldid you build the vendor/system partitions again, that file exists there, not in droid-hal, you can of course override it in config repo15:10
heroic_1mal: you mean ?15:13
heroic_1I don't believe that will fix the rest of the sensors framework. You see the issue is that the whole "vendor.sensors-hal" fails to start properly and takes down RIL and camera with it15:14
malheroic_1: no15:15
heroic_1if you're only talking about
heroic_1of course I have already included that in my system.img and flashed it15:16
malheroic_1: I meant that sensors.rc lives in vendor partition, so if you just patched your hybris repos and didn't rebuild whole android vendor image then you don't have in use15:16
malheroic_1: did you check on device that the changes are really there in sensors.rc15:16
heroic_1on kagura, /vendor lives inside /system/vendor fyi15:17
malthe file has the "disabled" removed from that?15:17
malthen sensors should work15:17
malis sensors.qcom running?15:17
heroic_1it is started, yes15:18
malwhat else did you rebuild?15:18
heroic_1did a completely new sync and build from scratch yesterday15:18
heroic_1just wanted to confirm that nile does not have the issue15:19
heroic_1will check with a regular android 8 build if it's only kagura and get it fixed with alin if that's the case15:19
malsensors work fine on nile after removing the disabled15:19
malheroic_1: what do you see in journal log from sensorfw?15:20
malis sensorfw even running?15:20
malheroic_1: is that sfos?15:21
heroic_11. output of sensorfwd:
heroic_12. yup15:22
heroic_1but anyway, forget about it for now, will confirm on regular android and then get back to you15:23
maljust make sure you also have these couple of lines
malheroic_1: ^15:25
heroic_1I have them, I have the whole mer-hybris/device-sony-common branch merged in. But it's not really any use since v17 switched to /data/vendor/sensors15:26
heroic_1You should see /persist/sensors is empty save for sns.reg, which is removed in init as well15:26
heroic_1At least that's what I see on kagura15:27

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