Sunday, 2019-03-17

T4<StillJustGerd> @mal what exactly do you mean? i was getting the same error when i tried building earlier. Is the mer-hybris source lagging behind or something?01:29
T4<austenite> so since my device has lineage 14.1 too i will download hybris-14.1 now, does it have any conflicts with sailfish 3.002:52
T4<abhishek_0> @austenite no06:12
T4<StillJustGerd> i'll instead try to fix the 15.1 build (mainly because my internet is to bad to actually download another source tree)06:21
masya_Stuck with porting sfos on mi 6x (mi a2 converted to mi 6x). Lineage os 15.1. What additional steps should I do? Except described in HADK.09:05
T4<abhishek_0> masya_ totally depends on what steps you are stuck09:28
T4<StillJustGerd> inb4 "fails at around 55% with error message like this
T4<MarcoDS_bit> We are all having the same error with hybris-15.110:46
steevieAndroid 5 uses dalvik or art? For alien dalvik obviously :P10:53
r0kk3rzthere is no alien dalvik android 510:53
r0kk3rzmasya_: you also looked at hadk faq10:54
steevieThen why this says cm-12.1 base?10:54
r0kk3rzthats a base10:55
r0kk3rznot alien dalvik10:55
r0kk3rzcompletely different10:55
steevieYes i know, but it's the base, the system mounted in /system10:56
steevieIn sailfishos10:56
steevieAnd he installs alien dalvik on top of that10:56
steevieAnd doesnt android 5 have art?10:57
r0kk3rzsomething like that10:57
r0kk3rzbut the AD will be version 4.4, not 510:57
steevieSo, why aliendalvik works? Doesnt it require android 4.4 which has dalvik?10:58
steevieAD requires dalvik; android 5 has art. How can AD work if sailfishos has cm-12.1 base and hybris-12.1 boot (i suppose)?11:02
r0kk3rzstop talking crazy11:03
r0kk3rzad *is* dalvik, it doesnt *require* dalvik11:03
steevieSo, i can even run it in 7.1?11:04
r0kk3rzits an alternative implementation of dalvik done by myriad11:04
steevieI read it only worked with dalvik android bases for sailfish11:04
r0kk3rzmaybe, if you're lucky11:04
r0kk3rzimo i wouldnt bother with it11:05
steevieHmm, that doesnt make sense. Jolla used 4.4 base because it has dalvik11:05
r0kk3rzhuh? i said stop talking crazy :P11:05
steevieIf ad had worked in 7.1, jolla would have used 7.1 base11:05
r0kk3rzwhat base does the xperia x use, derp11:06
steevieNoo, it doesnt make sense :/11:06
steevieI dont know, 4.4 i suppose11:06
r0kk3rzlol no11:06
r0kk3rzaosp 611:06
steevieah, and it has aliendalvik?11:06
r0kk3rzwell yeah11:06
steevie6.0 /system and hybris boot?11:07
r0kk3rzgeez squirrel man, get your head in the game11:07
r0kk3rzthis is the point where you realise you dont know how it works and go 'oh ok'11:08
steevieoh ok11:09
r0kk3rzbut imo, update your stuff to use android 8 and get the new android stuff from the xa211:09
r0kk3rzbecause the 4.4 runtime is pretty useless these days11:10
steevieNo one posted xa2 port11:10
r0kk3rzits the latest jolla supported one11:10
r0kk3rzthey made an 8.1 alien dalvik for it11:11
steevieAfaik no one posted it11:11
steevieI mean, i cant download it anywhere11:11
r0kk3rzbut it exists, and you can still get it11:14
steevieWhen someone uploads it11:16
steevieMaybe never11:16
r0kk3rzsure, whatever11:16
steevieAnd it's a paid thing so, they may have added some protection that requires a crack, while aliendalvik didnt need a crack11:16
r0kk3rzhah, yeah no11:17
steevieThey didnt add protections?11:17
steeviexa2 sailfish are selfish users :P11:24
malpretty sure hybris-15.1 needs to be rebased11:27
steevieIs it brokn?11:31
steevieIll try the cracked 4.4, then11:33
steevieAliendalvik 4.411:34
piggzoh my ... ad doesnt need to be 'cracked' ... we're not delaing in warez here :D11:35
steevieWhy doesnt jolla add protections? Is it stupid?11:35
piggzwell, the released version of AD, _only_ works on jolla phones .... sure, users can redistribute the binaries, but that is illegal, and without effort, doesnt work on non-jolla phones11:36
piggzeach version of AD in the repos only works on particular devices, all of which are sold with a license to use AD, so there is no great reason to add copy protection11:37
steevie4.4 only needed a different config. Yes it's illegal but who cares?11:38
piggzand the repos arnt publically avilable11:38
piggzpeople with morals?11:38
steevieWho has morals in 2019?!11:38
malnormal people11:38
piggzand, lets face it, the market for ported phones, with AD is not _huge_11:38
steevieThats what i thought. It's just because its not popular that no one uploads it11:39
piggzyou are delaing with people who are interested in an open-srouce friendly OS...people who argue at great lengths not to use android11:40
steevieWho would people use a device without whatsapp?11:40
piggzbut sure, AD has its uses, and if you can 1) get hold of it and 2) make it work, that is entirely up to you, but distributing it would be frowned upon by the community11:41
malalso even talking about it is not liked here11:41
steevieThat link of op2 ad crack was from maemo forum and it didnt even get banned11:42
malat least about using it without permission11:42
piggzTMO is not #sailfishos-porters11:42
r0kk3rzfor many using whatsapp is defeating the purpose11:51
r0kk3rzanyway, we had native whatsapp clients until they threatened legal action11:51
steevieWhatsapp reported client makers to the police?11:52
piggzi heard there is a may to make whatsall work with matrix these days?11:52
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steevieBut yes, whatsapp sucks, but everyone uses it, so i have to use it as well11:52
piggzwhatsapp just bans users using non-legit clients, which obviously shuts down the clients as noone will use them11:53
T4<vvreddy> Welcome11:53
T4<vvreddy> (Sticker, 512x209)
malI rarely use it, I might write there sometimes, not even every week, I use another phone for it11:53
T4<CursedApple> (Sticker, 512x512)
steevie_ah, thats how facebook company works11:53
malI rebased on hybris-15.1 but need to test it first12:08
T4<MarcoDS_bit> mal cool, thank you12:12
steevie_woo, thanks12:14
malI'll push those once I have made a test build but I need to actually port it to a device completely first :)12:19
T4<StillJustGerd> woooo looking forward to it12:52
malat least hybris-hal built successfully, now trying droidmedia build13:31
T4<StillJustGerd> that's good13:32
malall built, now time to test actual image build13:44
T4<StillJustGerd> nice13:44
T4<MarcoDS_bit> :)14:10
malI have some kernel issues I need to solve, my packported bluetooth drivers don't build anymore14:22
T4<austenite> fo some reason i ran 'sudo zypper clean' an now stuck with this after rpm/dhd/helpers/
T4<austenite> [Edit] for some reason i ran 'sudo zypper clean' and now stuck with this after rpm/dhd/helpers/
T4<austenite> [Edit] for some reason ran 'sudo zypper clean' and now stuck with this after rpm/dhd/helpers/
malwhy did you run zypper clean?14:43
malalso do not use edit in telegram14:43
malis spams IRC14:43
T4<StillJustGerd> isn't that part of the rules @mal14:44
malit was just a reminder, he just edited last comment twice14:44
T4<austenite> oh sorry had to fix grammatic blunders14:46
malnobody cares about those on IRC usually14:46
T4<austenite> used zypper clean as i cancelled a build and it was not building after..14:46
malyou ran it using sb2 ?14:47
T4<austenite> no14:47
T4<meierrom> Mal: the @admin should add rules. None are there yet. :(14:48
malI though there were rules set, I have no idea how telegram works, I have never used it14:53
mal@austenite you should have probably, you are running the build commands via sb2 (or mb2) so same way should done for all commands14:54
mallike this sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper ref14:55
T4<austenite> @mal now it gives the same error15:02
malwell you messed up something15:03
maltry sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R rm -R /var/cache/zypp/solv/local-garlic-hal15:04
malthen sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper ref -f15:05
T4<austenite> @mal , worked.. building now..15:24
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T4<austenite> need help, cant flash sailfish rootfs via twrp, gives error 7 &.. tar: invalid magic … tar: short read... if extracted via adb , terminal output while building rootfs
malI seem to have some issues getting my device to boot with hybris-15.1 base20:19
piggzmal: what kind of issues20:47
malpiggz: for example servicemanager crashes and pretty much all other android services20:48
malnot sure what I did wrong, also not sure if anyone has used hybris-15.1 on 32-bit device20:50
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Sad21:01
T4<JochenSplifficus> @MarcoDS_bit how is whyred port going? Does it work with new hybris base?21:16
T4<JochenSplifficus> And also , does a hybris sfos have terminal aswell or is it restricted to real sailfish phones?21:19
malwhat do you mean by terminal?21:20
r0kk3rzall sailfish phones are hybris phones21:22
steevieAt least did it boot in the past21:37
piggzr0kk3rz: fortunatley, you said 'phones' and not 'devices'21:38
piggzotherwise id have to correct you21:38
steeviePhones are devices21:40
piggzyes, but not all devices are phones21:42
steevieObviously id say...21:53
piggzok, so r0kk3rz said, all phones are hybris phones .... i said, it was fortunate he said 'phones' .... becuase, my sailfish tablet does not use hybris21:55
steevieAhh, you should have said it first21:59
T4<JochenSplifficus> @mal I read something about the terminal/console , that it's not available for all phones22:01
T4<JochenSplifficus> If terminal app or not, I am eager to test sfos on whyred haha22:02
malcommunity ports have telnet, all devices ssh and of course there is also a native terminal app22:02
T4<JochenSplifficus> Alrighty22:03
r0kk3rzsledges: pretty sure that metapackage stuff worked in my testing, although it was a while ago22:54
r0kk3rzsledges: mal had some thoughts about doing it in a better way, but im not sure he investigated it any further than that22:55

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