Friday, 2019-03-22

T4<StillJustGerd> is the 15.1 tree still borked?04:31
T4<JochenSplifficus> @StillJustGerd we are all hoping it wouldn't be :D maybe Mal will fix it soon05:56
T4<StillJustGerd> well, waiting it is06:08
r0kk3rzdont be lazy, the code is there, get stuck in06:13
T4<StillJustGerd> i would love to, but then I've learned to procrastinate on everything. Including procrastination (which is porting sfos to my  phone ATM)06:14
T4<elros34> what gst-droid version is on 3.0.2?13:26
mal@elros34 based on changelogs probably 0.20181123.113:49
mal@elros34 which device are you talking about?13:51
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T4<elros34> mal:  why is not latest? I guess this black video issue is caused random quirks activation14:24
malthe latest one is not even tagged, I didn't even know what devices had issues with that14:29
T4<elros34> I think every device without at least 1 quirk defined. Since "dont use droid media convert" quirk introdution this bug is criticall14:35
malwell I didn't know it was that critical14:36
mal@elros34 does that happen only in browser?15:17
abransonSorry I didn't tag it as I thought we had quirks defined for official devices so it would be critical. I'm surprised the other quirks haven't been a problem before.15:19
steevieWhat's the command anbox uses to mount rootfs with overlayfs?15:28
T4<elros34> mal: I notice it only in browser15:35
T4<elros34> but I use fix for a long time so can't be sure15:36
Thaodan_steevie:  is it fuse or a regular filesystem?17:43
steevieA filesystem called overlayfs17:46
Thaodan_i asked if it's fuse basesd.17:52
Thaodan_but it's not so the command was mount17:53
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piggzrinigus: the pure maps 1.8 release refers to kirigami ... is that in the sfos version???18:39
steevieYes it mount something18:44
steevieNow im applying a couple of kernel changes, lets see if they work18:44
vknechtsteevie, what command did you use ? have overlayfs issue too...18:45
steevieI didnt use any command, i just know that it fails to mount overlayfs either if i have it in kernel. I noticed it uses "mount -t overlay" and not "mount -t overlayfs" as it's present in suggested overlayfs kernel patches18:46
steevieOn vince sources i found a commit that changes "overlayfs" to overlay, for mount command. Now im compiling hybris-boot. Maybe that's why it works on vince but not on mine (and on yours as well :P)18:47
vknechtI hope it's just that :)18:48
steevieHeh, we'll se in soon. Hybris-boot just finished to build. Now ill test it18:49
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riniguspiggz: no, pure maps is organized into core code base and platform implementations. so, we have silica and kirigami (kde) as the main ones. there is also qtcontrols218:51
riniguspiggz: this allows running pure maps on sfos and desktop, for example.18:52
steeve_on_gent00wooo that worked18:53
steeve_on_gent00ill link changes soon18:56
steeve_on_gent00im packing them up18:56
steeve_on_gent00try only with first18:59
vknechtthank you, will do later19:00
steeve_on_gent00if it still doesnt mount you need overlayfs higher than 20 because i dont know if workdir option is needed in kernel, but in 20 and lower that option is not present:
steeve_on_gent00note that kernel config name is changed19:02
steeve_on_gent00(anbox still doesnt work in my case but i dont get overlayfs mount errors)19:03
piggzrinigus: ok, i expected as much, though there was also the possibility you ported kirigami to 5.619:05
piggzbut, i understand19:05
riniguspiggz: no, kirigami moving up on the ladder towards higher qt versions. as far as I understood, just 2 days ago I proposed a fix to one issue which resulted in min qt version of 5.1019:08
piggzrinigus: ugh19:09
piggzi was hoping it would work when we had the 5.9 update19:09
riniguspiggz: what would like to get from kirigami that you miss in silica? we don't need convergent stuff on sfos, right?19:10
piggzrinigus: just seamless running of kde apps .. less effort19:10
riniguspiggz: it will probably be possible to find workarounds and get it working on lower qt versions. I am talking about , but there are maybe more as well19:13
riniguspiggz: note that its all academic at this point, let's get 5.9 first :) .19:14
steeve_on_gent00why lxc makes device reboots if it's started on boot by systemd but not if i manually run it?19:22
kimmolimaybe you run it too early from .service?19:24
steeve_on_gent00i didnt edit the service. i think it hasnt been putted in the wrong load order19:25
steeve_on_gent00krnlying temporary hack. tf is that19:42
piggzrinigus: what is needed to allow puremaps to find UK post codes?20:07
piggzin eg navigation20:07
piggzim sure you could integrate ;)20:08
steevieNow that anbox starts, i think the install script didnt copy enough files to get display working. I have this log . You know what im missing?20:22
steevieI dont care of audio now, but at least surfaceflinger :/20:23
piggzmal: pr headed your way20:24
malpiggz: approved20:34
piggzreally? that easy???20:35
malI didn't want to complain about one extra line :P20:35
piggzwell done, you are getting better20:36
malalso some other tiny inconsistencies but we have plenty of those20:37
mallike whether javascript lines end with ; or not20:37
piggzmal: ha, i noticed that, and was going to complain at you for not ending your lines propery :D20:40
piggzdarn js implicit line endings20:40
maloh, it was me who did those?20:41
malmaybe I'll do some code cleanup at some point20:41
piggzmal: done20:46
piggzthe line endings anyway20:46
riniguspiggz: uk postcodes should work already with osm scout server20:48
piggzrinigus: when i was searching in the navigation it didnt work20:49
riniguswas it offline?20:49
riniguspiggz: (with osm scout server) or some online service20:50
piggzrinigus: oh, its fussy about spaces20:50
riniguspiggz: might be. offline or online?20:50
piggzrinigus: im online ... it works if i put a space in the middle20:51
piggzrinigus: eg, ca74ru returns nothing, ca7 4ru does20:52
riniguspiggz: online services are out of my reach. osm scout server I maybe able to fix. uk postcodes should be parsed and I suspect that ca74ru would be parsed by libpostal in osm scout server just fine.20:53
piggzrinigus: how do i know if puremaps is using OSMSS?20:56
riniguspiggz: in main menu, just set offline profile20:57
piggzok, when i do that, in the search it says 'using OSM Scout' so i guess that is right ... but now neither format returns any result20:58
riniguspiggz: in the imported data (from that postcode is there.20:58
piggzbtw, when online, if i search using opencage, it works for ca74ru20:59
riniguspiggz: yep, just checked, even uk parser of libpostal doesn't split into ca7 4ru. would have to file an issue one day on that space and train the network with such input by libpostal21:01
rinigusfor now, write with a space :)21:01
piggzwill do ... what do you think about neither working with OSMSS?21:02
riniguspiggz: odd. which region is that from?21:02
piggzrinigus: what do you mena, region?21:03
riniguspiggz: europe/great britain/... in osmss21:04
riniguspiggz: never mind, will get by search21:04
piggzhang on...21:04
piggzits me21:05
piggzi thought osmss transparently cached the tiles/maps ... i havnt downloaded any :D21:05
riniguspiggz: :)21:06
riniguspiggz: that would be not very much offline then :) . maybe just as a cache...21:06
piggzya ya21:07
vknechtwas wondering about cam features for h-a-c/p-o-v, where do features like noise/red-eye reduction and maybe face-detect stand ? does it need more gst-droid work, or in Qt, or is it just there to be picked up ?21:25
vknechtand does it rely on quirks ?21:25
vknecht(I saw the quite extended list at don't want to add up, just curious)21:26
piggzfeel free to add stuff, its just a todo list21:26
vknechtsure, just wanted to know if something was missing in the stack, or info should already be there somewhere in the API21:29
piggzvknecht: iirc, redeye is a seperate property, so will need a gst-droid update, along with hfr and sharpness21:34
vknechtthanks, will keep a red-eye on it21:37

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