Saturday, 2019-03-23

piggzjusa: seems pbap is fixed in 3.0.2 at last ... what did you do, what was the commit in? obexd?08:58
steeve_on_gent00does anbox from the chinese guy require wayland stuff from here ? Because i noticed it has hwcomposer.wayland instead of hwcomposer.anbox11:50
T4<birdzhang> @steeve_on_gent00 it's from and
steeve_on_gent00ive "forked" your anbox and obs repo, now im building it with hwcomposer.anbox, let's hope it works14:31
malwhere did you get the idea you need that?14:32
steeve_on_gent00from your repo14:34
steeve_on_gent00and from logcat14:34
steeve_on_gent00professional developahhhh14:36
steeve_on_gent00mal: can you send me your dbus-cpp sources?15:09
steeve_on_gent00the tar file on your repo i cant download, i mean15:09
maldo not use my repo15:18
maluse the other one15:18
steeve_on_gent00the chinese guy one?15:18
malyes, you can directly use that, no need ot build anything, unless you need some additional changes15:19
steeve_on_gent00i have anbox changes15:19
steeve_on_gent00thats why i forked everything, so, it installs deps from my repo15:19
steeve_on_gent00and theyre needed to build anbox on my repo as well15:20
steeve_on_gent00nvm, i fixed the build error15:27
steeve_on_gent00is it due to my browser that i cant download any files, even on my repos?15:31
malif you build on OBS learn to use "osc" tool15:45
steeve_on_gent00the gui is broken anyway15:45
steeve_on_gent00it's goneeee15:46
steevieWhy anbox doesnt work, whyyyy17:51
piggzsteevie: because its not fully develpped ... pretty sure youve been told that .... its not an easy problem18:02
piggzmal: think i'll merge eugenios viewfinder PR, then do an updated 0.2.1 release18:02
steevieBut in the past it worked. The chinese dud version doesnt work on my device but it does on his one18:03
malpiggz: ok18:07
piggzmal: im just testing it now....18:08
piggzits better than what we have, and we can look to fix the real problem in the future ... i suspect its a qt/gst issue18:09
piggzso will need an os update anyway18:09
piggzmal: fancy fixing selfie cam? ;)18:09
malpiggz: I can have a look at that a bit later today18:29
malit's pretty much done but need to check the orientation18:29
T4<eugenio_g7> piggz: before releasing... I think I found a bug... on first start on a fresh device (jolla1 on my case) the application crashes as there aren't any resolution selected (I think it's separate from my viewfinder PR, perhaps has been introduced by some other commit?)18:29
piggz@eugenio_g7 well, it will be a 0.2.2, too late!18:30
T4<eugenio_g7> the default resolution as specified in the settings is an empty string18:30
T4<eugenio_g7> hehe :P18:30
piggzmal: also need another reolsution model for the front camera, and to pick an appropriate value18:30
T4<eugenio_g7> I guess picking up the first resolution in the model is enough18:30
malpiggz: yes18:32
* piggz is feeling like a project manager now18:33
T4<eugenio_g7> can't wait to try it on latte :P18:34
piggz@eugenio_g7 well, any ideas there? what are our options? only thing i can think of is getting v4l working18:35
piggzmal: rpm validation passes now atleast19:09
malpiggz: nice19:12
steevieWhat is that camera app youre always talkin 'bout?20:39
steevieAaah and youre coding that together?20:43
steevieWell, that's fantastic to work in a team, while i always work alone :(20:47
piggzsteevie: PRs are always welcomed20:49
piggzquit being needy :D20:50
steevieIm not a programmer. Im a mechanic that loves sailfish word and has a 3-year experience in android porting and other stuff20:51
piggzporting is typically a lonely process, unless another dev has the same device, but ppl here always help wheere they can20:53
piggzapp developing is different, anyone can fork/buiild/PR20:54
steevieYeah, people here are very helpful, thats not the same as working in a team that has your same device, you know what im sayin20:56
malpiggz: hmm, wondering what would the the best way to handle the models for second cam20:56
malwe might need all models20:56
malso should we reload those on switch or keep both always20:57
piggzmal: yes, either would work ... im struggling to get video recording to work20:57
piggzit says its recording, but just save a jpeg!!20:57
r0kk3rzpiggz: can you put an appropriate licence on advanced camera?23:18
mallooks like it's missing license completely23:23

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