Monday, 2019-03-25

T4<birdzhang> @steeve_hacker use this repo , anbox on my repo is buggy. You may need do some hack for your device on
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spiiroinMister_Magister: fyi: I did some cleanup for the old cpu governor feature. WIP at
piggzgoooooooooooood morning!08:22
piggzjusa: around?09:06
jusapiggz: yep09:14
piggzjusa: hi was wondering how pbab got fixed09:15
piggzbeen broken since 221, 302 fixes it09:15
piggzpbap even09:16
jusapiggz: there was one bit in obexd-calldata-provider where dbus initialization was done in wrong order (bug introduced from Qt dbus implementation change) which caused the dbus name to appear to bus before object paths were registered09:23
piggzjusa: nice, thnkfully fixed now tho09:24
T4<meierrom> piggz: p-o-v is having issues with whiteboard and blackboard on my Jolla 1.10:02
r0kk3rzit actually works at al on jolla 1?10:10
r0kk3rzthat an improvement10:10
T4<meierrom> piggz: after testing the functions above I can't start POV correctly anymore. Anytime I start it, it switches to home and shows as minimized app. Reboot doesn't fix it.10:10
T4<meierrom> r0kk3rz: works on Jolla 1 with latest release published 2 days ago. Still buggy tho. :)10:14
piggz@meierrom startup problem is known and will be fixed shortly  (mal ;)10:24
piggzblack/whiteboard doesnt seem to work on any device ...... device claims to support it but doesnt!10:24
piggzsame as mido10:24
r0kk3rzit 'works' on jolla c10:28
r0kk3rzit doesnt do anything, but also doesnt crash10:29
malwhat is it supposed to do?10:30
r0kk3rzi presume is a mode for taking pictures of blackboards/whiteboards, so may some high contrast setting10:35
piggzr0kk3rz: as its an effect, not an exposure, i presue it makes stull look like a white/black board12:14
steevieIt doesnt work13:18
steevieIt doesnt work13:18
steevieIt doesnt work13:18
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vknechtwhite/black board effects seem to work here17:31
steevieYou know what im sayin17:42
* vknecht is not sure17:43
vknechtwas writing about Piggz-O-Vision17:45
piggzvknecht: cool, what device, what do they look like?17:46
vknechton idol3 ; well, sorta brighter with whiteboard, and darker with blackboard, but that's with no sunlight and don't have boards to test :)17:47
vknechtdon't seem to cause problem to close while either mode is active then restart17:49
vknechtanyone tried enabling Yama ? no problem with it ?17:51
steevieYou dont know what im sayin?17:57
steevieNow ill test that app and will give you an honest review. I wont look at anyone's face17:58
steevieIn 40 minutes17:59
steevieAs soon as possible18:13
steevieThe app crashes on startup, end of the review lol18:39
malknown bug, fix is coming soon18:42
steevieOk :)18:44
piggzsoon /su:n/ in or after the amount of time it takes for mal to rewrite the entire app18:45
steevieBtw i wrote the review exactly 40 minutes after i said id have written it in 40 minutes, wow18:47
steevieI didnt do it on purpose obv18:48
malpiggz: :)18:49
vknechthmm, do other ports also have no swap ?20:45
malI have one port that has zramswap20:47
vknechtlike swap-in-compressed-ram ?20:48
steevieI tried zram in the past but it used not to shut down my phone except with forced power off/reboot20:49
steevieSo i disabled it once and for all20:49
malvknecht: yes20:52

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