Tuesday, 2019-03-26

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T4<birdzhang> good morning, it's time to adapt now xD05:58
r0kk3rznot quite, obs targets will be incoming06:00
r0kk3rzgo go gadget lbt !06:00
T4<adampigg> R0kk3rz, i was gonna say, wtf r u doing asking for a new release at 6am...bit its probably 6pm for u!06:42
r0kk3rzit is yeah06:51
r0kk3rzim sure lbt will see it at a more appropriate time :)06:51
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mallbt: build target for would nice to have on Mer OBS, thanks10:39
T4<adampigg> mal, not sure your fix workd10:41
T4<adampigg> but, i can reproduce now and will look later10:41
T4<adampigg> lbt really ought to be prepared for porter hassles on release day :D10:42
* lbt is prepared10:42
lbtsurely the anticipation is all part of the experience?10:43
mal@adampigg hmm, I tried it several times and couldn't get it to crash, the fix is far from perfect10:44
T4<adampigg> mal, i did10:46
T4<adampigg> dconf reset /uk/co/piggz/harbour-advanced-camera/primary/image/resolution10:47
T4<adampigg> to enable the crash10:47
mal@adampigg did dconf reset -f /uk/co/piggz/harbour-advanced-camera/10:47
maldoes the crash happen at the same place?10:49
T4<adampigg> hang on10:50
T4<adampigg> maybe zypper didnt put the new one on10:50
abranson@adampigg you can end up with an .rpmnew file if the config's been modified10:54
malabranson: that config is only created at runtime10:55
T4<adampigg> rats10:58
T4<adampigg> probably helps to remove the revision from _service11:02
T4<adampigg> yeah , thats it fixed now11:07
abranson@adampigg is that for the low res j1 and friends? i wondered if a solution could be to not set the resolution at all if it's not been explicitly set, as the default should be a decent high one. is that what you're doing?11:11
malabranson: as a temporary solution we don't set anything at first, later I'll make sure it reads highers supported resolution from hal and sets that if possible11:13
abransonmal: think you might get that automatically anyway11:14
malabranson: not sure, I haven't checked what resolution it sets11:26
abransonmal: could be different for each device too, but i'd expect the default to be a sensible resolution that can be used before the user explicitly sets one11:27
masha11Hello. My device's griffin.  hybris-boot.img does not load - bootloop state.  Telnet does not connect.  No new device in dmesg. How to detect an errors?11:36
malabranson: the thing is how to handle that when switching camera, does the state reset to something suitable when camera is changed11:38
T4<adampigg> lets default to 640x48011:41
mal@adampigg I need to debug why the first camera change fails to after that it works ok11:49
T4<austenite> hello, added in defconfig, lxc container doesnt start, works in halium with same kernel https://del.dog/garlic-sfos7.makefile12:41
mal@austenite that's not how you use lxc-checkconfig, read the manual12:50
T4<adampigg> jusa, r u right person for connman / connectivity bugs?13:35
T4<adampigg> i use the hotspot feature and have the shortcut button on the swipe down menu13:36
T4<adampigg> first time after boot, i click it13:36
T4<adampigg> it says Connection setup required13:36
T4<adampigg> and opens the settings page13:37
T4<adampigg> i click enable in there and it works fine13:37
T4<adampigg> after that, the toggle button works13:37
T4<adampigg> but it always works to enable it from the settings/ page13:37
T4<adampigg> whats going on there??13:37
mal@adampigg are you going to make the release today, I think the next batch of changes will take some time15:12
malI have the dynamic menus mostly working but some small issues left15:12
T4<adampigg> mal, yes, when i get home and tag/build15:26
T4<adampigg> waiting on your next changes to rebase/continue video recording15:27
piggzmal: release made18:56
malpiggz: thanks19:02
piggzmal: rebase as i also stuck in the focus switching fix19:10
steevieThis is developmentttt21:06
piggz_steevie: should be looking forward to  be getting another in depth review of advanced-cam21:09
steevieYou really want a review by me? Im severe critic, i wont look at our friendship when i judge the app, you know what im sayin21:13
steevieSo, you want it or not?21:21
piggz_well, its gotta be better than the last version ... "it crashed"21:23
steevieIf it crashes...one star in less21:24
steevie+! stars in less for letting me test an app that crashes,+1 star in less because im severe21:25
steevieI will test it at 23.00 italian tz21:27
merbotvknecht: Error: "stars" is not a valid command.22:00
vknechtthanks merbot :-) I hope "they" won't rename you...22:02
steevieApp doesnt crash, front camera doesnt work, video is not implented, other things work. Thats all if you want logs i can provide you them but i think youre aware of these things so, gg22:03
vknechteffects ok ?22:03
steevieYes, negative, greyscale, isos, the other effects are ok22:05
vknechtgood to hear :-) does white/black board « work » ?22:06
piggz_@eugeio_g7 i foolishly updated my latte to 3028 ... and now gui doesnt load .. what packages shoul dbe reinstalled from obs?22:08
* vknecht can't understand why such eagerness to dive into new releases' problems22:09
steevieI dont know22:09
r0kk3rzpiggz_: did you update submodules?22:10
vknechtsteevie, there's is some device-dependent incertainty about effectiveness of {white,black}board effects, that's why I asked if you saw a difference when you selected them22:11
piggz_r0kk3rz: probably a egl/drm issue, lipstick thinks its running but not displaying22:11
r0kk3rzpiggz_: i wonder what they did to break that22:12
piggz_r0kk3rz: no, i think its our native build issue, and me overwriting a package from our obs22:13
r0kk3rzwe also dont have targets yet22:13
piggz_yeah yeah, but i upgraded mido ok22:13
r0kk3rzoh ok22:14
steevievknecht: there was a button that did nothing, but i dont know if it's the one youre talkin 'bout22:14
eugeniopiggz_, qt would be my first guess22:15
eugeniogonna update my latte soon(tm), let's see...22:15
piggz_eugenio: yeah, that was my first guess too ... but the kms version is still installed22:15
vknechtsteevie, white/black board is no specific button, same list as gray/sepia/aqua/etc. but won't appear in the least if it's not provided by your base's android driver22:19
eugenioversion-dupping... hopefully it won't take much :D22:20
piggz_eugenio: cool, let me knohappensw what22:20
steevieAh then yes, i have them working22:21
r0kk3rzdo they do anything?22:22
steevieI only tested greyscale and negative but i think the others work as well22:23
r0kk3rztry the blackboard/whiteboard ones22:24
piggz_bask in the marvel that is piggz-o-vision22:25
piggz_bringing advanced functions from 7yr old cameras to sailfish in 201922:25
r0kk3rzwell jolla never got around to it22:25
eugeniopiggz_, rebooting...22:26
piggz_eugenio: hope you borked your tab too!22:27
eugenioindeed I did!22:27
piggz_r0kk3rz: yup, we got it now tho :)22:27
piggz_eugenio: greel led too?22:27
piggz_thats the ticket22:27
piggz_now, if it wouldnt trouble you too much, fix it so i can go to bed!22:28
piggz_dont trash your terminal output so you can see what was installed/removed22:30
eugeniohttps://pastebin.com/YpW1nEim <--- list of installed packages + lipstick output from journald22:31
eugenioI don't think it's qt/mesa's fault22:32
eugenioI'm pretty sure something like minimer would work fine22:32
piggz_eugenio: our sensorfwd gor removed22:34
steevie{Black,view}board effect makes the display very red22:34
eugeniopiggz_, correct22:35
eugenioit being replaced shouldn't make lipstick crash though!22:35
r0kk3rzthat 'could not start the orientation sensor' could be related22:37
r0kk3rzyou probably need to strace lipstick22:38
maleugenio: probably running zypper dup --from adaptation-community or something should fix it22:46
malit should downgrade any package that are a problem22:46
eugeniomal, ok thanks, I have downgraded sensorfwd manually but it will probably be wise doing that anyways22:47
eugenioyup, nothing to do22:49
eugenioso sensorfwd was the only package that got downgraded22:50
eugeniohttps://github.com/sailfish-on-latte/droid-config-latte/blob/native/sparse/usr/bin/droid/iio_increase_sampling_frequency.sh#L11 <--- this now fails claiming "Too many levels of symbolic links" delaying the sensorfwd startup22:57
eugeniomasking the service which starts that shell script makes sensorfwd start successfully22:58
eugeniobut lipstick still doesn't start so is seemingly unrelated22:58
eugeniook minimer works fine23:02
eugenioso let's strace lipstick then :)23:02
eugeniook, this output from gdb is interesting: https://pastebin.com/hXjdsuf823:09
eugeniogot probably introduced in https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/lipstick/commit/f9756d8e1785e189b0d7d2cc659d304d1426933923:10
malhmm, so it seems to attempt to use libhybris23:14
eugenioit segfaults here https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/lipstick/commit/f9756d8e1785e189b0d7d2cc659d304d14269339#083d609b67645f57cbd9e682bd1629e06497bb31_0_22 before determining if it should use hybris or not23:21
maleugenio: there are not many ways that can fail, either egl display is null or the query result is null23:23
maleugenio: it was like this before https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/lipstick/commit/f9756d8e1785e189b0d7d2cc659d304d14269339#cf705811c51a980925aec67bf4832e92cdb97f88_578_72423:24
maleugenio: I have a feeling it's missing some check for isHwcEnabled near https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/lipstick/commit/f9756d8e1785e189b0d7d2cc659d304d14269339#cf705811c51a980925aec67bf4832e92cdb97f88_63_10223:32
eugenioreplacing that strstr with false gets lipstick to load though, so no hybris-related things are called if supported == false23:51

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