Saturday, 2019-03-30

*** OhYash1 is now known as ohyash08:13
Mister_Magisteryay is on obs! any protips on updating? What do i have to change08:30
Mister_Magisterupdate their submodules gotcha08:33
vknechtcool, there's a little section for us :-)
T4<DSstill01> Nooo another release10:20
Mister_Magister@DSstill01 same feeling10:24
T4<DSstill01> LooL10:24
piggzall mido mw packages updated for 302813:39
mal@adampigg nl language PR doesn't look ok, too many commits, needs squashing17:35
T4vmartns was added by: vmartns21:48

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