Sunday, 2019-03-31

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piggzevening porter geeks17:01
vknechthello piggz17:04
r0kk3rzmoo piggz20:51
piggzyo r0kk3rz20:52
UmeaboyI was wondering if it's been discussed to have more alternative versions of the HADK in the future.21:29
UmeaboyLike, a shortened version with just the technical/commandline stuff and may a version that's explained without laymens terms.21:30
r0kk3rznot this again21:31
UmeaboyWhat? I was just asking. No pun intended.21:31
r0kk3rzyou've made it fairly clear that you dont like the hadk already :P21:32
UmeaboyWell, I do like that we have it, but not the way that it's written because it assumes that everyone is a computer geek when they have to read it and do what it says.21:33
UmeaboyI'm fairly good at computers, but I'm not an expert in problem solving.21:34
r0kk3rzporting is a complicated topic, you can't just sleepwalk through it21:34
UmeaboyI know that. Patience has never been one of my good traits.21:35
UmeaboyI guess I've lived to long time in the lazy world.21:36
r0kk3rzthe only time it becomes simple and easy, is when someone has already ported that device and you're just compiling it21:36
UmeaboyThe thing is, my device has already been ported, but no custom guide to follow for it can be found.21:37
r0kk3rzyou usually dont need a custom guide, the hadk is enough21:37
r0kk3rzbut imo, i like that the hadk is a slight barrier to entry21:38
r0kk3rzbecause otherwise the would be porter requires significant coaching and handholding by vollunteers here21:38
T4<DSstill01> Hadk is the wooorst thing that a porter could read21:48
T4<DSstill01> It only makes confusion into your mind, and in the past it suggested you to create a pointless chroot to compile the android part. I said in the past, but maybe it's the same not as well21:50
T4<DSstill01> [Edit] It only makes confusion into your mind, and in the past it suggested you to create a pointless chroot to compile the android part. I said in the past, but maybe now it's the same as well21:50
malthe chroot for android side build is to minimize simple questions how to setup the build environment for that21:55
malotherwise we would always first have to make sure the porter has setup their system correctly before we can start investigating any possible real build errors21:56
r0kk3rzyou're a pointless chroot :p21:56
T4<DSstill01> No u21:56
malr0kk3rz: that reminds of an insult in the movie In Bruges21:57
T4<DSstill01> If i have linux, why should i install "another linux"?21:57
r0kk3rz'pointless under some circumstances' != 'pointless under all circumstances'21:57
malI already said why it's like that21:57
malif people start building using some random linux distro we would have to figure out how to setup those21:58
T4<DSstill01> That's not a valid reason21:58
malit is21:58
r0kk3rzdont care, you're free to do whatever you want on your computer21:59
T4<eugenio_g7> By your reasoning the Platform SDK is useless too21:59
T4<DSstill01> Youre saying it's pointless as well, but with that less user will cry about build environnment21:59
malI personnally do often build directly on my ubuntu and even that has some extra issues often22:00
T4<DSstill01> Better to fix those than installing an useless chroot22:00
malI for example have to make some custom environmetal variable definitions to build hybris-hal on ubuntu22:00
T4<DSstill01> Better to add them in bashrc instead of installing an useless chroot22:01
mallet's agree to disagree22:02
UmeaboyI still have a hard time understanding why we're linked to information outside of the HADK if the HADK is meant to be used and read.22:02
malthis discussion is going nowhere22:02
T4<DSstill01> (:)22:02
malUmeaboy: like what? faq is just extra info, often temporary22:03
r0kk3rzUmeaboy: really?22:03
malwe can't have all in hadk pdf22:03
malthat would be a whole book22:03
T4<DSstill01> Faq is the useful part of hadk in a certain sense22:04
malhadk is basically meant to be build instruction manual, not include all possible quirks you might need22:04
r0kk3rzi think hea referring to the platform sdk setup22:04
Umeaboymal: Well.....22:05
malhaving the information both in hadk and wiki would make maintenance have one more thing to remember22:05
Umeaboy4.1 Setting up required environment variables is already written in
UmeaboyWhy do we need to do the same stuff twice?22:06
r0kk3rzyou dont22:06
malthose are setting up different things afaik22:07
malit's difficult to improve hadk if the comments like "it's confusing" which part etc would be useful22:09
UmeaboyIf it was up to me to decide what happens to the HADK in the future I'd prefer having a Github pages website setup or on Gitlab to make it easier to get it updated. That's just a dream though.22:09
UmeaboyThen we wouldn't have to download so many different versions of it.22:10
TheKitactually I would agree on wiki or similar format being more convenient as opposed to PDF22:16
TheKitbut the win is pretty minor22:17
UmeaboyI would offer myself to start such website if I got a green light to do so.22:21
UmeaboyI know what the license permits when it regards to the HADK PDF, but I wouldn't do anything if noone would be interested in helping out.22:22
UmeaboyTheKit: I have started to make custom HADK's as an automated script similar to
UmeaboyIt's a long way to completion, but anyone is welcome to help out.22:25
UmeaboyHere it is:
UmeaboyYes, it's outdated, but that's because noone has updated it.22:26
TheKitnot a fan of fully automated scripts as when it breaks, troubleshooting is hard without actually knowing what is behind it22:26
TheKitthe good example is something like pmbootstrap of postmarketOS though22:27
UmeaboyYeah. I know, but you could clear it out if I'm not mistaken.22:27
r0kk3rzthe hadk process isnt that bad, it doesnt really need more automation than is has22:32
UmeaboyIs it possible to get an updated tarball for the rootfs?22:46
r0kk3rzwhich rootfs?22:48
UmeaboyThe one mentioned on page 10.22:51
UmeaboyTrusty is a bit old now.22:51
r0kk3rzwhy didnt you say 'the ubuntu rootfs tarball' :P22:52
r0kk3rzthat one is deliberately old22:52
UmeaboyDeliberately? Why?22:54
UmeaboyWith the trusty tarball I have to exit and reenter the sfossdk in order for the mountpoint to work.22:55
r0kk3rzare you talking about the platform sdk chroot or the ubuntu chroot, sounds like the former22:57
UmeaboyThe Ubuntu chroot.22:59
r0kk3rzare you sure23:10
UmeaboyIIRC Yes.23:11
r0kk3rzso the mountpoints are fine in the platform sdk, but not when you enter the ubuntu one?23:13
UmeaboyLet me double check. I'm setting up a new chroot.23:20
UmeaboyIt's right after you enter sfossdk for the first time.23:26
UmeaboyBut I think that might be more related to the Platform SDK Chroot though.23:26

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