Thursday, 2019-04-04

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sledgesPSA: SFOS community collaboration meetup at #mer-meeting in 15mins (which will probably soon be renamed into sailfishos-meeting ;)08:45
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wdehooghi. I have built a for bacon (oneplus one), it boots but no UI, telnet is refused and no idea what the ssh password is. what can/should I do?18:36
malwdehoog: btw, is it ok for you if I remove the old targets from bacon devel project? and fix in testing18:55
malone of the testing targets depends on devel common18:56
wdehoogmal: sure. I thought people wanted them to remain there18:56
malwdehoog: not in devel, in testing sure18:56
malwdehoog: normally testing should only have the latest target, except when there is EA target18:57
wdehoogoh wait I misread. you mean the in devel? no need for it I guess.18:57
vknechtif it's with testing, maybe you have to remove /init_disable_telnet file to get telnet back18:57
malwdehoog: yes, you have those old targets in devel18:58
malwdehoog: and I now fixed one testing target which was using devel common18:58
wdehoogmal: thanks18:58
wdehoogvknecht: do you happen to know where to do so?18:59
malwdehoog: you probably don't need 3.0.2 target in devel either since latest is now 3.0.218:59
vknechton device, rm -f /init_disable_telnet18:59
malwdehoog: you should always set the password for developer mode before update (make sure you don't use nemo as the password because then it will be reset at boot)19:00
wdehoogvknecht: problem is I can't get into the device19:00
wdehoogmal: I am flashing a new image19:01
vknechtah, can do from twrp too19:01
malwdehoog: you should be able to remove it from recovery19:01
vknechtafter flashing image, go back to twrp and remove /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init_disable_telnet19:01
malwdehoog: did you do anything else than update middleware?19:02
wdehoogmal: not that I know of, update submodules and rebuild all19:03
wdehoogvknecht: mal: thanks. removing the file made telnet work19:06
malwdehoog: is there a reason why you have ancient gst-droid?19:06
malwdehoog: also based on your package versions you haven't build droidmedia using the new way which changes its version to something correct19:07
malwhich has been in hadk for a while now19:07
malbut your droidmedia is also 1 year old so maybe that is the reason for old gst-droid19:08
wdehoogmal: don't know what gst-droid does19:08
malwdehoog: it's the codec and camera etc middleware19:08
wdehoogmal: my droidmedia is patched and I am no looking formward into upgrading it19:09
malwdehoog: what patches?19:09
wdehoogold problem with omx video decoding19:09
malwdehoog: hmm, are you sure the issue still exists?19:10
wdehoogmal: no idea. this is what I did:
wdehoogmy journal: and logcat:
malwdehoog: how does dmesg look like?19:24
wdehoogmal: dmseg:
wdehoogmal: there is an mce error in journal at Mar 12 23:38:25 '  ...  org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod ... '19:28
malwdehoog: your issue is in android side initialization19:37
malwdehoog: reboot and grab new dmesg19:38
wdehoogmal: new dmesg:
malwdehoog: when you rebuilt hybris-hal did you change anything?19:43
wdehoogmal: not intentionally. I'll take a look at it19:44
mallogs don't show why it fails, they just show how19:45
malwdehoog: did you do repo sync or something like that+19:45
wdehoogmal: no repo sync, last changes in kernel where those to fix the firewall related reboots19:46
wdehoogmal: you mean als those modem reset messages?19:48
malwdehoog: yes, I think those are because some initialization is failing19:51
wdehoogmal: manually starting the wizard also mentions droidmedia see
malwdehoog: that message is mainly because of your old droidmedia, usually it's not a problem if it used to work20:21

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