Friday, 2019-04-05

r0kk3rzTheKit: does debian on gemini use hybris?04:48
r0kk3rzhuh so it does04:53
r0kk3rzwhat unholy creation is this ?! -
T4<NotKit> r0kk3rz, it is really unholy and turned out to be slower than unaccelerated06:50
T4<NotKit> but glamor provides nice way to integrate DRI buffers...06:50
T4<NotKit> so if you open chromium on Gemini, it is pretty fast and WebGL works, but LibreOffice - oh no06:51
T4<m_aurel> Hello, we got more spects of the model of one OEM candidate. The PCBA board comes with an adaption of Android Pie. Is this an issue for porting Sailfish OS? I think the newest Sailfish phone is Sony Xperia XA2 with Android 8.1, isn't it? T'm afraid that Alien Davlik can't handle Android 9.0, yet. Ok, this are two questions.  A Sailfish po09:19
T4rt in general and the Android support.09:19
r0kk3rzwe dont have android 9 support yet09:20
r0kk3rzand i dont think our android 8.1 support is that great yet either09:21
T4<m_aurel> Puh, so you say a Sailfish port woudn't be possible, even without Android support?09:21
r0kk3rznot without work, it should be possible09:21
T4<m_aurel> I calculate with 10 man month.09:22
T4<m_aurel> 1 man month for basic adaption: The system boots, touch display and WiFi network is supported.09:22
r0kk3rzdepends who is doing the porting :P09:23
r0kk3rzwill it be a quallcomm based device?09:24
T4<m_aurel> The prerequisite is of course, that I can find a skilled developer or vendor.09:24
T4<m_aurel> Octa-Core SC9863  Spreadtrum09:25
r0kk3rzwtf is that09:25
T4<m_aurel> wtf?09:25
r0kk3rzadd another 10 man month for oddball chips09:25
r0kk3rzyeah geez some chinese thing, just dont go there09:28
r0kk3rzqualcomm or mediatek09:28
r0kk3rzchoose one of those09:28
T4<m_aurel> It is not a chinese ODM.09:29
r0kk3rzdoesnt matter09:29
r0kk3rzthe main chip that makes all the magic work09:29
r0kk3rzyou know that one09:29
r0kk3rzis quite far off the beaten track09:29
T4<m_aurel> The ODM has an older model with Qualcomm Quad-Core Snapdragon425. But the chipset is not listed at Code Aurora. Would you recommend to use this fall back?09:32
r0kk3rzmuch preferable09:32
T4<m_aurel> The PCBA board disigner has adpated Android 8.109:33
r0kk3rzeven better09:33
T4<m_aurel> THanks, I will ask for a quote for this model. I'm also waiting for the offering of another ODM.09:34
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T4<meierrom> @NotKit: did you do the gemini port?16:56
T4<PepuAndRoll> Gemini is mi5?16:57
T4<NotKit> Gemini PDA16:59
T4<NotKit> @meierrom original one before image by Jolla17:00
TheKitm_aurel, as for Spreadtrum, it could possibly work, but we don't know as nobody tried this before17:01
TheKitso there can be surprises17:02
T4<meierrom> @NotKit: didn't know it was ported before. Well done tho.. :)17:05
T4<meierrom> @NotKit: I'm saying this because I heard it was a real struggle for Jolla. Wifi bug draining the battery was fixed by a community member just a few weeks ago.19:37
T4<NotKit> to clarify, I did the initial porting (2.x images), then it was handled by Jolla for Sailfish 319:40
Mister_Magister@meierrom wasn't it @llelectronics19:59
T4<meierrom> Mister_Magister: yeah :)20:19
* Mister_Magister runs20:20
T4<gischpelino> the port of @NotKit is as good as the paid Jolla port. Maybe better, because it can stay in the same partition beside debian or in an unencrypted userdata. I like it.20:35
T4<NotKit> @adampigg do you remember the solution for Failed to create generator directory /run/user/100000/systemd/generator: Permission denied?21:32
T4<adampigg> @NotKit how long ago was that?21:33
T4<NotKit> December 0321:33
r0kk3rzi assume you mean last year, not 2003 ;)21:36
T4<meierrom> @NotKit [December 03], I'm sure Adam has an amazing memory. :)))21:51
T4<adampigg> im sure i dont!21:51
T4<meierrom> :)))21:52
T4<NotKit> I found that I had CGROUP_MEMORY missing in kernel, rebuilding to see if it was the cause (tmpfiles service failed)21:52
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